The New Creative Toolkit
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The New Creative Toolkit

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Slides from a presentation Steve Sponder made on 15 March for the DBA....

Slides from a presentation Steve Sponder made on 15 March for the DBA.

Social Media has brought about a massive change in marketing strategy. The average designer's toolkit used to be a simple one. All that was required was a nicely sharpened pencil and a large piece of paper. In the last 5 years, the disruption of social media has added a new set of tools to the box that provides brands with an opportunity to engage with communities in unprecedented ways.

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  • Work for Lawton Comms Group as Group Strategy Director Been with Lawton 23 years – started as paste-up artist when they were an Ad Agency Put the Apple Macs in Set-up one of the first UK digital agencies in 1994
  • Bidding on keywords – British Airways Strikes – The planes may be grounded but you can still join the mile high clubBudget 2010 – There’s no recession in pleasureSnow 2010 – Stay in and stay warm with our steamy sex toysElection 2010 – Visit Ann Summers and find out why we believe in a well hung parliament
  • Story, compelling, trueInteractive; games, contributed, sharingData; 3rd parties, back office, social graphs, ARSocial channels; direct and conversational - web, mobile, experientialPlaces; location (geo-targeting), social networksValue; Information, utility, entertaining, monetary, personalTime; Real-time, join conversation, start conversations, iterative


