Knowing tao i phone and ipod application


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Symbolism of the ancient Chinese symbol of Yin-Yang and Knowing Tao which is a study application for the ancient Chinese philosophical text, Tao Te Ching. Tao Te Ching was written by Lao Tzu who is a great Chinese Sage, similar to Confucius.

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Knowing tao i phone and ipod application

  1. 1. Knowing Tao iPhone & iPod Application Knowing Tao
  2. 2. Knowing Tao is a study or learning application for the ancient Chinese text,Tao Te Ching. Tao Te Ching is filled with words of wisdom. But it is not anordinary book which can simply be read from first page to last and thenput aside. It is meant to be read, re-read, pondered and studied. This iswhere this application tool comes in handy.Understand and study this ancient Chinese text- Tao Te Ching, written byone of the most profound philosopher author of all times, Lao Tzu. You willfind the favorites and journal tool provided in the Knowing Tao app veryhelpful and handy. Read an aphorism, if it strikes a chord deep within, thenbookmark it as a favorite and then as you ponder over it and you receivemore insights and understanding into that aphorism, then note down yourthoughts and comments in the Journal section.Knowing Tao is now available at the iTunes stores.
  3. 3. Within Study Groups:You can even use the journal section, while studying this text within astudy group. Easily copy paste your journal entries into standard iPhonetext features. Please note, this feature is outside of the application and isprovided by Apple iPhone. Whatever text features and restrictions yourphone and plan have, they will apply.But, the ability to share your insights with the rest of your study groupbuddies is a great way for all to enhance their own spiritual growth whilealso providing greater insights to their friends and other group members.If all your group members get this app, then maintaining your individualentries within the app and then sharing them with other using standardtext or email features becomes a quick cinch!
  4. 4. Get Knowing Tao iPhone and iPodApplication from the iTunes Storetoday: Apps@Service ( ), Know Stuff Knowledge Portal ( ), and Fast Read ( ) are registered trade names and domains of Healing Art & Design INC. Copyright 2011 Healing Art & Design INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ( )