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2014 may

  1. 1. Catalyst May 2014 THE MAGAZINE OF HAYES FREE CHURCH (U.R.C.)
  2. 2. Copy for the June 2014 edition needs to be handed in by Sunday, 18th May. Please submit items in good time. You can leave copy in the “B” Pigeon Hole for Richard Brown to collect, or hand it directly to him on a Sunday morning. You can also e-mail copy to richardmbrown6@gmail.com Thank You. Editor Principal Contacts Minister: Rev. Sue Powell Tel: 020 8462 2212 Church Secretary: Mrs Mavis Righini Tel: 020 8462 1168 Fabric Steward Mr. Chris Wood Tel: 020 8462 2444 Treasurer: Mr. Simon Narracott Tel: 020 8462 2004 Lettings Secretary: Mrs Undine Connolly Tel: 020 8776 0108 Caretaker: Mr. Ian Jones Tel: 020 8313 1556 Church Website www.hayesfreechurch.com Catalyst Editor: Mr Richard Brown Contents : - Items not covered by the diary of events. HAYES FREE CHURCH 111, Pickhurst Lane, Hayes, Kent BR2 7HU Sunday Services. 10.30 a.m. & 6.00 p.m. We are a member of the United Reformed Church. We believe in Justice and Peace. This month’s website: - The website of the month is The Leprosy Mission (LM). Rhoda Leeds was our LM secretary for about 50 years. Now, it is Martin Nunn. Information and donation envelopes are in the front porch of HFC. Here is the web address: leprosymission.org.uk Now, turn to Page 12 for more details. Ed Sunday Services; a thought.. 2 Church Notices 3 - 4 Edison saying 3 Saints’ Days.... 5-6 Cartoon 6 Rubber Glove Challenge; Quiz 7 Traidcraft Exchange letter 8 Catalyst Needs You! 9 Notice Board 10 - 11 Website of the month 12 Child Poverty Strategy; Briefs 13 Cancer Research Floral demo 14 Foodbanks and Destitution 15 Beckenham Chorale Concert 16 Moments; The way things once were 17 Istanbul etc pilgrimage 20 Church Organisations I B C
  3. 3. 1 Letter from the Minister Dear Friends, Spring is just about over, summer comes, and we have the rebirth of flowers in our gardens to enjoy; along with barbeques, evenings sitting in the garden, and the ‘joy’ of grass cutting! As many of you will know, I am a proud Grandma again! Emmy was born on the 14th April, and I loved going to meet her and play with grandson Eli. New life brings joy, and it brings responsibilities. For the parent, the travails are endless; for the gardener, a constant round of weeding and feeding; for us as Christians a seemingly never-ending need for forgiveness and love! What joy we have that the New Life Christ offers isn’t a one off / once in a lifetime opportunity – but a ‘For All of Life’ offer that never runs out. We can never diminish God’s love for us, His joy in us is constant – what a blessing that is for us all. As we celebrate summer sun, summer flowers, and the joy of blue skies – let us also celebrate by telling someone else what it is that makes us so joyful! The disciples offered New Life to all who would listen, and we can do the same. New Life in Christ is freedom – freedom because we know ourselves loved – freedom because whatever happens, we know God is with us forgiving us and surrounding us with His love. That is surely too good to keep to ourselves! Let us share the Good News of New Life! Now, please turn to page 9. Ed
  4. 4. 2 Sunday Services v Jim Holman is a Methodist preacher. He has led services at HFC in the past. v David Stoner is well known to us. He is a member of various groups at HFC. v John Cox is known to us, having conducted services at HFC in the past. v Judy (Judith) Davies is a new preacher. She will be speaking to the Women’s Fellowship on the 20th of May. Some notes on the visiting preachers. May 2014 4th 10.30 am - Morning Service - Jim Holman 6.00 pm - Holy Communion - David Stoner 11th 10.30 am - Parade Service - The Minister 6.00 pm - Evening Service - The Minister 18th 10.30 am - Morning Service - John Cox 6.00 pm - Evening Service - The Minister 25th 10.30 am - Holy Communion - The Minister 6.00 pm - Evening Service - Judy Davies A Thought for Today Being kind is much more important than being right, for sometimes all a person needs is not a brilliant mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens. Author Unknown ----------------------------- My apologies if this thought for today has appeared in a recent edition of Catalyst (I cannot find it in Catalyst), but think it worth inclusion for this month. Ed June 2014 1st 10.30 am - Morning Service - 6.00 pm - Holy Communion -
