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Rainforest presentation

  1. 1. Dolphins RainforestPresentation
  2. 2. TheRainforestRainforest are placesThat animalslive in. Birds live inrainforests.The thing find the mostinteresting aboutrainforests is the plantsand the trees. TheStrangler Fig isinteresting because itwraps around othertrees.Designed by Annalise
  3. 3. excursion to Mary CairnscrossRainforests are absolutelyBEAUTIFUL I love theanimals, the trees and thevines.The thing I find the mostinteresting about rainforests isEVERYTHINGI just think It’s COOL I likethe plants , animals and theimpersonation of the dinosaursBy Cara
  4. 4. Dolphins classexcursion to therainforestRainforests are mostly lots oftrees to other people arainforest is boring but it isactually very interesting tome.The thing I find mostinteresting about therainforest is the Staghorn andthe birds nest fern becausethey both have some thing likeseeds but theyre calledspores on the bottom ofthey’re leaves. What they dowith the spores is let themloose. The spore flies aroundand they eventually land andgrow into the plant.Deigned by Chloe Norton
  5. 5. Trap door spiderRainforests are places thathave trees and animals .thatare different types of treeslike big trees and small. treessome animals blend into theforests and some live underthe ground.The thing I the mostinteresting about rainforests isthe trap door spider. It isinteresting because theirburrow look like a brokensticks at night the trap doorspider comes out of its burrowand looks around for insects.Designed by Grady.
  6. 6. TherainforestRainforest areplaces thathave a lot oftrees, animalsand vegetation.The thing I findmostinterestingaboutrainforest isthe size of
  7. 7. Rain forests areplaces were it usuallyrains and beautifulanimals live. And theyare usually reallypeaceful places.The thing I find mostinteresting aboutrainforests is all thelarge trees and all ofthe beautiful animalsover their.Designed by RowenaWeeratne.
  8. 8. excursion toMaryCairncrosspark!Rainforest arefull of natureand environmentlike old trees,plants, flowersand rainforestanimals!The thing I findthe mostinterestingaboutrainforest is allthe different 25/05/
  9. 9. THE AMAZINGSTRANGLER FIGS Rainforests are a verydamp, misty and wet places with lots and lots of extremely high trees, rainforests also haveof animals all different kinds of animals likebirds, snakes, frogs and lots more. The thing I find the mostinteresting about rainforests is the animals. They are so interesting wouldn’t youwant to know every name of all the animals?Designed by Shanti Moodely
  10. 10. TheRainforest.Rainforest arebeautiful and anice place to be.The thing I findthe mostinterestingaboutrainforest issnakes. Thereare green treesnakes. And redbelly blacksnakes. 25/05/12
  11. 11. The amazingrainforests!Rainforests are beautifulplace with vines,trees, animals and a lotof nature. I also thinkrainforests are peacefuland quiet place.The thing I find mostinteresting aboutrainforest is the treesand vines ,they are all sobeautiful and interestingwith all the differentshapes and sizes.Designed by Violet Gray
  12. 12. The trip to MaryCairncrossRainforests arebeautiful and lovelyand there are beautifulcheeping birds. I lovethe rainforest becauseit is peaceful. I most seein the rainforest isferns.The thing I find the mostinteresting aboutrainforests is theferns. I find fernsinteresting becausethey have really weirdleaves and they aresmall.By Zoe
  13. 13. Thank you for watching!