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How to Qualify to Sit for CNA Exam
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How to Qualify to Sit for CNA Exam


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You have to complete at least 75 hours of state-approved training to qualify to sit for CNA exam. This exam is designed to prove that students who pass are qualified to work as a CNA

You have to complete at least 75 hours of state-approved training to qualify to sit for CNA exam. This exam is designed to prove that students who pass are qualified to work as a CNA

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  • 1. How To Qualify For CNA Exam
  • 2. •The purpose of the CNA Exam is to evaluate your minimal competency level to become a CNA. •The eligibility to sit for the exam is offered to you by the state at designated testing centers •After completing clinical trainings and other instructions you’ll earn the required qualification to sit in the exam.
  • 3. CNA testing and requirements vary depending upon the location and state the tests are being given in. Some classes are just a week or two in length and others are several months in length. You must be eligible to sit in the test and after you are qualified, you must put lots of effort in the test preparation.
  • 4. As long as you are enrolled in a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN) program and completed the basic nursing fundamentals course, you are eligible to sit for the exam. Both the theoretical and practical parts of the course must be completed. Theoretical – It is advised to seek online for free experiment questions and take trial check that can help to ascertain the areas of weakness. Practical – You have to illustrate everything you’ve learnt in the course by the state examiner and ascertain all the things trained in operational teaching. Training
  • 5. Alongside with your social security card, driver’s license and a copy of high school diploma, transcript, GED or reading placement scores, you will need to pay the fees for the examination. You also have to take your official school transcripts at your scheduled exam location where you want to be registered to demonstrate that you have finished the basic courses required to create a fundamental biological understanding of the human body. Fees
  • 6. Exam requirements Some Certified Nursing Aid testing centers will require you to be dressed appropriately to handle the technical component of the You will be required to appear in the technical assessment immediately after you complete the written exam. The exam consists of a multiple-choice portion and a skills test. Before the exam, candidates are given a list of 25 skills they must know how to complete. During the test, examinees must perform five of the skills randomly selected form the list.
  • 7. Age your age must be 18 years & above with a clear the criminal background check. You must be free from the communicable or infectious diseases. “However, these qualifications are not enough, you must be thoroughly prepare to pass the exam and don’t miss even a single class in your training.” Therefore it is your hard work and dedication which can sail you through the test.
  • 8. Certified Nursing Assistance testing includes many physical behavioral techniques and written techniques. Techniques Physical – Testing is done on proper hand washing methods, bed making, taking blood pressures and pulses, proper sponge bathing techniques and many more physical procedures Written – Many anatomical and physiological questions will be answered and defined. CNA Testing Certified Nursing Assistance candidate must have a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • 9. Training requirements  CNA certification exam applicants should to complete approved CNA training programs which can be found at community colleges, vocational schools, nursing and long-term care facilities. The training course usually takes from four to six weeks.
  • 10.  To get prepared for CNA tests you can take online practice tests, you need to get free online CNA practice tests which are put together properly and which are good representations of what the CNA test will look like. CNA Practice Test is one of the very useful practice test prepared by a team of Certified Nursing Assistants which can help you by providing everything you need.  Most programs require students to submit proof of a high school diploma or GED equivalent as an admission requirement.  Some programs also will require applicants to have completed college-level courses regarding medical terminology such as human anatomy, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • 11. Working knowledge of computers and Internet are required. Necessary to have fluent speaking English Pass a national online background check and drug test. You need to go to nearby local hospitals, nursing homes, community colleges and vocational institutes where CNA classes are usually offered and check if they offer CNA classes. Make sure you find classes which are certified, otherwise you will not be eligible to sit for these exams and all your money and hard work will go to a waste. Additional requirements
  • 12. It sounds like a lot of pressure taking examination for Certified Nursing Assistant exam. You need a CNA Practice Test to ensure that you are capable of doing the exam Before your exam, you need to take a deep breath and take your time to study as you focus on what you don’t know. Have your breakfast and put on your happy face as you try to remember the little details like putting the brake on the wheelchair, speaking to your patient, exhibiting good bedside manner and other important skills. A little preparation may prevent a potential test failure. More than the school, it is your own hard work and determination that will lead you to becoming a good CNA. You need to study well because you will have to pass the CNA certification exams to be able to work. Conclusion
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