CEPIS Pan-European Survey Findings A. Byron Nicolaides


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DigitalTrends 2011, 5th December 2011, Athens
Organizers: CEPIS&HePIS
Speaker: A. Byron Nicolaides, Honorary Secretary, CEPIS/ Vice-President HePIS
Presentation:CEPIS Green ICT Taskforce/Green ICT Pan-European Survey Findings

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CEPIS Pan-European Survey Findings A. Byron Nicolaides

  1. 1. A. Byron NicolaidesHonorary Secretary, CEPISVice-President, HePIS Organized by
  2. 2. CEPIS Strategy 2010-2013Strategic Objectives1. Skills2. Professionalism3. Education & Research4. Green ICT5. Women in ICT6. Member Relationships & Communication
  3. 3. CEPIS Strategic objective 4: Green ICT΄΄Through active member engagement, the purpose is to understandthe breadth of this topic area, and agree on a common area of interestfor CEPIS Member Societies, where CEPIS can bring relevant andcommon communications to the relevant European Institutions΄΄
  4. 4. Green ICT TaskforceEstablished in March 2010 the members of the Taskforce are: AICA ATIC ATI BCS CSM GI HePIS ICS NGI,VRI SI VDE
  5. 5. Green ICT Taskforce Main GoalsProducts Professionals Organisations
  6. 6. Pan European– Green ICT SurveyTarget Audience: ICT professionalsScope: Test the validity of CEPIS draft position paperQuestionnaire distributed in 3.000 ICT ProfessionalsNumber of Respondents: 342Method: Survey Monkey Online QuestionnaireNumber of Questions: 33Purpose:•A pan-European snapshot of how ICT Managers in different countries implementenergy efficient methods in their organisations.•Guide CEPIS on Green ICT Policy Adoption in Europe
  7. 7. Question 1 The energy manager is responsible for: •Implementation of the Green ICT practices and services •Meeting the company’s climate targets •Reduction of electricity costs
  8. 8. Question 2
  9. 9. Question 3In your opinion why are green IT practices not implemented in yourorganisation? No pressure from organisation management/customers 21,7% No official legislation enforcing green IT practices 32,2% Competitors not doing 4,3% anything either 2,6% No agreement on ICT policy between IT department and end-users 39,1% Employees lack the appropriate knowledge/training
  10. 10. Question 4When you remove old computers from usage, what procedures does yourorganisation follow? 4,2% We throw it away with the normal waste 20,7% We store it until we decide what we will do 53,7% We donate it to organizations with 21,4% charitable status We arrange for it to be collected by an electronics recycling company
  11. 11. Question 5
  12. 12. Question 6 When you dispose of a used ink cartridge or toner, what procedures does your organisation follow? We throw it away with 18,1% the normal waste 31,8% We return it for a small fee to a company that recycles printer accessories We return it to the 50,2% manufacturer company which has a system of waste collection
  13. 13. Question 7Over a third of organisations in Europe do not implement green IT practices,the most prominent reason being that there is no official legislation in theircountries enforcing green IT practices
  14. 14. Question 8
  15. 15. Question 9
  16. 16. Question 10
  17. 17. Question 11
  18. 18. Question 12
  19. 19. Question 13 What kind of reduction measures are in place? There is a specific number of users that have the right to print 39,0% There is a monthly limit of 49,0% printed pages allowed per user There is a monthly report that monitors the number of printed pages for each user. 12,0%
  20. 20. Question 14
  21. 21. Question 15
  22. 22. Question 16 Is there a system in your company that checks if the employees turn off their computers, printers, monitors and any other equipment when they leave their desks at the end of the day? 4,4% 25,6% Yes No I dont know 70,0%
  23. 23. Question 17 Is there a system in your company that checks if the employees turn off their computers, printers, monitors and any other equipment when they leave their desks at the end of the day? 4,4% 25,6% Yes No I dont know 70,0%
  24. 24. Question 18Less than 50% of employees is aware of energy consumption procedures
  25. 25. Question 19
  26. 26. Question 20
  27. 27. Question 21 Have you developed an energy-management monitoring system in any area of your own IT department? 12,3% All of the department Just the data centre 24,9% 62,8% None of the above
  28. 28. Question 22
  29. 29. Question 23
  30. 30. Question 24
  31. 31. Question 25
  32. 32. Question 26
  33. 33. Question 27 The ISO 14001 quality certificate shows when a process meets official green practice requirements. Does your organisation implement the ISO 14001 standard? 2,4% Yes 11,5% We intend to implement it 29,5% 7,3% within 6 months We intend to implement it within 12 months No 49,3% I dont know
  34. 34. Question 28 The Green Certificate is a tradable commodity proving that certain electricity is generated using renewable energy sources. How important is the Green Certificate for choosing the best supplier? Extremely important 14,0% 11,2% Very important Important 21,3% 23,1% Somewhat important Not important 30,4%
  35. 35. SuggestionsWe need: To position Green ICT issues as key to the agenda of both the European Commission and the European Institutions and to participate in all relevant initiatives and events To ensure that ICT professionals have the required knowledge to handle the Green ICT issues and are capable of designing solutions and operating systems in accordance to the Green ICT rules To mobilize ICT products end users in order to change habits and to ensure that they purchase and use ICT devices which are compatible with Green criteria and, in a way, more friendly to the environment
  36. 36. Suggestions To encourage the awarding of enterprises or organizations that adopt and apply Green ICT and to motivate the ones that have not considered the importance of IT yet To promote the good practices on Green ICT by adopting a Green ICT certification To enhance the engagement of the Government and decision makers for the dissemination of the Green ICT practices
  37. 37. Thank you! www.cepis.org