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Round table 4: Health in other policies
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Round table 4: Health in other policies


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Presentation by dr Kristiina Mukula from Finland at the WHO/TNO/Dutchgovernment Congres 'Connecting Health and Labour' 29 - 1 December 2012

Presentation by dr Kristiina Mukula from Finland at the WHO/TNO/Dutchgovernment Congres 'Connecting Health and Labour' 29 - 1 December 2012

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  • 1. Health in other policies Round Table 4 Kristiina Mukala, PhD Medical Councellor, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland
  • 2. Future Challenges People live longer, population is ageing Globalisation Current economic crisis Employment Poverty and social exclusion Changes in working life, technological development Health inequalities have remained or even increased Health challenges: – obesity, rise in chronic diseases, mental health problems, increasing use of alcohol and other substances, health care systems: equal access and quality, cost- constraints 2 Etunimi Sukunimi
  • 3. Population age-structure in 1960–2040 Proportion of population (%) 100 % 80 % 75+ yrs 65 - 74 yrs 60 % 50 - 64 yrs 30 - 49 yrs 40 % 15 - 29 yrs 0 - 14 yrs 20 % 0% 60 70 80 90 00 10 20 30 40 19 19 19 19 20 20 20 20 20 Source: Statistics Finland 3 Etunimi Sukunimi
  • 4. Governmental Policy Programme for Health Promotion 2007-2011 Cross-sectoral actions – Health in All Policies Contributes to and strengthens taking health aspects into account in all decision-making in society and the service system Objectives – Reinforcing the structures of health promotion – Achieving lifestyle changes that contribute to the prevention of public health problems – Development of working and living conditions that promote healthy lifestyle choices – Strengthening independent coping and possibilities for living at home for older people – Strengthening the basic services of social welfare and health care and development of new work patterns for health promotion – Reducing health inequalities – Reinforcing the activities and role of organisations that provide support for health promotion 4 Etunimi Sukunimi
  • 5. Action Plan to Reduce Health Inequalities The aim is to reduce disparities between socioeconomic population groups in work ability and functional capacity, morbidity and mortality By reducing health inequalities it is possible to improve public health and achieve positive impacts in terms of the national economy Main objectives of the action plan: – to reduce poverty, gaps in education, vulnerability and social exclusion – to promote healthy lifestyles – to develop social and health care services – to enhance information 5 Etunimi Sukunimi
  • 6. The most important Programmes of theMinistry of Social Affairs and Health  the National Programme on Ageing Workers 1998 - 2002  the National Workplace Development Programme 1996 - 1999, 2000 - 2003, 2004 -  the Well-being at Work Programme 2000 - 2003  VETO-programme (making working life more attractive) 2003 - 2007  Health 2015 – Public Health Programme  Government Resolution - Occupational Health 2015 (2004) Occupational Health 2015 – Programme  Policy Programme for Health Promotion  National Action Plan to reduce health inequalities – 2008  Social Protection reform (SATA)  Forum For Well-being at Work 2008 - 6 Etunimi Sukunimi
  • 7. The Government Programmes 2007 - 2011 The policy programme for health promotion The policy programme for employment, entrepreneurship and worklife The policy programme for the wellbeing of children, youth and families 7 Etunimi Sukunimi
  • 8. Health 2015 public health programme A Government Resolution that outlines Finnish health policy in the long term A cooperation programme that aims to support and promote health in all areas of society Stresses health promotion and reduction of health inequalities Its implementation is reviewed every fourth year in the Social and Health Report Its implementation and monitoring is coordinated by the Advisory Board for Public Health together with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 8 Etunimi Sukunimi
  • 9. Government Resolution – Occupational Health 2015 Legislation Occupational health care content Occupational health service system Funding and compensation system of OCH Human resources in OHC Ethics of OHC Cooperation Information management systems in OHC Research and development in OHC Monitoring and supervision 9 Etunimi Sukunimi
  • 10. The Government has three priority areas:1. the reduction of poverty, inequality and social exclusion;2. consolidation of public finances;3. and the strengthening of sustainable economic growth, employment and competitiveness.
  • 11. Strategy for social and health policyFinland in 2020, a socially sustainable society: treats all members of society fairly, reinforces participation and a sense of community, supports health and functional capacity, provides the security and services required by its members.Strategic choices: A strong foundation for welfare Access to welfare for all A healthy and safe living environment 11 30.11.2011 STM
  • 12. Programme of Government The promotion of wellbeing and health as well as the reduction of inequality will be taken into account in all societal decision-making, and incorporated into the activities of all administrative sectors and ministries Kristiina Mukala 27.10.2011
  • 13. Conclusions Synergies in policies of employment, social and health policies to deepening and strengthening the cooperation. Strategies for implementing promotion of health and work ability policies and programmes including comprehensive occupational and public health approach. Collaboration of actors on national, regional and local levels of society involving social partners Development of the coverage and content of occupational health and preventive services 13 Etunimi Sukunimi
  • 14. Thank you! Kristiina Mukala 27.10.2011