An EIDM journey: Help is out there!
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An EIDM journey: Help is out there!






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  • EXTRA 08/04/11 (c) CHSRF/FCRSS

An EIDM journey: Help is out there! An EIDM journey: Help is out there! Presentation Transcript

  • An EIDM Journey Help is out there!
  • Presenters Today
    • Megan Ward, MD MHSc CCFP FRCP(C): Associate Medical Officer of Health, Peel Public Health
    • Bev Bryant, BScN, Med: Manager Education and Research, Peel Public Health
    • Lori Greco, MHSc: Knowledge Broker,
    • Jessie McGowan, PhD : Health and Library Consultant, Toronto; Adjunct Professor, Departments of Medicine and Family Medicine, University of Ottawa; Associate Editor, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology
  • Peel Public Health
    • 1.3 million population
    • Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon
    • 624 FTE
    • Annual growth of 30,000
    • Ethnically diverse
  • Vision:
    • Broad application of EIDM processes among Peel Public Health staff at all levels over the next ten years, resulting in the systematic inclusion of research evidence into decision making.
    • Striding into Dr Mowat ’s Office!
    • Peel Public Health reports are a MUST read!
  • CHSRF Survey
    • Library services lacking profoundly
    • Time/skill to follow an evidence informed process
    • Question formulation, search, critical appraisal skills, synthesis and applicability
    • No consistent requirement for use of evidence
  • But:
    • Strong support from Senior Management
    • Strategic priority
  • Missing Components
    • Library services, especially reference
    • Access to and knowledge of high quality information, especially pre-processed and pre-appraised
    • Building workforce capacity and skill
    • Process of bringing evidence to practice questions
  • For Today
    • Our focus is on the first two
      • with a taste of training!
  • Library Needs assessment
    • Lack of access to information
      • Databases
      • On line and print journals
      • Search expertise
      • Low reference service capacity
    • Lack of skills
    • “ Work-Arounds”
    • Low use
  • But, there was some awareness:
    • Preference and value pre-processed and pre-appraised literature
    • Value of evidence-based philosophies
    • Demand for more training
  • Two years later: Library
    • Two reference librarians
    • Appropriate databases and access
    • Improved web-presence
    • High demand for service
    • Beginning ‘PUSH’ activities
    • Library as knowledge hub
  • Two (or more) Years Later: EIDM
    • Staff to critical appraisal training
    • Process for ‘rapid review’ of the evidence
    • Increasing access to pre-processed and pre-appraised sites
  • One of the helpers along the way:
  • Pre-processed literature
    • Examples:
    • Guidelines
    • Policy briefs
    • Overviews
    • Systematic reviews
    Pre-processed DiCenso, Bayley, & Haynes, 2009 Synopses of single studies Single studies Syntheses Synopses of syntheses Summaries Systems
  • Synthesized Research
    • Value:
    • Summarize the existing best information to give a picture of what is currently known
    • Saves time of reading individual studies
    • More reliable results than individual studies
    • Respond to a large scope of questions to provide guidance in practice
    • Work has been done for you!
  • Methods
    • Rigorous scientific methods:
    • Develop question
    • Identify criteria for included studies
    • Search for literature
    • Apply inclusion, quality criteria
    • Analytic synthesis of findings
    • Draw conclusions
    • Practice implications (guidelines, policy briefs)
    • Maureen Dobbins
    • Director
    The Health Evidence Team Paula Robeson Knowledge Broker Heather Husson Project Manager Kara DeCorby, Project Coordinator Lori Greco Knowledge Broker Daiva Tirilis Research Assistant Lyndsey McRae Research Assistant Robyn Traynor Research Assistant / Coordinator
  • Other Health Evidence Services
    • Facilitated Evidence Review
    • Literature Searching & Instruction
    • Mentoring & Brokering Support
  • More help along the way: Library Services Consultation
  • 6S Hierarchy
  • Canadian context
  • Here ’s the interactive part:
    • Anatomy of a systematic review
    • Four simple questions
    • Example of pre-processed literature
    • Where to find pre-appraised literature
  • Reflections:
    • Your organization
    • Where are you on the journey?
    • Is there a small step you can take?
    • Is there help that you can access?
    • Some resources for help…
  • Help:
    • Health
    • Canadian Virtual Health Library:
    • Welcome to the Canadian Virtual Health Library! | CVHL
  • More help:
    • Donna Ciliska with NCCMT
      • National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools
    • CHSRF Assessment Tool
    • Is research working for you? CHSRF - Self-Assessment Tool
  • More Help on Pre-appraised:
    • Sources of pre-appraised evidence
      • NCCs
      • CDC comm guide
      • Public health +
      • NICE
      • Cochrane library
      • Campbell collaboration
  • The following links provide help on the steps of bringing evidence to a practice question
      • Taken from Peel Public Health’s Library Website: Public Health: Peel Health Library
  • Conceptual Model
    • Worksheet : Peel Health Library: Step 1 – Developing a Conceptual Model
    • CDC Community Guide
      • Every guideline has a framework
      • The Community Guide - Diabetes Prevention and Control
  • Question and Search
    • Plain language and PICOT format:
    • Sources of pre-appraised evidence
      • Health
      • NCCs
      • CDC comm guide
      • Public health +
      • NICE
      • Cochrane library
      • Campbell collaboration
  • Critical Appraisal
    • review tool
    • CASP tools
    • AGREE II tool
  • Data Extraction
    • Peel Public Health Tool
    • Adapted from NCCMT
      • Table, template
      • Peel Health Library: Tools for Rapid Reviews
  • Applicability and Transferability
    • NCCMT website
    • Stop a program
    • Start a program
  • Report Structure
    • CHSRF 1:2: 20 (1:3:25)
  • Manager’s Checklist
    • Our tool
  • Contact Information
    • Megan Ward: [email_address]
    • Jessie McGowan:
    • Lori Greco: [email_address]
    • Bev Bryant: [email_address]