  • 1. The new creative toolkit
    Steve Sponder
    Group Strategy Director // @stevesponder
    V1.0 March 2011
  • 2. Social Brand
    Social Communications
    V1.0 March 2011
  • 3.
  • 4. The new creative toolkit
    Part 1 - Data
  • 5. Sony Music – Lissie Music Video
    After choosing your location, this music video is personalised using real-time weather data from your location .
    Visit Site
    Environmental Data
  • 6. Virgin Media – Terminate-a-mate
    This campaign for Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles provides a personalised mobile video clip by utilising personal data and location data.
    View Case Study Video
    Personal and Location Data
  • 7. Vodafone – Taxi Grand Prix
    An online racing game that tracks your chosen two taxis from a list of 10 using GPS and plots their accumulative mileage data on the map.
    View Case Study Video
    Environmental Data
  • 8. Sony Vaio – Media Monster Wars
    A Facebook app game that utilises data from your Facebook wall to power your ‘media monster’.
    View Case Study Video
    Personal Data
  • 9. MySpace Music – Fan Video
    By logging in with Facebook Connect this app creates a personalised video by dropping in your profile picture.
    Visit Site
    Personal Data
  • 10. Starbucks – Meet me at Starbucks
    A Google Gadget that enables people to find a local Starbucks coffee shop and then invite their friends or colleagues to meet them at that location.
    Back Office Data
  • 11. Sense Networks – CabSense
    The CabSense mobile app uses historical data of more 90 million rides taken in some 3,000 taxis over the past year and prediction math to figure out the best corner to hail from, and when to do so.
    Environmental Data
  • 12. LoveHoney – UK Sex Map
    An interactive map of the UK that aggregates customer purchase data to show the sexiest places in the UK.
    View Case Study Video
    Personal Data
  • 13. First Direct – First Direct Live
    This campaign provides a real-time view of consumers online opinions by aggregating data from eight million social media sites.
    Personal Data
  • 14. Fiat – Eco-Drive
    This app analyses your journeys in an Eco-Drive enabled Fiat and converts your driving data into simple, clear facts and figures, like fuel consumption, CO2 and money saved.
    Visit Site
    Environmental Data
  • 15. The new creative toolkit
    Part 2 - Location
  • 16. MasterCard – ATM Hunter
    This apps finds the nearest ATM based on you’re your current location.
    Rightmove – House Finder
    This app allows you to search for houses for sale or rent within your current location.
    Geo Location
  • 17. Unilever Omo – Try Something New With Omo
    Unilever put GPS devices into 50 Omo detergent boxes allowing the prize to be delivered personally to the winners home.
    View Case Study Video
    Geo Location
  • 18. Starbucks – Mayor Offer
    Starbucks rewards frequent customers with the Barista badge on Foursquare.
    In addition if you checked in enough times to become Mayor of a specific Starbucks you received a special offer.
    View Article
    Geo Location - Check-In
  • 19. Kogi – Korean BBQ Taco Truck
    Twitter updates are used to let everyone know where the taco truck is.
    View Article
    Twitter Updates
  • 20. Daily Mail – Recruitment Advert
    This recruitment advert for an SEO Manager was placed in the newspaper’s website robots.text file.
  • 21. Gap – London Pop-up Store
    Gap celebrate 40th anniversary with pop-up store in Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street.
    Clemens en August – On Tour
    Only available to buy on tour, these stores pop-up in locations like contemporary art galleries.
  • 22. Domino – Domino’s Delivery Points
    White doors were placed in parks and beaches across the Netherlands featuring the Domino’s number. These doors also mark the drop off point for deliveries.
    View Video Case Study
  • 23. P&G Charmin – Charmin Restrooms
    For the last 5 years Charmin have been providing free restrooms in the heart of New York over the Christmas holiday season.
    View Video Case Study
  • 24. The new creative toolkit
    Part 3 - Time
  • 25. Diesel – Heidies
    The Diesel website was taken over by two girls, The Heidies, who kidnapped Juan, a Diesel sales guy, and stream their antics live from a hotel room over a five day period.
    View Case Study Video
  • 26. Heineken – Made To Entertain
    With the help of wives, girlfriends, professors and bosses, Heineken duped 1,000 AC Milan football fans into attending a classical concert therefore missing the biggest game of the season against Real Madrid.
    Although just as the game is about to get underway Heineken reveal their prank and project the match live for all to enjoy.
    View Case Study Video
  • 27. P&G - Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
    Over a two day period, the near real-time element of this campaign involved the old spice man providing video responses to questions posed via Twitter.
    View Case Study Video
    Continuing Conversations - Iterative
  • 28. Converse – Domaination
    This campaign uses search insights to inform which culturally relevant keywords to bid on. Converse then create engaging content to capture peoples interest and imagination.
    View Case Study Video
  • 29. Nokia – Ovi Maps Signpost
    Nokia erected a house-sized interactive sign over the River Thames, London. People could text the sign with coordinates and a message. The sign would swing around to point to the supplied co-ordinates and display the message.
    View Case Study Video
  • 30. Uniqlo – Social Sales Promotion
    For a limited time period, people were encouraged to Tweet about featured products which in turn lead to the price being reduced., the more Tweets the lower the price.
    Skoda – Social Sales Promotion
    Skoda ran a similar sales promotional campaign on a Fabio car but the mechanic to reduce the price by 2 Euros was Facebook ‘Likes’. Once you ‘Like’ the car you had 48hrs to buy it at the new price, if not it went back on the market.
    Live - Countdown
  • 31. Condomerie – Bingo
    Condom specialist Condomeire rode the Chatroulette meme in their Bingo campaign.
    View Case Study Video
    Lionsgate – ‘The Last Exorcism’ Film
    Lionsgate Films also rode the Chatroulette meme to advertise the release of their film ‘The Last Exorcism’.
    View Case Study Video
    Joining Conversations – Meme Riding
  • 32. Ann Summers – PPC Campaign
    Ann Summers joined the conversation in their own unique way through-out 2010 by running a PPC campaign, bidding on high-traffic, topical keywords such as Election 2010, Snow 2010 and Budget 2010.
    View Case Study Video
    Joining Conversations – Meme Riding
  • 33. T Mobile – Flash Mob
    Riding off the back of the growing flash mob trend, T-Mobile staged a flash mob in Liverpool Street Station as part of their ‘Life’s worth sharing’ campaign.
    View Case Study Video
    Joining Conversations – Meme Riding
    Image source:
  • 34. EA Games – Jesus Shot
    Whilst playing Tiger Woods 08 a gamer was able to get Tiger to stand on top of a lake. After a video of a glitch started trending in YouTube, EA responded by staying there was no glitch and provided the video evidence that showed Tiger Woods walking on water .
    View Case Study Video
    Joining Conversations – Meme Riding
  • 35. Blendtec – Will It Blend?
    Blendtec creates videos of them blending gadgets. They choose gadgets which have high profile launches and high levels of conversation around them. The blending of the iPad attracted over 10m views in YouTube.
    View Case Study Video
    Joining Conversations – Meme Riding
  • 36. Thank you
    V1.0 March 2011