Kaur Lass - Rail Baltica as a Part of the Vision for Estonia


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Kaur Lass presentation at: “Rail Baltica – current development and business perspectives”. The conference that took place on March 24 in Riga. See more: http://www.sseriga.edu.lv/RailBaltica

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Kaur Lass - Rail Baltica as a Part of the Vision for Estonia

  1. 1. Planning of Rail Baltica in Estonia: Rail Baltica as a part of long term vision for Tallinn-Helsinki co-operation Kaur Lass Spatial Planning Expert CEO of OÜ Head Riga 24.03.2011www.headandlead.com
  2. 2. My involvement with Rail Baltica topic has been through: 2•  VASAB 2010 co-operation by consulting Latvian ministry during visionseminar and having practice in the secretariat while it was in Sweden;•  Via Baltica Spatial Development Zone co-operation (VBSDZ) asconsultant of Estonian partner;•  National Spatial Plan Estonia 2030+ as project manager;•  Comprehensive Plan for Continental Area of Viimsi Municipality asproject manager;•  Comprehensive Plan for Äigrumäe village, Laiaküla village, Metsakastivillage and part of Muuga Village at in Viimsi Municipality as projectmanager for the plan as well as for the Study of Tallinn-Helsinki RailwayTunnel Area in Viimsi Municipality prior to that.I have been working as planning expert for more then 16 years andfollowed the development on that them closely also due to some otherprojects that have had indirect connection with the topic.www.headandlead.com
  3. 3. There are many visions of Rail Baltica: 3 From Berlin to Helsinki more then 250 km/h Via Pärnu 160 km/h Foto: Rene SuurkaevVia Tartu 120 km/h … but the point is to connect people. To where we want to be connected?www.headandlead.com
  4. 4. The reality is that we are not connected to Europe by train: 4 Estonia needs to be connected to Europe even when plains do not fly! If want to be connected?www.headandlead.com
  5. 5. Estonia’s new Spatial Development Vision: 5The Spatial Vision of Estonian new National Spatial Plan Estonia 2030+focuses on reducing the space-time distances between major citiesby means of improved rail connections as well as by guaranteeingbetter connectivity of different public transport types in order to providebetter possibilities for economic and social co-operation. The SpatialVision also stresses the importance of good transport connectionswith the rest of Europe by land, sea and air. 1993 2020www.headandlead.com
  6. 6. Aim of planning is: 6 To agree the terms for the planned event based on the vision.To reach the desired future we have to make constantly decisions onthe same direction. Specially in case of bigger infrastructure objects. Past Future Planned event Agreed terms PresentIllustration by: Kaur Lass and Ingvar Villido 2006www.headandlead.com
  7. 7. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 7I will present you a short case study onhow the vision of Rail Baltica in VASAB2010 documents has had influence onplanning documents in Estonia.www.headandlead.com
  8. 8. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 8I will illustrate on that based upon:•  VASAB 2010 co-operation;•  Via Baltica Spatial Development Zoneco-operation (VBSDZ);•  Estonian National Spatial Plans -Estonia 2010 and Estonia 2030+; FIN•  Pärnu, Rapla and Harju County Plans•  Comprehensive Plan for ContinentalArea of Viimsi Municipality; EST•  Comprehensive Plan for Äigrumäe LVvillage, Laiaküla village, Metsakastivillage and part of Muuga Village at in LTViimsi Municipality. PL GERwww.headandlead.com
  9. 9. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 9VASAB 2010 stated:Improved railway transportation systemshall provide connections for longdistances among “European” and “Balticcities”. This includes high-speed long-distance passenger trains alongselected corridors which interlink withthe corresponding network for WesternEurope via Berlin and Hamburg.Main high-speed railway lines 2010and beyond:4. Tallinn-Riga-Kaunas-Warsaw-Berlin-Hamburg.VASAB 2010 Towards a Framework for Spatial Development in theBaltic Sea Region (Tallinn Conference), 1994, see page 59www.headandlead.com
  10. 10. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 10Via Baltica Spatial Development ZoneSummary Report stated that followingStrategy and Actions are needed:ObjectiveD.1.1. Fast international railway accessto Central EuropeActionD.1.1.1 To develop Rail Baltica as anhigh-speed railway Helsinki-Berlin (trainferry Helsinki-Tallinn, Helsinki-TallinntunnelVia Baltica Spatial Development Zone Summary Report 2000, Riga2000, see page 95www.headandlead.com
  11. 11. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 11Estonian valid National SpatialPlan - Estonia 2010 has chosen . Rail Baltica routethe direction for high-speedrailway to Europe.The railway route goes formTallinn directly to south andpasses Pärnu. There is alsoshown a direction towardsFinland (possibly via tunnel).Estonia 2010 is approvedby Estonian Government19. September 2000.www.headandlead.com
  12. 12. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 12Estonian new National Spatial Plan - Estonia 2030+ has been started bythe Government of Estonia in February 4th 2010.In the draft of plan is stressed the importance to have a direct fast railroute form Tallinn towards Riga as well as keeping open the possibilityto connect Rail Baltica high-speed train via tunnel to Helsinki and fromthere to St Petersburg.www.eesti2030.eeRail Baltica routewww.headandlead.com
  13. 13. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 13 . Rail Baltica andBased upon valid Estonian National a tunnel toSpatial Plan - Estonia 2010 three Helsinkicounties on the route of high-speedrailway have fixed its location or statedits importance and shown possible routeoptions on their county plans:Pärnu County;Rapla County;Harju County.Although Harju County Plan was adopted19.04.1999, before Estonia 2010, therehas been chosen the Tallinn – Helsinkihigh-speed railway location and shownthe routes towards it.www.headandlead.com
