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My extended project final outcome
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My extended project final outcome


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Hayley McCarthy
  • 2.  I decided to work in a studio because of the resources they offered. As they gave me my own place to work, I went out to look for ideas. For my Extended project I did a time lapse of London. I showed many different parts of London. With my first idea there were many complications as to where to film. My idea sparked from watching a music video by Ed Sheeran as I was working on my project at the same place where they shot this video.
  • 3.  I firstly wanted to do it from the outside looking in and that’s what I have tried to capture but in a more upbeat and fun way. By using a time lapse I was able to take many videos of London yet this took a long time due to it being a five minute music track.
  • 4.  Ditto gave me work experience working on a music video around angel and at Limehouse. This gave me a good foundation into what I needed to do in time for my video to be completed. Ditto also gave me the music and a few stock videos which were the sunrise and sunsets in the music video. I felt this was relevant as the track is called Sunrise.
  • 5.  I looked into different time lapses and saw what looked more effective. I felt using images made it look more jumpy which I didn’t think was suitable for my video. I looked at time lapses of London and how they made them look effective. I also talked to the ditto TV film makers and asked which effects I should use. We agreed that this video would be more effective with out fade in effects so I used them at the end – for this project I used final cut.
  • 6.  I used a mac using a mp3 track and imported it on to final cut. I used a HD camera to capture most of the footage I used and then used studio cameras to capture some of the more clear images. I then ordered them out day to night. Then sped up there sequencing and used the videos I found most effective and spread them out on a time line.
  • 7.  My idea was a good realistic idea and as it was very free going I shot what I thought would look most effective I didn’t plan on shooting at Borough market needless to say I’m happy I did as I was quite happy with that shot. The thing that I also did not think about was shooting it over a two day period was hard as one minute the sun was shining and the next it was raining. Filming tower bridge also worked out to be quite tricky as I did not have a tripod at that time.
  • 8.  I also didn’t think much about how long it would take me at the studio. It took about 5 weeks to complete due to using the studio it being so far away and each week only being able to use final cut for 2-3 hours with some shots I had to delete as I felt they werent clear enough.
  • 9.  My final decision changed from viewing the poor and the rich to looking at the most obvious landmarks. (big ben, tower of London, London eye, etc.) I was pleased I made this decision because it was more realistic to shoot and time wise quicker.
  • 10.  Im pretty happy with my final project. Looking back I may of changed the backing track and used more vocals but I think the sunrise and sunset is pretty effective with my backing track.
  • 11.  All inall I am pleased with the decisions I made and how I went about deciding on what looks best.