  5. 5. 3 News of the Church Family Announcements are welcome :- BMD - Changes of address, etc. Your prayers would be appreciated for: - Jim Pearson, Mike Duke, Ruth Rees, Jessie Martin, and Helen Hebbes. Church Meetings The next Elders’ meeting will be on Tuesday, 6th May at 8.00 pm in the small hall. The next Church meeting, will be on Sunday 25th May, immediately after the AGM at 12.00 noon - following the morning service. Women's Contact Group On the 12th of May we will enjoy a meal at the Pickhurst Tavern at 12.30 p.m. The following meeting will be at 8.00 pm on the 2nd June at Daphne Cummings’s home. Sylvia Mack Tuesday Prayer Meetings for May Held at 10.00am at the following homes:- 6th Martin Nunn’s. 13th Betty Coster’s. 20th Brenda Cordingley’s. 27th The Church. Then in June: - 3rd Martin Nunn’s. Please address any queries to Martin Nunn. Saturday Fellowship We will not be meeting in May. Martin will be on the “Unlock London” charity walk, visiting churches in the City of London. (There is more information on-line at unlock-urban.org.uk) The next meeting will be on the 7th of June at 2.30pm at Barbara Jones’ home. Martin Nunn will be leading a Bible Study. You are welcome to join us. Men's Group The next Men’s Group meeting will be Pitch and Put at Sparrows Den on Thursday 15 May at 7.30 pm. "All bibles are man-made." - Thomas A Edison -
  6. 6. 4 Ministry of Flowers Thank you to those who will be providing flowers this month. A big thank you to those who kindly arrange the flowers when needed. After the Sunday evening services, the flowers are distributed to members and friends, bringing joy to the recipients. Mavis Righini Hayes Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Club We welcome all babies and children under school age, accompanied by their parents, grandparents or carers, to our club on Friday afternoons between 2 and 4pm during term time. The fee is £1 per family – tea, squash and biscuits are provided. This is a time when adults can meet up, while the children in their care are busy playing with toys and activities in the company of other children. ü Our Summer term started on April 25th. ü We are planning to hold our 'Sell and Buy tables' for two weeks this term on May 16th and 23rd. ü Our half term holiday is on May 30th when there is no meeting. We look forward to seeing you. Judith Stoner - Secretary. Bible Study Group The Bible Study group meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 2.30pm in the small hall. Worship Group The Wednesday Reflections Group meets at 6.30pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Linda Michie Notice Sheets - May & 1st Sunday in June May 4th & 11th Daphne Cummings 8777 2487 18th & 25th Brenda Cordingley 8462 3920 June 1st Pam Collison 8658 0748 If you require items to be included in the notice sheets, please contact the appropriate person by the previous Tuesday. 4th - David & Undine - i.m.o. our fathers 11th - Cath Brown 18th - Gill Bran 25th - Dorothy Sandy
  7. 7. 5 Women's Fellowship Meetings are in the small hall at 2.00 p.m., unless otherwise stated, on Tuesdays and finish about 3.30 p.m. The May meetings will be: - 6th Open meeting 13th Marilyn Bogus talks about Hospices of Hope in Romania 20th Judith Davies talks about Beatrix Potter 27th Shortland Singers The first meeting in June will be: - 3rd Gentle Exercises MINI-AMBULANCE Members who use the mini-ambulance are asked to phone Marion Swanborough on 8462 3981 by 9.00 am on any Tuesday when they are unable to come to the meetings. As always, we welcome all ladies to our meetings. Please come along for a pleasant afternoon. We do have a very varied programme with plenty to interest everyone. Sue & Marion Saints’ Days in the Church Calendars ----------------- A new feature is starting this month, and should run for a year. We are going to list the principal days for the apostles, major saints and other key events, for each month. The information will be drawn from Wikipedia. A prayer dedicated to each saint or apostle will be published in this feature. The prayers are freely available online in Catholic and Episcopal websites. For May there are 2 main dates:- 1st St Philip the Apostle. Patron saint of pastry chefs and hatters. St James the Apostle. Patron saint of many, including pharmacists and pilgrims. 14th St Matthias. Patron saint of carpenters and tailors. St. Matthias has another saint’s day in February. This is his main day. The reason why will be revealed in the February 2015 edition of Catalyst. The prayers are on the next page.....
  8. 8. 6 .... Continued from the previous page A prayer to Saint Philip O Glorious Saint Philip, at the Last Supper you said to Jesus, "Lord, show us the Father and it will be enough for us." Help us to make this our prayer also and to seek God in all things. Obtain for us the grace to know the Father and Jesus Christ whom he has sent - for in this does eternal life consist. Amen. A prayer to St. James O glorious Apostle, Saint James, who by reason of thy fervent and generous heart was chosen by Jesus to be witness of His glory on Mount Tabor, and of His agony in Gethsemane; thou, whose very name is a symbol of warfare and victory: obtain for us strength and consolation in the unending warfare of this life,that, having constantly and generously followed Jesus, we may be victors in the strife and deserve to receive the victor's crown in heaven. Amen. A prayer to St. Matthias O Almighty God, who in the place of Judas chose your faithful servant Matthias to be numbered among the Twelve: Grant that your Church, being delivered from false apostles, may always be ordered and guided by faithful and true pastors; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen Cartoon out of copyright.
  9. 9. 7 Rubber Glove Challenge! ----------------------- Fair Trader Pat Kirkham has found a rather unique use for Traidcraft rubber gloves! "I'm always intrigued to see where the Geobars have gone around the country, so I thought I'd start off the new year with a rubber gloves story! "Last year my husband reached 60 and decided he'd swim the River Conway from Trefriw to Llandudno, approximately 14 miles. There were supporters along the route as well as supporting boats with him, one guiding him into the deep water, one keeping him in a straight line and the other with Geobar supplies keeping him energized "All this of course was done as a sponsored event and as you can see, rubber gloves have another use apart from washing up! "To combat the cold river, what better waterproof hand cover than Traidcraft Rubber Gloves - perfect! "So, does anybody else have any unusual uses for rubber gloves? I give you the challenge." Please send your rubber glove stories to Susan Scott susans@traidcraft.co uk -------------------- Footnote: - Apologies for this extra story about Fairtrade. It’s always your editor’s intention to strike a fair and impartial balance regarding additional material used in Catalyst. Ed Water Words All of the answers in this Bible Quiz are to do with water. 1) Where the disciples fished. (Mark 1) 2) It parted to allow Moses and the Israelites through. (Exodus 14) 3) Jacob met his future wife here. (Genesis 29) 4) Paul was on his way to Rome when this happened. (Acts 27) 5) How Jonah travelled when the sailors threw him overboard. (Jonah 1) 6) The river in which Jesus was baptised. (Matthew 3) Get your answers to the editor by the closing time & date which is 10.30am on Sunday 18th May. Answers can be placed in his pigeon hole or emailed. The winner’s name will be drawn from a hat. The prize is related to the main story on this page. :-)
  10. 10. 8 Women’s Contact Coffee Morning We will be holding the next coffee morning in the Small Hall on the 10th of May (World Fair Trade Day) from 10.00am to 12.00 Noon. We are continuing to raise monies to contribute to disaster relief funds in different parts of the world. We hope to see you at the Coffee Morning, and why not bring a friend? Please note that the monies raised from the coffee mornings are separate from those raised through the refreshments trolley after Sunday morning services. Barbara Jones The Fairtrade Sunday Stall We hold a fair trade stall after the morning service on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. In May, it will be the 11th and the 25th. Please continue to support your fair trade stall. Thank you. Richard and Barbara. Traidcraft Exchange Kingsway, Gateshead, NE11 ONE. UK T+44(0)1914910591 F+44(0)1914976562 www.traidcraft.org uk 24 March 2014 Mrs B Jones Dear Mrs Jones A huge thank you for taking part in the Traidcraft Big Brew 2014! I am so pleased to hear that your event was a success, and we are all very grateful for your kind gift of £123.00, please do pass on our thanks to all those who supported this event. Last year Traidcraft's development programmes gave thousands of families in East Africa and Asia a hand up out of poverty. Without your generosity this work simply would not be able to continue. You may remember that this year's Traidcraft Big Brew resources were based on tea farmers in Bangladesh and how their lives have been transformed since working with Traidcraft, through access to training and equipment. Jamal Uddin is one of the farmers benefitting from increased yields and higher income. He says, "Everyone wants to move forward... Those of us who have gone into tea plantation, for us a lot of change has come" On behalf of everyone at Traidcraft, and all those we work with in the developing world, thank you again for joining us in making a difference. Yours sincerely, Karen Smith Supporter Relations Team
  11. 11. 9 Catalyst Needs You! This page will be kept for YOUR contributions - NOTHING ELSE will go on this page. Hopefully, you will be inspired to share some pictures, poetry or stories. Eli and Emersyn Emmy
  12. 12. 10 NOTICE SOCIAL EVENING FOR CHRISTIAN AID WEEK ------------------------------------------- Quiz and The Trading Game with fish and chip supper 7-9pm on Saturday 17 May in the large hall Enter a team of 4-6 people for the quiz and game, or just join up with other people on the evening to make a team. The Trading Game is a Christian Aid game exploring how a country's prosperity is affected by trade. Tickets cost £10 and are available from John Curry. All profits to Christian Aid. More details from: John Curry ( 8249 3663) or johncurry132@hotmail.co.uk Or David Hawthorn ( 8249 7188) or davidw. hawthorn l @ btinternet.com) Christian Aid Week 11 - 17 May, 2014 --------------------------- The evening service on Sunday 11 May on the theme of “Give people a future without fear”. Has been cancelled. With apologies to all. ----------------- The service will now be an Evening Service led by the Minister.
  13. 13. 11 BOARD HFC Book Club ---------- The Church is beginning a new group - a book club. We will meet on the first Thursday of the month at 8pm in the small hall. Books will be distributed in church when they arrive - the current book is unknown, as the one ordered is not in stock! So it will be a surprise package! We are looking forward to seeing you Sue Bank Holiday Rambles. Don’t forget that we will benefit from 2 days of rambles in May. The rambles will be in the Weald of Kent where beautiful views are guaranteed. Each ramble will be about 5 miles long and we will enjoy a pub lunch as part of the day. All are welcome to join us at 10.15 am in the Rosary car park on Monday 5th May, and Monday 26th May. More details from Martin Nunn.
  14. 14. 12 Website of the Month The Leprosy Mission Extracts from the website are below. Main topics in the website: - ·About us ·What is leprosy? ·How we help ·Where we work ·Our history ·Open information ·FAQs
  15. 15. 13 Child Poverty Strategy --------------- From the Praxis Newsletter No 56 - March 2014 The Government published its child poverty strategy on 27 February. The major story in the press was that although the actual document contained no mention of this it was announced that the Government’s attempt to redefine poverty is to be dropped. The Churches agreed with academics and charities that the proposed new definition was flawed and risked further stigmatising society’s most vulnerable people, so this change in Govt policy was greatly welcomed. Child Poverty is predicted to rise and rise substantially. The driving force behind this rise is expected to be the changes in the tax and benefit system introduced in the last 2 years. The strategy announced neither a shift in policy nor any extra measures to tackle child poverty. The Children’s Society and JPIT each responded with the Children’s Society publishing positive suggestions of what could be done. ---------------- Praxis Newsletter is the public issues newsletter of the Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Churches. You may have missed the following in the budget --------------------- 'Briefs The scout and guide movements, cadets and St John Ambulance service are to get £10 million raised from fines levied on banks whose employees fiddled the Libor inter-bank lending rate. Military and emergency services charities already benefit from the proceeds, but that will be extended to search-and-rescue and lifeboat services. The Chancellor said he wants the "fines paid by those who have demonstrated the worst of values to support those who demonstrate the best of British values".'
  16. 16. 14 WEST WICKHAM & HAYES CRUK FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE 'FRIENDSHIP & FLOWERS' Wednesday, 21st May 2014 1.30 entry for 2.00pm start Floral Demonstration by Patricia Ellis - Chelsea Gold Medal Winner Followed by 'Afternoon Tea' £12.50 per person The Coney Suite, The Warren MPH Sports Club, Croydon Road, Hayes BR2 7AL Contact Mrs Barbara Baker Tel No 020 776 1256 Email barbarabaker®hotmail.co.uk Cancer Research UK is a registered charity in England a Wales (1089464), Scotland (6C041666) and The Isle of Man (1103). Agape Supper Churches together in Hayes are again holding an Agape Supper at our Church on Friday 9th May at 7.00 p.m. Our speaker this year is Andrew Dunsmore, the Official Photographer at Westminster Abbey . He will regale us with stories and photos of his work. This is always a very enjoyable evening in the company of friends from other Churches in Hayes and includes a two course meal. The price will again be £5 and we hope that many from the Church will support this event. Please see Sylvia Mack for more information and to add your name to the list.
  17. 17. 15 Praxis Newsletter The public issues newsletter of the Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed Churches Extract from Newsletter 56 March 2014 Vincent Nichols on Foodbanks and Destitution Churches and their responses to poverty have been in the news over the past weeks. The spark was an interview that Vincent Nichols gave to the Daily Telegraph. Without directly criticising any aspect of government policy Nichols observed that churches and charities were seeing more and more people destitute and needing the help with very basics of life including food. Importantly he said it was a disgrace that this should happen in a country as wealthy as the UK. In response the DWP quoted misleading statistics about Universal Credit and JPIT replied A day later David Cameron responded to Vincent Nichols in an article in the Telegraph which included untrue statistics and JPIT again replied. The Hunger Fast campaign was launched with a letter in the Daily Mirror from leaders of a huge range of Churches. It explicitly named welfare reform as the driving force behind the increase in severe poverty that the leaders are seeing in the communities they serve. Blogs on food poverty and injustice by Rev Ruth Gee President of the Methodist Conference and Rev Sally Coleman are also well worth reading. JPIT continues to engage with and support churches that provide foodbanks to link their life and faith, and to challenge the structural causes of poverty. We are keen to hear from you if you and/or your church is involved with a foodbank in your local area and are already doing this sort of work. Do share ideas of the kind of resources you would find helpful. It would also be good if you could indicate whether you are working within a Churches Together partnership and/or with the Trussel Trust. Please contact Matt Collins tel: 020 7467 5223 who is co-ordinating this work.
  18. 18. 16 About Beckenham Chorale The Chorale is a mixed choir of about 70 voices. We work with orchestras large and small and sometimes we sing unaccompanied. We perform in St. George’s Church - a fine concert venue with superb acoustics. All voices welcome, especially tenors. Interested singers should contact the Membership Secretary, Gillian Scales at membership@beckenhamchorale.org.uk
  19. 19. 17 TRAINING -------- Not this week nor this month dare I lie down In languor under lime trees or smooth smile. Love must not kiss my pale face that is brown. My lips, panting, shall drink space, mile by mile; Strong meats by all my hunger; my renown Be the clean beauty of speed and pride of style. Cold winds encountered on the racing Down Shall thrill my heated bareness; but awhile None else may meet me till I wear my crown. Wilfred Owen (1893 - 1918) This poem is in the book “The Complete Poems and Fragments of Wilfred Owen” edited by Jon Stallworthy - first published by Chatto Windus in 1983. ------------------------------------- This item is from The Great War Archive, University of Oxford (www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ww1lit/gwa); © The Estate of Wilfred Owen The way things once were This year’s theme covers sayings or poetry from the First World War Moments -------- Happy moments, praise God Difficult moments, seek God Quiet moments, worship God Painful moments, trust God Every moment, thank God
  20. 20. 18 May 2014 1st Thu 8.00 pm - Book Club Inaugural Meeting Page 11 2nd Fri 3rd Sat 4th Sun 10.30 am - Morning Service - Jim Holman 6.00 pm - Holy Communion - David Stoner 5th Mon May Day Bank Holiday 10.15 am - Bank Holiday Ramble Page 11 6th Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 3 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 5 8.00 pm - Elders’ Meeting Page 3 7th Wed 8th Thu 9th Fri 7.00 pm - Agape Supper Page 14 10th Sat 10.00 am - Women’s Contact Coffee Morning Page 8 11th Sun 10.30 am - Parade Service - The Minister Followed by Fairtrade stall Page 8 6.00 pm - Evening Service - The Minister 12th Mon 12.30 pm - Womens’ Contact Group Page 3 13th Tue 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 5 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 3 14th Wed 15th Thu 2.30 pm - Bible Study Group Page 4 7.30 pm - Men’s Group Page 3 16th Fri 2.00 pm - Mothers’ and Toddlers’ Group Page 4 17th Sat 7.00 pm - Social Evening - Christian Aid Week Page 10 18th Sun Catalyst copy due date IFC 10.30 am - Morning Service - John Cox 6.00 pm - Evening Service - The Minister
  21. 21. 19 DATES FOR YOUR DIARY 7 June Hayes Fair 22 June Church Meeting at 12.00 noon. June 2014 1st Sun 10.30 am - Morning Service - 6.00 pm - Holy Communion - May 2014 19th Mon Victoria Day (Scot.) 20th Tue 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 5 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 3 21st Wed 22nd Thu 23rd Fri 2.00 pm - Mothers’ and Toddlers’ Group Page 4 24th Sat 25th Sun 10.30 am - Holy Communion - The Minister Followed by Fairtrade stall Page 8 12.00 pm - AGM and Church Meeting Page 3 6.00 pm - Evening Service - Judy Davies 26th Mon Spring Bank Holiday 10.15 am - Bank Holiday Ramble Page 11 27th Tue 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 5 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 3 28th Wed 6.30 pm - Worship Group Page 4 29th Thu 2.30 pm - Bible Study Group Page 4 30th Fri 31st Sat
  22. 22. 20
  23. 23. CHURCH ORGANISATIONS Day Organisation Contact Phone Sunday 10.25am Sunday Club Mike Duke 8462 5103 Weekdays 9.15 -12.15pm 12.15 -12.45pm Pre School Group P/School lunch club Jayne Carvell 07913 299773 Monday 5.45pm Brownies Sarah Humphrey 8249 9982 6.30pm Cubs Brenda Petts 8325 3956 8.00pm - 1st Women's Contact Group Sylvia Mack 8462 1938 Tuesday 10.00am Prayer Meeting Martin Nunn 8462 5918 2.00pm Women's Fellowship Sue Powell 8462 2212 7.00pm Scouts Paul Hasling 3236 0083 Wednesday 3.30pm - 4th Messy Church Sue Powell 8462 2212 5.15pm Rainbows Jenny Longman 07730 574962 6.00pm Beavers Brenda Petts 8325 3956 6.30pm - 4th Reflections Group Bill Michie 8658 4167 8.00pm Explorers Tom Strachan 07745 813 295 Thursday 2.30pm - 2nd, & 4th Bible Study Sue Powell 8462 2212 5.30pm Brownies Stevie Blair. 8325 3469 7.15 - 8.45pm Senior Guides Georgina Chappell 07983 471308 8.00pm - 1st HFC Book Club Sue Powell 8462 2212 8.00pm - 3rd Men's Group Bruce Tannock 8325 6264 8.00pm - 2nd, & 4th Ignatian Spirituality Group David Hawthorn 8249 7188 Friday 9.00 - 12.00pm Coffee morning during term times 2.00pm Mothers & Toddlers Judith Stoner 8462 3023 6.30pm Guides Teresa Cheyne 8777 6042 Saturday 2.30pm - 1st Saturday Fellowship Martin Nunn 8462 5918 NOTE: - Some of the organisations meet once or twice per month. This is indicated by 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. The numbers relate to which week day of the month, NOT the calendar date.
  24. 24. Final Thought The man who walks with God always gets to his destination. (Rhoda’s quotation first used in September 1991)