  14. 14. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 14Based upon HarjuCounty Plan ViimsiMunicipality wasforced by CountyGovernor to keep anarea open for Tallinn . The Rail Baltica– Helsinki high-speed the tunnel arearailway tunnel in theComprehensive Planfor Continental Areaof Viimsi Municipality.www.headandlead.com
  15. 15. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 15According to the old Planning and Building Act and also according tothe new Planning Act (valid from 01.01.2003) in Estonia the approvedNational Spatial Plan (Estonia 2010 and in future Estonia 2030+) isthe base for county plans.County plans act according the law as a base for comprehensiveplans and comprehensive plans again to detail land use plan. Landuse plans are a base for project. Project is base for building. So theplanning affect the land use possibilities and land price.Even officially in Estonia there is no state level binding decisionthat the high-speed railway should be built, state planningguidelines, valid plans and planning practice stress it as priority.Until now the accurate railway route in the whole country is notselected. This causes problems in local planning level.www.headandlead.com
  16. 16. How has the vision to built Rail Baltica been handled in plans? 16Viimsi Municipality was thereforeforced to carry out a study forchoosing the tunnel area and startmore precise plan for it. TheComprehensive Plan for Äigrumäevillage, Laiaküla village, Metsakastivillage and part of Muuga Village inViimsi Municipality is already The Rail Baltica railway and exact tunnel area .prepared. It is in the final stage, it hasgot all the official approvals and beenon public display. During the publicdisplay it got several disapprovingstatements form land owners. HarjuCounty Governor has given hisopinions about the dispute and theplan will become valid in April 2011.www.headandlead.com
  17. 17. To summarize the case study: 17Vision of VASAB 2010 has effectedaccording the demonstrated case Estoniaso, that it made local governmentsresponsible on selecting the actuallocation of railway and taking it’sexistence into account. Estonia is takingthe Rail Baltica vision into account whilemaking spatial plans.So we depend on Latvia a lot. We hopethat Latvia is also understanding theimportance to be connected by train toEurope. It is only alternative of fast travelwhen you can’t fly or do not like to fly.www.headandlead.com
  18. 18. How Rail Baltica affects co-operation if built? 18It brings new co-operation possibilities if the train ride from Tallinnto Riga would be reduced to an hour and from Helsinki to Tallinn to30-45 minutes. Right now we have separate economies, lack ofhighly qualified work force, hard access to each others marketand so on. But within EU with the small time distances the realitycould be different. Estonia has no plans to be open for migration andour population is getting older and smaller. If we want to keep ourliving quality and be noticed in the world we need to be accessible. Byair, by sea but also by land. Rail Baltica might have hard time tocompete with plains in longer distances, but it brings newpossibilities in shorter distances. Specially if we in Estonia manageto fulfill our vision and connect public transport to train stations. And itsecures lives (less accidents on the road) and reduces air pollution aswell…www.headandlead.com
  19. 19. How Rail Baltica affects co-operation if built? 19For example there have been long discussions about the twin townof Helsinki and Tallinn – so called Talslinki. But time distance is stilltoo big. Even we are all in EU, time of travel separates us.With smaller time-space distance there could be:•  Common work-force area if time for daily travel is reduced;•  Better access to the world and therefore more contacts in all fields;•  Availability of wider range of services;•  Tourist would be attracted to stay longer in the area;•  More co-operation of schools, etc.But there could also be more co-operation between Riga and Tallinn!You would not need to plan a trip you would hop on and go if needed.Main point is: Alone Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga are small. Unnoticedin scale of the world. Together we would have better changes.www.headandlead.com
  20. 20. How Rail Baltica affects co-operation if built? 20Rail Baltica is not only traveling from Helsinki to Berlin. It is about betterconnections, co-operation and more effective use of time for shorterdaily travels between capitals.The problem – there is no users as there is no infrastructure thatallows traveling will remain until big time-space distance isexisting.Question is: Which comes first – contacts or possibility to travel?www.headandlead.com
  21. 21. Final summary - common vision is most important 21We need to understand same ideas thesame way. In case or Rail Baltica this isextremely important.Philosopher Bob Proctor has said: “Whatever you’re thinking about you will attract.”So let’s attract the same vision! Inpractice we need to speak about it, planthe rail route together as well as take smallactions day-by-day. Old Chinese proverbsays: “The journey of a thousand milesmust begin with a single step.”www.headandlead.com
  22. 22. 22 OÜ Head Kaur Lass phone: +372 50 83 906 skype: headandlead info@headandlead.com www.headandlead.eewww.headandlead.com
  23. 23. 23OÜ Head is independent consulting company focusedon sharing skills of conscious planning and decisionmaking.Our mission is to help our clients consciously create thedevelopment they need. This is achieved by strategicplanning and personal coaching from our side andtrough rational actions based on co-operation on ourclient’s side. We succeed through your success.www.headandlead.com