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Nirvan Life Sciences by Dr. Shalini Ratan

Nirvan Life Sciences by Dr. Shalini Ratan



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Nirvan Life Sciences Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Dr.ShaliniRatan, MD Founder and Chief Knowledge Facilitator
  • 2. Qualification / Experience
    Professional strengths
    MBBS, MD, Post doctoral fellowship.
    9 years of medical marketing in pharmaceutical industry.
    Domestic and multinational organizations.
    Govt. and research based organizations
    Strategic use of scientific communication
    Art and craft of scientific writing
    Value addition to scientific marketing
    Healthcare public relations
    Can interface between academics and industry
    Can interface between medical and marketing
    Proven credibility in academics and industry
  • 3. The Journey of NIRVAN began from November 2009…..BY DEFAULT….NO IDEA…My strengths as a beginner..Risk taking ability..Thought of being different..Strong intention..
  • 4. Not to forget my limitations
    No business background.
    Earning for myself.
    Unpleasant experiences.
    No major financial backup.
    But “I” ??
  • 5. Evolution of the IDEA….
    A faint thought which gradually started glowing in mind.
    Started with identifying gaps between HCO and HCP.
    A purpose gave birth to NIRVAN and it’s LOGO…
    Having an enlightened and liberated MIND…
    Change in thinking and functioning..
    Knowledge, Engagement, Empowerment, Relationship…
    Company established as a Communication and Knowledge Facilitator for Healthcare Organizations and Healthcare Professionals
  • 6. Mushrooming of medical tourism in leading hospitals….
    IndiaToday, 2010
    Key Segments in Healthcare
    • Pharmaceutical – Growing at 12% despite global economic pressures
    • 7. Hospitals/Nursing Homes – Growing at 20%
    • 8. Medical Equipment – Growing at 15%
    • 9. Clinical Lab Diagnostics -Growing at 30%
    • 10. Imaging Diagnostics – Growing at 30%
    • 11. Other Services (includes Training & Education; Aesthetics & Weight loss; Retail Pharmacy etc).– Growing at 40%
    Source : Mediminds
    15 mega projects in 2010
    At The Cradle, Bangalore, a luxury car will be at your beck and call.
  • 12. Sharpening of the IDEA is a continuous process..IDEA CONCEPT
    Facilitating and Packaging the CONCEPT…
    Strategic communication
    Educate with “KNOWLEDGE”
    Engage with “TOOLS”
    Empower with “BENEFITS”
  • 13. Target Audience - Relationship model
    Healthcare Professionals (HCP)
    • Healthcare Specialists
    • 14. Healthcare Consultants
    • 15. Family Physicians
    • 16. Other Healthcare Professionals
    Healthcare Organizations (HCO)
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • 17. Non-pharma healthcare
    • 18. Devicecompanies
    • 19. Diagnostic companies
    • 20. Clinical laboratories
    • 21. Research Institutes
  • Products / Services
  • 22. Value
    Goodwill of patients
    Holistic management of patients
    Increase word of mouth
    Increase patient base
    Enhance medical practice
    Reflect the quality and image of the clinic
    Build a BRAND
    Increase customer loyalty
    Increase customer base
    Enhancing knowledge of sales and marketing professionals
  • 23. Sustainable advantage with differentiation
    Gift knowledge to doctors.
    Small / Medium companies do not have in house medical deptt.
    Device and diagnostic industries still lack scientific communication and training.
    Training with a difference.
    Doctors as first line to deal with clients.
    Doctor-Patient relationship
    Of the doctors, For the doctors, By the doctors
    Medical practice management.
  • 24. Hurdles to take the concept across..
    Resistance to change…Awareness required
    Management considered as advertising…themselves managing practice.
    Not willing to pay…creating value.
    Companies not used to unconventional ways of promotion…approaching on a regular basis.
    Control on expenditure…. short term consultancy / part time.
    Sponsors needed….looking for partners.
    Time and energy spent on follow up….
  • 25. Strength required to overcome the hurdles
    Exude enthusiasm….convinces people.
    No hesitation in meeting new people…to explore new avenues.
    Unlearn to relearn…no ego hassles.
    Experience of medicine and corporate…gives confidence and belief.
    Accepted being a doctor…make use of it.
    NIRVAN is within me…
  • 26. Current Status..
    Focusing on :
    Medico Marketing: Commun. agencies, Companies.
    Old references
    Writing articles
    Email promotion
    Promo. Material: Email, Courier.
    Cold calls by Relationship Manager
    Website under development
    Personal meetings
  • 27. Self made promotional material
  • 28. Current Status
    Focusing on:
    “Managing Patients and Practice” Workshops: Docs and companies.
    Modules and approach for creating awareness and enrolling docs.
    Good doctor / Good Doc-patient Relationship
    Docs : Awareness seminars at associations,Medical colleges, hospitals, Meeting docs, Advert. In assoc. magazines,Exhibition.
    Patients : Awareness seminars at Social clubs, Trusts, NGO’s, Press release, newspaper articles etc.
    Practice manager / Soft skills
  • 29. Exhibition at IMA,
    March 2010
  • 30. Affiliations / Alliances
    • Medical associations / Hospitals: KMA, IMA, BNHA,Sion hospital, Raheja,
    • Publication houses / Training academies: PASSI.
    • 31. Healthcare Organizations: Bayer, Aventis, Abbott.: Novel idea
    • 32. Partnering with IT healthcare professionals : Platform to approach doctors
    • 33. Partnering with Nutritionists / Psychologists
    • 34. Partnering with other scientific associations
    • 35. Partnering with NGO’s / Councilors
    • 36. Clinicians, Marketing and Branding expert
    Indian Medical Association
    Kandivli Medical Association
    Indian Merchants Chamber – Health and Fitness Committe
  • 37. Achievements
    Idea getting accepted gradually.
    Good response at exhibition…>90% of docs willing to learn to how to enhance practice.
    IMA lecture in July 2010 for the medical students.
    Articles in medical association magazines, journals and online.
    People getting convinced and approaching to explore partnership.
    Waivered sponsorship.
    Possibility to talk at a National Conference on “Excellence in Healthcare in 21st Century” at Srinagar.
    Pharma companies planning to sponsor / outsource the workshops.
    First open program planned at Pune in July, 2010.
    Working with two clients for medical communication
  • 38. Revenue Lines
    Expenditure of around Rs.70000 as
    Capital Cost
  • 39. Future Plans
    Doctors to pay from their the concept needs to be accepted as an educational requirement.
    Medical Practice Management in B Schools, Patient Relationship Management in Medical colleges.
    Certification for the Programs / Workshops
    Workshops across India.
    International clients….Outsourcing company for Healthcare Communication and Medical Practice Management.
    Corporate Health Programs.
  • 40. People Supporting
    OD Consultant : Part time
    Business Development: Voluntary support
    Relationship Manager: Employee
    Chartered Accountant
    Web Designer
    Mentors and Advisors
    Friends and Family
    My Driver
  • 41. Some TIPS…
    Always keep sufficient no. of visiting cards.
    Always keep pen drive handy.
    Send all business communications in a pdf format.
    Keep upgrading knowledge in business, self improvement, work concept.
    Keep meeting people and be “aware” of the CLUES given.
    Respond to people.
  • 42. Some Sharing…
    Vision of changing conventional mindset of people.
    Never faced any problem being a woman.
    Power of intention works.
    Plan with 5 senses and achieve with 6th sense.
    A laser beam focus on the goal.
    Microanalysis leads to paralysis.
    Uncomfortable in the comfort zone.
    Success is not in receiving the first cheque but when people start RELATING to your idea.
  • 43. Long way to go…..