ICI Project 2 - Building and process & sample document


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ICI Project 2 - Building and process & sample document

  1. 1. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project   BUILDING  AND  PROCESS   (Procedures  in  completing  the  project)         Preliminaries/   Before   construction   • Meet  with  Client  &  Consultants   • Advise  Preliminary  Cost-­‐  prepare  cost   estimate  for  proposed  project  with  the   preliminary  drawings,  this  would  help   the  client  to  decide  on  preliminary   budget  for  the  project   • Prepare  Cost  Planning  -­‐  prepare  a   systematic  analysis  of  the  project  which   enables  the  price  for  each  element  to  be   valued  for  future  running  and   maintanence  cost   • Prepare  tender  documents   • Prepare  contract  documents   • Prepare  Bill  of  Quantities  -­‐   Measurements  of  External  &  internal   Works/Finishes   • Building  Contract  -­‐  for  the  protection   between  client  &  contractor  on  the   agreed  price  &  the  terms  of  payment   • Contractor  selection  -­‐  which  also  applies   to  the  choice  of  Nominated  Sub-­‐ Contractors  and  Suppliers,  by  taking   certain  factors  in  consideration  in  the   selection  of  the  most  suitable  Contractor   with  whom  to  negotiate.   • Allocating  work  to  sub-­‐contractors  
  2. 2. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project                                                                                   During   Construction   • Feasibility  studies  -­‐  visiting   the  site  of  construction  to   Xind  aprroximate  quantities   &  to  study  the  conditions  of   the  site  that  might  affect  the   cost  of  the  project   • Give  speciXications  on   quantities  and  amount   • Take  into  account  the   Client's  changing  needs  to   overcome  site  conditions   which  could  not  be  foreseen   • Prepare,  at  regular  intervals   Xinancial  statements  which   keep  Client  and  Consultants   fully  informed  of  the  up-­‐to-­‐ date  Xinancial  position  and   the  anticipated  Xinal  cost  of   the  project   • Recommend  payments   based  on  monthly   evaluations   • Site  visits  to  verify  claims  &   assess  the  value  of  the  work   done  to  date   • Make  Xinal  payments  to   contractors   • Determine  Xinal  cost  of   project   Propose   Alternatives   -­‐to  ensure   project  is  feasible   within  budget     Bill  of   Adjustment   -­‐when  there  are   variations  of  the   works  during  the   construction   whether  there   are  additional   items  or  items  to   be  removed  
  3. 3. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project       Post   Construction/ Final  Account   •  All  work  executed  by  the   contractor  including   variations,  provisional  sums   and  quantities,  dayworks  etc   are  accurately  assessed  and   included   •  Claims  for  loss/expense  and   Xluctuations  included   •  Accurate  Xinal  payment  is   received  at  the  appropriate   time  for  all  work  executed  on   site  including  the  above  items   •  ConXirmation  of  the  employers   agreement  to  Xinal  account   Xigure  is  obtained  in  writing   •  Architect  issues  Xinal   certiXicate  for  Xinal  payment  to   main  contractor  
  4. 4. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project           SAMPLE  DOCUMENT   FORM OF TENDER To : Name(s) of Tenderer: Address : TENDER NO: WDA.CPSD.14.42.37.C. 1 We, _________________________ (Name(s) in Block Letters) hereby offer and undertake on the acceptance of this tender to supply goods and services as specified in the Requirements Specifications under Part 2 of your Invitation to Tender and under the Instructions to Tenderer and Conditions of Contract in Part 1 of your Invitation to Tender. 2 Our Tender is fully consistent with and does not contradict or derogate from anything in Part 1 of your Invitation to Tender or downgrade anything in your Requirement Specifications. You are entitled to reject our tender if it is inconsistent with or contradict or derogate from anything in Part 1 of your Invitation to Tender or downgrade anything in Part 2 of your Invitation to Tender. 3 We undertake that we shall as and when required by you to execute with you a formal agreement in the appropriate form incorporating the Conditions of Contract set out in this Invitation to Tender together with such further terms and conditions, if any, agreed upon between the Government of Singapore and us. Until the said formal agreement is prepared and executed, this offer together with your written acceptance thereof, shall constitute a binding agreement between us. 4 OUR OFFER IS VALID FOR 90 CALENDAR DAYS FROM THE CLOSING DATE OF THIS TENDER. 5 We agree that as and when requested by the we shall extend the validity of this offer for one or more periods not exceeding in total _______ calendar months.
  5. 5. Muhammad  Haziq  bin  Hj  Zariful  –  0314131  –  FNBE  04/13  –  ICI  Final  Project   6 Our price (herein referred to as "the Contract Price") for the goods and services to be supplied by us is _______________________. 7 A breakdown of the Contract Price for the goods and services is given in the priced schedule attached hereto. 8 We are registered/not registered* with ______________________________(Name of Government Registration Authority) under the following supply category/head(s) as specified in the Invitation to Tender: Supply Category/Head Financial Category Expiry 9 We further undertake to give you any further information which you may require. 10 We warrant, represent and declare that we are duly authorised to submit, sign this tender, receive instruction, give any information, accept any contract and act for and on behalf of _________________ (Insert Name of company). Dated this ______________ day of _________________, 200_____ Tenderer's (as *Principal/Agent) Company or Business Registration No: Tenderer's official Stamp: Authorized Signature Name : Designation : (*Delete whichever is not applicable) NOTICE: This Form duly completed MUST accompany every Tender Proposal. Any change to its wordings may render the Tender liable to DISQUALIFICATION