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Outliers innovation
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Outliers innovation


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Outliers: Pains and Pleasures What it is to be an outlier and remain one Abhishek Jain © Zeus Numerix Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2. Slide titles  Consumer – In India and world  Funds and allocation of funds  Process of innovation  Budget for R&D  Outcome of R&D is blurred  How to start-up in innovation centric space  Tips for entrepreneurs in Innovation – donkey image  Outside IITians start up  Government of India 2 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 3. Overview  Phase I  Who are we  The technical stuff  Phase II  How others see it: The importance of Vocabulary  Customers: Where and how  Money for R&D  Tips  Phase III  Don’t go MAD 3 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 4. What’s in PPT  Please bear  Bad jokes: PJs  Poor English  Uninteresting tech stuff  But in between that  I will share our experience  May be tell you what not to do  Inspire you to innovate  This is strictly personal opinion and not my company’s so any brickbats are on me! 4 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 5. Brief introduction of what we do and how INTRODUCTION 5 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 6. Who are WE  Zeus Numerix is the first and only company in India to have developed indigenous software in the field of numerical simulations IITZeus CFD Group (1992)‫‏‬ SINE IIT Bombay DST Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Department of Science & Technology Zeus Numerix Pvt Ltd (2004)‫‏‬ 6 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 7. What is Simulation  Something that was to happen actually is predicted on computer  Obviously, there are many types of simulations  Computer games  Ones based on actual physics and used for developing real life products are complex  Solve millions of equations on supercomputer to find the actual happening within some accuracy 7 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 8. Sample Results  Bomb falling from an Aircraft 8 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 9. Sample Results  Building on Fire 9 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 10. Comparison with the World  Most companies make one type of software  We try to make all  Buying companies to make one pool of software  We develop on our own  Give off the shelf software  Customize to the extent possible 10 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 11. The Medal 11 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 12. Pains and pleasures that you get while having an innovative business OUTLIERS 12 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 13. The Vocabulary  Engineering services pitch  We do high end design and modeling and are capable of providing end to end services  Design?  Most CAD data handling or text book design  Modeling?  Making 3D CAD files  End to End?  Give me the low end work and I will support you till the end 13 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 14. The Indian Customer  Have you done it before  Do you have an experience in doing this kind of stuff  How many people do you have  Who are your customers  Play safe policy! 14 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 15. The Foreign Customer  Do you have the required wherewithal to do it?  Are your people qualified enough?  See, we do our own R&D, but we are outsourcing something else if you are interested  If it is so expensive here, we might as well get it done at our place  What if you don’t deliver? 15 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 16. Funds  Innovation requires a lot of funds – where do we get that  How do we monitor the progress of an individual  Which employee is on tougher problem  Do we have fixed budget or a variable budget for R&D  Can we afford a budget for R&D  Where will that money come from  What if the outcome is not as great 16 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 17. The People  How do you recruit and from where  Peer pressure  My dost Gajodhar earns twice as me doing simple work  How to maintain their motivation  Handling separation  How do you fire people 17 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 18. Marketing  Find some bold customers  He is just a go getter  He is annoyed with previous vendor’s work  He doesn’t find anybody willing to provide such service  Grab him, at any cost  Create reference  While negotiating keep cost aside and bargain for better advt  Do pilots if time allows  Make the previous customer a demi-god  Give confidence that result will match with research  Foreigners pay for pilot studies, just ask for money  Please try to find out the competitor 18 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 19. HR  Recruitment should not be done on the basis of score card  If a person is very money oriented, better not to have him  Have interns and then try to offer them job  Incentives also have to be non-monetary  Check for dosti and jodidar  Work is challenging but it must appear doable  People are people, they may have downs in life you don’t have that luxury 19 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 20. Technology  Get projects that also do technology development  HR is aligned towards the goal and hence less chances of blurred outcome  Market need is known as someone is paying you for doing the work  Karenge ya kaise bhee karenge: New August Kranti  Don’t let customer own your IP 20 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 21. Finance  I suggest no fixed allocation for R&D  How do you ascertain which one can be monetized  Take projects that involved Research  Charge prohibitively high for IP in case customer demands it  Reward the people generating IP  Get DSIR recognition and save on tax 21 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 22. Tips for Entrepreneurs  “To carry his load without resting, not to be bothered by heat or cold and always be content: these three things we can learn from a donkey” – Indian proverb 22 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 23. Tips for Entrepreneurs  Have a good team  Marketing, Accounts, Finance (Ghatiya) are all non-tech brainless activities  You know I can write a 1000 line code in a week  So what – phone call to kiya  Know the law  Network a lot  Meet people: Meeting never hurts but it can open up opportunities  Give your employees manageable challenges 23 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 24. Sarkar Raj  There is a hell lot misconception that India does not support innovation  Our 80% revenue is from Government  There are lot of schemes for grant  Convincing is difficult  It takes time but it comes  Know the right contact  There is TDB, DST, NEN, Incubators 24 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 25. How to maintain sanity while innovating GENERAL GYAN 25 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 26. Think and go MAD  Why don’t these buggers buy my product  Heck, am I selling so expensive?  This with a gora would have cost five times more  Tender was mine now this company has spoiled the whole process  Why cant people understand I am not sitting on pile of money  Ok if you don’t do it I will do it 26 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 27. Unsolicited Advice  Attend parties and ask friends that you can’t contribute; eat as if you contributed most  Go to Jinalay/Temple/Mosque/Church/Gurudwara/Synagogue if you are a theist or do some Yoga  Sleep properly; don’t bring tension at home, it anyways doesn’t solve the problem excepting combing  Beware of intoxications like drinking/smoking  If you are short tempered or with high BP or have a lot of self pride then do a job, entrepreneurship is not for you  Exercise is a must 27 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 28. Unsolicited Advice  All great men were great readers; Gandhi, Bose, Dhirubhai, Narayanmurthy …..  Just reading business does not help; diversify  Most important ideas come from very different subject – Genetic Algorithms in design  Know your surroundings – Newspapers are a good medium for the same; Pokharan could affect my company  Reading removes a lot of tension – (Auto)biographies are very good 28 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 29. Read  Crossing the Chasm – Geoffrey Moore (For start-ups)  Mahanayak – Viswas Patil  Maverick – Ricardo Semler  Why men don’t listen women can’t read maps – Allan & Barbara Pease  Foods that fight pain – Dr Neal Barnard  I Dare – Kiran Bedi  Wings of fire – HE Dr APJ Abdul Kalam  Straight from the Gut – Jack Welch  In search of excellence – Thomas Peterson  Built to last – Jim Collins  Good to Great – Jim Collins  Scientific American Magazine 29 Outliers: Pains and Pleasures
  • 30. Thank You