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Introduction to Systematic and Columna
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Introduction to Systematic and Columna


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Introduction to Systematic and Columna Mr. Watanabe Nomura Research Institute, LTD March 18th 2014
  • 2. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE  Introduction to Systematic  Introduction to Columna Clinical Information System  Demonstration of Columna Clinical Information System  A film about Columna Clinical Information System in the Central Denmark Region Agenda
  • 4. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Systematic Facts  Founded in 1985  Largest privately owned software and systems company in Denmark  EUR 55 mill. in revenue and EUR 4.5 mill. in operating profit in 2011/12  No debt and Dun & Bradstreet AAA-rating  59% of our software engineers have a Master or a Ph.d in computer science  CMMI 5-certified, one out of total 240 in the world and 15 in Europe  93% of all customer milestones delivered on time and accepted by customers  Sales and implementation partners in 24+ countries,  40% of our Revenue comes from export  More than 6% of our salary bill is used on competence development 45 countries use Systematic’s solutions
  • 5. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Systematic Business Areas VISION: A leading international company in delivering reliable and simple solutions to people who make critical decisions every day Integration Services Intelligence & National Security Healthcare Defence MISSION: Simplifying Critical Decision Making
  • 6. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Security in Supplies
  • 7. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Situation Healthcare providers are under pressure: • Government requires enhanced focus on quality assurance and reporting. • Healthcare providers are constantly met with raising demands of increased productivity and better quality of care within existing or decreasing budgets. • Demographic trends will increase pressure on Health services. • Knowledge sharing across the Healthcare Enterprise is limited. • Lack of Cross sector collaboration and knowledge sharing leads to inefficiency and duplication of work. • Citizens is increasing knowledge of own deceases and expects newest available treatment. Challenges The current situation brings forth a number of challenges. • Healthcare professionals spends too much time on documentation tasks due to poor IT support • Management has difficulties getting quality information to evaluate key performance indicators. • Increasing costs of medication • Increasing waiting time for treatment. • Stress in the workforce impacts patient safety. • Healthcare professionals are unsatisfied with existing IT – solutions. • Availability of patient data is lacking across the enterprise. Solution Columna eHealth platform An intelligent and coherent solution that: • Supports information exchange and knowledge sharing across the continuum of care. • Increases productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. • Provides enhanced Business Intelligence information • Reduces workforce stress and improves patient safety • Provides a multi-disciplinary medical record supported by intuitive and easy to use IT- tools. • Enables IT-supported Clinical Pathways and use of best practices throughout the enterprise. • Can be adapted to business needs for documentation • Enables patient empowerment to enrol the citizen in own treatment An on-going challenge Provision of Healthcare services
  • 8. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Columna Clinical Information System Columna Citizen Columna Clinical Logistics Columna Service Logistics Columna Coherent Healthcare Platform Solution Portfolio
  • 9. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Patient Admin Patient Record Medication Booking and planning Order & Result Healthcare Platform Single sign-on clinical workbench Provides: • Improved patient safety • Availability of health information for Healthcare professionals across the enterprise • Ease of use and efficient documentation • Increased quality of data • Supports “best of bread” approach to integrate specialized solutions
  • 10. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE • Connects all stakeholders • Provides real-time overview • Creates easy communication for all involved Columna Clinical Logistics
  • 11. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Columna is a full blown eHealth platform consisting of  The Patient Record  Patient Administration (ADT)  Booking  Order/Result  Medication Management  Logistics  Management  Research Facts about Systematic Columna With Columna, Systematic has developed an integrated eHealth platform The eHealth platform Facts about Columna Columna is used in Central Denmark Region (Denmark’s second largest region with 1.3 million citizens) covering17 hospitals including University Hospitals 10,000 different users per day, 25,000 registred users 6.7 million citizens are registered in Columna, of whom 1.2 million are patients with registered data. Registration of 2,400 admitted patients and 5,500 outpatients per day. More than 25,000 medication prescriptions per day. 40,000 lab results per day. 6,500 per hour in peak.
  • 12. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE  Easy access to patient information including mobile access  A graphic overview of patient status  Structured clinical documentation  Standardized plans of treatment  Optimization of patient flows, logistics and communication  Prehospital patient handling  A patient record enhancing patient empowerment  Focal point of the interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial cooperation  National Patient Index connecting different data sources A coherent healthcare system Systematic Columna supports Columna is the toolkit of the healthcare sector which efficiently contributes to strengthening the quality and efficiency within the Danish healthcare system
  • 13. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Documented benefits • Increased patient safety - Patient record is always available - Increased use of standardised treatment plans - More real-time recording • Better consistency in the course of treatment - Record availability across different professions and hospitals • Increased efficiency in hospitals - Reduced time on administrative tasks - Better utilization of recourses • Reduced IT expenditures - Smaller amount of IT systems - Common platform for future clinical IT solutions
  • 15. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE Columna in Central Denmark Region • A film about Columna Clinical Information System in the Central Denmark Region: