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2012 may

  1. 1. Catalyst THE MAGAZINE OFHAYES FREE CHURCH (U.R.C.) May 2012
  2. 2. HAYES FREE CHURCH 111, Pickhurst Lane, Hayes, Kent BR2 7HU Sunday Services. 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. We are a member of the United Reformed Church. We believe in Justice and Peace.Principal ContactsMinister: Rev. Sue Powell Tel: 020 8462 2212Church Secretary: Mr Alistair Wilson Tel: 020 8402 0026Fabric Steward Mr. Chris Wood Tel: 020 8462 2444Treasurer: Mr. Bill Michie Tel: 020 8658 4167Lettings Secretary: Mrs Undine Connolly Tel: 020 8776 0108Caretaker: Mr. Ian Jones Tel: 020 8313 1556Church Website www.hayesfreechurch.comCatalystEditor: Mr Richard Brown Contents : - Items not covered by the diary of events.Sunday Services 2 Fairtrade food 14Preachers’ info 2 The way things once were 14Church Notices 3 - 5 Wesley Owen closes 15Women’s Fellowship 5 Christian Books for the needy 15A prayer thought ...... 5 Concert Appeal 16I.m.o. Pauline Chapman 6, 8 Our well-being 17Catalyst needs you 7 75th Anniversary Events 20Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 9 A Footnote 20Notice boards 10 - 13 Church Organisations IBCThis month’s websites - The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.There are two relevant websites to visit for important information. 1. The official website for the events. www.thediamondjubilee.org 2. The London Borough of Bromley. www.bromley.gov.uk/diamondjubilee Now, turn to Page 9 for more details....... Ed Copy for the June 2012 edition needs to be handed in by Sunday, 13th May. Please submit items in good time. You can leave copy in the “B” Pigeon Hole for Richard Brown to collect, or hand it directly to him on a Sunday morning. You can also e-mail copy to richardmbrown6@gmail.comThank You. Editor
  3. 3. Letter from the MinisterDear FriendsWe now have a hosepipe ban, and as I sit here to write this letter it is pouring with rain – again! My garden is full of flowers (and weeds…) and all appreciate the rain following the dry winter.The dryness of the garden had reminded me of the dryness or drought we can feel spiritually, when God feels far away and somehow irrelevant to what is happening in our day to day lives. The downpour of rain brings back the reminder that God is never far away and always close to us; the refreshing and renewing awareness of God with us that the rain of the Spirit pours into our hearts.As we met together in prayer last month to ask for God’s guidance for our church, so we need to continue praying for God’s Holy Spirit to make clear for us the way forward.In Micah Chapter 6, verse 8 we are told: “He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”If we live this verse from Micah and try to open ourselves to the speaking of the Holy Spirit within us, God’s message may become clear.We are shortly to be visited by the Synod Local Mission and Ministry Review (LMMR) team, who will help us to review the mission of the church. It is my prayer that engaging in this process will help us all to look afresh at our place in this community and that we will find new ways of responding to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit.It will be an exciting time in the life of the church. Sue 1
  4. 4. Sunday Services May 20126th Sun 10.30 am - Morning Service - Martin Wilcox, Child Aid 6.30 pm - Holy Communion - The Minister13th Sun Christian Aid week starts 10.30 am - Morning Service - The Minister 6.30 pm - Evening Service - The Minister20th Sun 10.30 am - Morning Service - Rev Bryn Thomas 6.30 pm - Evening Service - Rev Bill Bowman27th Sun 10.30 am - Holy Communion - The Minister 6.30 pm - Evening Service - Linda Jennings June 2012 10.30 am - Morning Service - Major Cliff Kent3rd Sun 6.30 pm - Holy Communion - The Minister Hayes Free Church 75th Anniversary10th Sun 10.30 am - Parade Service - Rev John Robinson 6.30 pm - Evening Service - The Minister Some notes on the visiting preachers.v Martin Wilcox represents Child Aid, a charity which is transforming the lives of children and young people in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine.v Bryn Thomas needs no introduction to many of us as he was a former organist and choir master at HFC. He took early retirement from teaching to become an ordained minister and still lives in West Wickham.v Rev Bill Bowman is the Minister of Emmanuel URC, West Wickham. Bill was a member of HFC before he became a Minister.v Linda Jennings is one of our Elders who has lead our services on a number of occasions.v Major Cliff Kent belongs to the Regent Hall Branch of The Salvation Army (the only church in Oxford Street, London). He was formerly from the Thornton Heath branch of The Salvation Army. He has conducted Sunday worship at HFC on many occasions.v Revd John Robinson, is one of our previous ministers, affectionately known as J.R. He regularly leads trips to the Holy Land, which many of our members go on. 2
  5. 5. News of the Church FamilyAnnouncements are welcome :- BMD - Changes of address, etc.Baptisms booked for this year: -v 27th May – Edward Dye (from the Pickhurst Pre-School and Friday coffee morning)v 24th June – Zach Gubb (son of a couple married in the church)Weddings booked for this year: -v We are pleased to offer our congratulations to Sylvia and Laurie Mack who celebrated their Golden Wedding on Saturday 28 April. Their children are taking them away for a long week-end to an unknown destination.v 19th May - Sarah and Ben from the Church of God in Hayes – their own minister presiding.Deaths: -v We regret to record the death of Iris Williams, a church member for many years, on 15th April in Orpington Hospital. We extend our condolences to members of her family.v We offer our deepest apologies for putting in the wrong date of the death of Pauline Chapman. It should have been 8th March. We trust this did not cause undue distress to her family at this sad time.Church MeetingsThe next Church meeting will be the AGM on Thursday 3rd of May at 7.30 pm in the Church.The next Elders’ meeting will be held on Tuesday 15th May at 8.00 pm in the small hall.Womens Contact GroupThe Contact Group will meet at 8.00 pm on the following Mondays: - 14th May at Daphne Cummings’s home - 4 Croft Avenue, W. Wickham. 11th June (to be confirmed) at Judith Stoner’s home - 113, Bourne Way.Sylvia MackHayes Free Church 75th anniversary.A diary of anniversary events, cross-referenced to event articles, etc, is on the last page of Catalyst. 3
  6. 6. Tuesday Prayer MeetingsHeld at 10.00 am at the following homes:-May 1st Martin Nunn’s. 8th Betty Coster’s. 15th Brenda Cordingley’s. 22nd The Church. 29th Martin Nunn’s.Please address any queries to Martin Nunn.Saturday FellowshipWe will next meet at 2.30 pm on 5th May at 7, Sedgewood Close. Discussions are lead by Martin Nunn.Mens GroupThe next meeting will be a Pitch and Putt at Sparrows Den organised by Chris Fitzgerald. We will meet on Thursday 17th May at 7.30 pm.Ministry of FlowersThanks are due to those who will be providing flowers in May. 6th - Kay and Tony Atkinson. 13th - Undine Connolly - i.m.o. Father20th - Wedding 27th - Martin Nunn - i.m.o. MotherA big thank you to those who kindly arrange the flowers when needed.After the Sunday evening services, the flowers are distributed tomembers and friends, bringing joy to the recipients.Mavis RighiniHayes Mothers’ & Toddlers’ ClubWe welcome all babies and children under school age, accompanied by their parents, grandparents or carers, to our club on Friday afternoons between 2 and 4 pm during term time. The fee is £1 per family – tea, squash and biscuits are provided.This is a time when adults can meet up, while the children in their care are busy playing with toys and activities in the company of other children.On May 11th we intend to have SELL and BUY tables with adult clothes as well as childrens clothes, toys and equipment.On June 1st we are planning a Jubilee celebration with hat making, musical entertainment and a picnic tea alongside our usual afternoon activities.Half term is on June 8th when there is no meeting.We look forward to seeing you all.Judith Stoner - Secretary. 4
  7. 7. Notice Sheets - May - 1st Sunday in JuneMay 6th Joan Smith 8462 3920 13th Joan Smith 20th Daphne Cummings 8777 2487 27th Daphne CummingsJune 3rd Brenda Cordingley 8462 3867If you require items to be included in the notice sheets, please contactthe appropriate person by the previous Tuesday.Womens FellowshipM eetings are in the small hall at 2.00 p.m., unless otherwise stated, on Tuesdays and finish about 3.30 p.m.The programme for May is:- 1st The Shortland Singers 8th "Siberian Adventure" Illustrated talk by Barbara Forrai 15th Quiz afternoon 22nd Memories of the Coronation 29th A visit from a chiropractorJune 5th Bank Holiday - No meetingMINI-AMBULANCEMembers who use the mini-ambulance are asked to phone Jessie Martin on 8462 5621 by 9.00 am on any Tuesday when they are unable to come to the meetings.As always, we welcome all ladies to our meetings . Please come along for a pleasant afternoon. We do have a very varied programme with plenty to interest everyone. Linda, Marion and Sylvia A prayer thought for the week ahead:- Lord, make us less like porridge, stodgy and difficult to stir, but make us more like cornflakes, crisp and ready to serve. 5
  8. 8. In memory of Pauline Chapman (nee Wright) 30th August 1937 - 8th March 2012 ----------------------Pauline, sister to Frances, wife to John, mother to Hilary and Rebecca; auntie to Helen and Naomi, Nanna to Leanne, Joshua, Olivia and Jacob; great auntie to Joseph, Samuel, Alice, Sophie, Ella and Imogen; mother-in-law to Dennis and Ian and sister-in-law to Russell.Pauline was born in Lee in Lewisham in 1937, and had a happy childhood, albeit surrounded by war – shelters in the garden, and evacuation into Sussex being part of her growing up.Attendance at Baring Road Primary School was followed by a scholarship to Blackheath High School – something her parents were very proud of, but Pauline less so!Pauline’s excellent education gave her a good foundation for her work as a Dispenser in Pharmacy, working first in Boots as an apprentice at Waterloo Station, and then for 5 years at Guys Hospital– where she was so happy. During this time Pauline was worshipping at the congregational church at Burnt Ash, (an apt name as it burnt down…!) Pauline was a leader in the Youth Group at the church called The Livingstone Fellowship, and it was here that she met and fell in love with a young man called John. It all began when she sent him a Christmas Card… which he still has! They were married on the 11th March 1961 and last year celebrated 50 years – a Golden time.When they first married they lived in Lee, in Upwood Road, and a very happy time was had there as the two girls were born, (at home) Hilary and Rebecca. In 1973 they sold the house and moved to Hayes, away from the crowded streets of Lee and out to the edge of the country: Pauline and John checked out the local schools, shops, and station and then found the house – which Pauline loved. John, as a chartered accountant, travelled the world a lot, often away for 2 week periods, and Pauline dedicated herself to bringing up the two children.Pauline worked in the local shops for years - first in Fourboys newsagents, then in Rumseys the chemist, and finally at Shipley’s Chemist, which became Boots. Pauline was so well known locally and knew so many people, that she was greeted just about everywhere she went!Pauline loved to travel with John. Together they travelled to many places, including: the Caribbean, Brunei, Singapore, China, Russia, Gibraltar, USA, Australia, Hong Kong. Continued on page 8 .... 6
  9. 9. Catalyst needs youThis page will be kept for YOUR contributions - NOTHING ELSE will go on this page.It would be great to receive items from Leaders - please encourage your charges other groups - Mothers and Toddlers, the to be creative. Catalyst has wonderful cubs, brownies, Sunday Club. Also, material from the adult members and family members are most welcome to friends, but this magazine should be for all submit material. of us to enjoy. Also, isn’t it nice to see yourUniformed groups - can your members message or creation in print? earn a badge for contributions to this Surely, an important aspect of our lives is to page? encourage the youngsters to develop - toPictures, poems, letters or thoughts are all be creative. So, this page is here to helpwelcome. with this. Mavis & Colin Righini’s renewal of their vows on their 36th wedding anniversary 10th April 2012 7
  10. 10. ..... Continued from page 6 Her family and her grandchildren meant so much to her. To her daughters, Hilary and Rebecca, she was the most loving and caring mother – always there for them. Pauline taught them how to love and care and feel safe and happy. Her elder grandchildren, Leanne and Joshua, spent many happy times with her – Pauline was such a huge influence on both their lives. The youngest two, Olivia and Jacob, kept her on her toes and they felt the warmth of her love through all their cuddles and times spent together. Pauline treasured every minute spent with them all.At church Pauline was a quiet lady, but one who knew and paid attention to where troubles were giving people a hard time. Supportive and loving to those who needed some extra care, there are people here who will always remember her kindnesses. Pauline had a saying: “Nothing good nor bad will last for ever.” A saying she thought had came from her grandmother. Certainly Pauline had lots of Buddhist and Philosophers quotes on the deep meaning of life and how to keep calm… perhaps her saying was gained from this: Buddha’s first teaching on enlightenment: Life is transitory, or impermanent: nothing lasts forever. Understanding this is an important aid to becoming less attached to experiences. Something you think is bad will not last forever, but you also realise that nothing good lasts forever. Why is this important? Understanding the First Noble Truth helps you to gain more awareness of your reactions to life. Every day Pauline went out. From Monday to Friday, she left the house around 10.30 each morning and returned to cook John’s tea promptly at 6pm. Pauline spent time with friends, particularly her special friend Joan and her sister Frances – who both hold so many special memories of all the fun and laughs that they shared. They visited many places and had short holidays together too - she always said that she never wasted a minute. Every evening, and all weekend, she devoted to John and her family. The last year of her life she dealt with John’s cancer, and then her own, and each time she used her saying – nothing good nor bad will last forever – to reassure us all (and herself) that everything will be ok. Pauline remained to the end a woman of good humour, whose unconditional love, care and concern for others shone through. Throughout all the difficulties she and John had to face, they faced them together to the end. Pauline loved people and loved life. Her life was rich, she never wasted a minute....We give thanks for all that she has been to her family and friends. 8
  11. 11. The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations From The Official Website of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee The Queen celebrates 60 years as Monarch in 2012. This website celebrates Her Majestys life and times and is the official source for announcements and information about the Diamond Jubilee.Information on the Government’s website (http://www.direct.gov.uk/):To mark 60 years of The Queens reign the Diamond Jubilee will takeplace in 2012. The celebrations will centre around an extendedweekend in 2012 on 2, 3, 4 and 5 June.v Find out what is being planned to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and how you can take part.v The Queen came to the throne on 6 February 1952 and her coronation took place on 2 June 1953.v She celebrated her Silver Jubilee (25 years) in 1977 and her Golden Jubilee (50 years) in 2002.v Diamond Jubilee websitev A Diamond Jubilee website, including two new photographs of The Queen, has been launched by the Royal Household. It features the latest news, photographs, announcements and historical information about The Queens 60-year reign. Visitors can also send a congratulatory message to The Queen.From The London Borough of BromleyOn the morning of Tuesday 15 May 2012, HM The Queen will be coming to Bromley. ......The London Borough of Bromley has been selected to host a momentous event as part of South London s Jubilee celebrations.Residents and visitors will be able to see Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh as they visit the borough for a special event to commemorate the Queens 60 years on the throne. A special public event will commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Bromley Town Centre. The event will be free. -------------------------Residents near the town centre received letters advising of road closures in the town centre, and traffic diversion routes around the town centre. The A21 Kentish Way and Tweedy Road, Widmore Road, Masons Hill, Elmfield Road, Market Square and High Street will be closed between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm on Tuesday 15th, May.Maps etc are on the council’s website. 9
  12. 12. NOTICE Advance notice Churches Together in Hayes are booking stalls for the Hayes Village Fair on Saturday 23rd June. The three stalls will be: - 1) Traidcraft 2) leaflets and games 3) bouncy castle. Please put the date in your diary as we will need helpers to run the stalls. The fair will be open from 12 noon to 4.30 pm. Contact details to follow / listen for announcements Christian Aid Week 13 - 19 May 2012 Every year during Christian Aid Week 300,000 people from across the country are united in the UK’s biggest house-to-house collection, reaching millions of people with messages about beating poverty.We are one of 20 churches in the Bromley area pooling resources for the house-to-house collection during this week. Hayes Free Church is responsible for the delivery of gift envelopes to, and collection from, 1300 houses in 28 roads.We need FOUR new people to help with the house-to-house collection. Collectors are also required for the flag day on Saturday, 19th May in Bromley town centre. Could you please spare an hour to help this worthy cause?If so, please contact us: Kathryn Strachan 8658 9609 John Curry 8249 3663 10
  13. 13. BOARD 75 Years of Hayes Free ChurchA one-off special event aimed at the uniformed organisations of Hayes and all friends and members of HFC (Minimum age 8 Years) Hayes Free Church Scalextric Challenge To be held in the large hall of Hayes Free Church 1st September 2012 - 10.00 am - 4.00 pm Teams of 4 drivers (no experience necessary)To make this a successful day, we will need offers of help forthe preparation of the hall and refreshments on the day and very importantly sponsors to help with the cost of track and cars. Please call Chris Wood on 020 8462 2444 (home) 0776 114 20 33 (mobile) or cwood596@btinternet.com Agape Supper Please keep the date of Friday 11th May free in your diaries for our Churches Together Agape Supper. The speakers this year are Simon Gray and his daughter who will talk about their trip last year to work with the street children of the Philippines. Beginning at 7 pm and costing £5 - it includes a meal. Please let Sylvia Mack know if you will be coming. This promises to be a good evening with an enjoyable meal and interesting speakers. Please come and support your Church and join with others from the other Churches in Hayes. 11
  14. 14. NOTICES - WEDNESDAY 2nd MAY 6.15 – 7.15 pm This is an opportunity to meet together in the Church for prayer and reflection, to seek God’s guidance for our ongoing work of worship and witness. In this our 75th Anniversary Year we need to look to the future and it is hoped a good number will come to meet in fellowship on this date. Talent ExhibitionAs we celebrate our Church 75th Anniversary, let us give thanks for our many God-given talents.On Saturday, 13th October we are having a special exhibition. Anything from composing, to knitting, art, poetry to woodwork.You have plenty of time to create something wonderful, or you can dig out the lace or oil painting that you made years ago and youd like it to see the light of day again.Please ask for a letter about this event and as you create, pop more money in to your little green box and return it when full. Take another which can also be filled.Thank you Mavis Righini. A Bible study group meets in the small hall on Thursdays from 2.30 – 3.30 pm The group began on Thursday 26th April. Please sign the sheet at the back of the church if you plan to attend. 12
  15. 15. EXTRA BOARD The Olympic Torch is going to be carried by our own Brenda Cordingley on Wednesday 18 July!! If you want to see her in action, youll have to go to Hythe!! Bank holidays The late May bank holiday has been moved to Monday 4 June 2012 and an additional Jubilee bank holiday will take place on Tuesday 5 June 2012. The extra bank holiday and extended bank holiday weekend also applies to Scotland. This years CHARITY CHRISTMAS CARD FAIR will be held on Saturday, 20th October. Many thanks, Pamela Collison 13
  16. 16. Women’s Contact Coffee Morning 10.00 am - 12.00Our next coffee morning will be on the 12th of May. We raise monies to contribute to disaster relief funds in different parts of the world.We hope to see you there, and why not bring a friend. Barbara JonesThe Fairtrade Sunday StallIn 2012, we will be holding a fair trade stall after the morning service on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. So, for May the stall will be held on the 13th and 27th.2012 is a year of many celebrations, from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, to the Olympics and the 75th anniversary of HFC. We have stocked up with some baking ingredients in anticipation of some cakes and biscuits being made..Please continue to support your fair trade stall. Thank you. Richard and Barbara. Fair trade food Why Traidcrafts not the same as a supermarket... ü We buy from small-scale farmers who cant grow the volumes some buyers demand. ü We give poor marginalised people a foothold into fair trade. ü We work to create a world freed from the scandal of poverty. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, every time you buy Traidcraft food you help more families in the developing world. From the Traidcraft April 2012 Bulletin The way things once were From The Leicestershire Almanac for May 1884. (Weather Forecasts) If woolly fleeces spread the ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If red the sun begins his race, heavenly way, Expect the rain will fall apace. No rain, be sure, disturbs the ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- summer’s day.The evening red, the morning grey, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ‘Tis sure to be a pleasant day. When clouds appear like rocks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- and towers, In the waning of the moon, The earth’s refreshed by frequent A cloudy morn - fine afternoon. showers. 14
  17. 17. WESLEY OWEN CLOSES ITS DOORSWhen we opened Wesley Owen Books & Music in the Bromley Shopping Mall in October 1992, online shopping as we know it today was a distant dream in the minds of a few far-sighted entrepreneurs. Today it seems to be an all-consuming roller-coaster leaving many traditional retailers struggling to make ends meet, and Christian booksellers are no exception.This change in shopping habits is probably the main reason why sadly we had to close our doors on Saturday 10 March – a day when many regular customers came to express both their sorrow and their thanks for all the help and encouragement given them both through the products they had purchased and the staff who had served them.Fortunately our Australian owners - Koorong Books. who rescued us from administration just over two years ago - have been able to keep two of their eight Wesley Owen shops open (Birmingham and York) along with the website (www wesleyowen.com), and two others have been bought by another organisation (Glasgow and Coleraine). Four shops in total have closed — Bristol, Bath, Derby and ourselves.My staff have accepted this difficult situation graciously, believing that God has new things for them to do. I am going to relocate to help out part time at the Christian Bookshop at Pratts Bottom, which we hope will see a significant increase in business as a result of this closure. Do come and visit us there — we can offer something we never could at Wesley Owen — free parking and homemade cakes!We thank God for his faithfulness in the midst of all these changes, and pray that somehow a new form of Christian presence will emerge in Bromley town centre.Dave Brown CHRISTIAN BOOKS FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED THEMIf you have any Bibles or other Christian books in good condition that you no longer need, Book Aid would love to hear from you.At www.book-aid.org you can find details of how thousands of Christian books are being shipped to people who need them.If you would like to support Book Aids work by buying their second- hand Christian books from them, they have thousands in their Lower Sydenham bookshop, which is well worth a visit.Please see www.book-aid.org for details and directions.Both items from “In Touch” (the Bromley Baptist Church magazine) April 2012 15
  18. 18. The Churchs 75th Anniversary CelebrationsMake a note in your diaries and invite your Family, Friends and Neighbours to one of the events being organised which is on Saturday 7th July 2012 and will take the form of two film shows. 1) In the year 1937 the Childrens film Snow White was made and we plan to show the modern colour version in the Church on the large screens at 2 oclock for families followed by a tea. 2) In the evening at 7.30pm we will be showing for adults The Prisoner of Zenda, which was also made in 1937.These events are not planned to make a profit but to reserve a seat a charge of £1 per person will be made.Do come and join in the fun for the day.Margaret Tannock RamblesThe inter-church ramble on Easter Monday was enjoyed by 15 walkers despite rather drizzly weather. Fortunately the ground was fairly dry following the long drought. We walked from Hever to Markbeech where we enjoyed a good lunch at the Kentish Horse, in company with three other non-walkers.The next ramble will be on Monday May 7th when we will enjoy a circular walk in the Penshurst area . Meet as usual in the Rosary car- park at 10.15 a.m. sharp. We plan to have lunch at the Spotted Dog pub about a mile south of Penshurst. All are welcome!Martin Nunn Concerts For all music-lovers, every quarter there is a concert in the Central Library in Bromley given by Adrian Boynten who brings his soloists with him. The next concert is on Thursday, 7th June 12.00 – 2.00 pm. Tickets are £5 available at the Library desk.These concerts are most enjoyable and need supporting to continueBetty Coster. 16
  19. 19. OUR WELL-BEING ---------------------------------BLOOD CLOTS/STROKE - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the TongueSTROKE: Remember the first Three Letters S. T. R.STROKE IDENTIFICATION:During a BBQ, a woman stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics)....she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes. They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Jane went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening. Janes husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital - (at 6:00 pm Jane passed away.) She had suffered a stroke at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke, perhaps Jane would be with us today. Some dont die. They end up in a helpless, hopeless condition instead.A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke...totally. He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed, and then getting the patient medically cared for within 3 hours, which is tough.RECOGNIZING A STROKERemember the 3 steps. STR. Read and Learn! Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke. Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:S *Ask the individual to SMILE.T *Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently) (e.g. "It is sunny out today")R *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS. If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call emergency number immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.New Sign of a Stroke --- Stick out Your TongueNOTE: Another sign of a stroke is this: Ask the person to stick out his tongue. If the tongue is crooked, if it goes to one side or the other, that is also an indication of a stroke. Joan Armstrong, Val Graham and others. 17
  20. 20. May 20121st Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 4 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 52nd Wed 6.15 pm - Prayer and Reflection hour Page 123rd Thu 2.30 pm - Bible Study Group Page 12 7.30 pm - Church AGM Page 34th Fri 2.00 pm - Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Group Page 45th Sat 2.30 pm - Saturday Fellowship Page 46th Sun 10.30 am - Morning Service - Martin Wilcox, Child Aid 6.30 pm - Holy Communion - The Minister7th Mon May Day Bank Holiday 10.15 am - Bank Holiday Ramble Page 168th Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 4 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 59th Wed10th Thu 2.30 pm - Bible Study Group Page 1211th Fri 2.00 pm - Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Group Page 4 7.00 pm - Agape Supper Page 1112th Sat 10.00 am - Women’s Contact Coffee Morning Page 14 Christian Aid week starts Page 10 10.30 am - Morning Service - The Minister13th Sun Followed by Fairtrade Stall Page 14 6.30 pm - Evening Service - The Minister Catalyst press date.14th Mon 8.00 pm - Women’s Contact Group Page 3 The Queens Diamond Jubilee visit to Bromley Page 915th Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 4 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 5 8.00 pm - Elders’ Meeting Page 316th Wed17th Thu 2.30 pm - Bible Study Group Page 12 7.30 pm - Men’s Group Page 418th Fri 2.00 pm - Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Group Page 4 18
  21. 21. May 201219th Sat20th Sun 10.30 am - Morning Service - Rev Bryn Thomas 6.30 pm - Evening Service - Rev Bill Bowman21st Mon Victoria Day (Scot.)22nd Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 4 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 523rd Wed24th Thu 2.30 pm - Bible Study Group Page 1225th Fri 2.00 pm - Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Group Page 426th Sat 10.30 am - Holy Communion - The Minister27th Sun Followed by Fairtrade Stall Page 14 6.30 pm - Evening Service - Linda Jennings28th Mon29th Tue 10.00 am - Tuesday Prayer Meeting Page 4 2.00 pm - Women’s Fellowship Page 530th Wed31st Thu 2.30 pm - Bible Study Group Page 12 June 20121st Fri 2.00 pm - Mothers’ & Toddlers’ Group Page 42nd Sat3rd Sun 10.30 am - Morning Service - Major Cliff Kent 6.30 pm - Holy Communion - The MinisterDATES FOR YOUR DIARY8-10 June OPEN WEEK-END & FLOWER FESTIVAL (75th ANNIVERSARY)23 June HAYES VILLAGE FAIR22 July CHURCH MEETING. 12.00 Noon23 July OLYMPIC TORCH RELAY THROUGH BROMLEY.6-10 August HOLIDAY FROM HOME Tel 020 8462 2212 to book a place. 19
  22. 22. 75th Anniversary - Events Calendar Date Event Page June 8th - 10th A Flower Festival and display of Church This one archives will be held in the church. July 7th Film Shows 16 September 1st Scalextric Event 11 October 13th Talent Exhibition 12 To add to the feel of the 75th Anniversary celebrations, most of our visiting preachers are past ministers and church members. A FootnoteThree Pastors were having lunch together at a diner. The first Pastor said, "Ya know, since summer started Ive been having trouble with mice in my church. Ive tried everything -- noise, spray, cats -- nothing seems to scare them away.The second Pastor then said "Yea, me too. Ive got hundreds living in the basement of the church. Ive set traps and even called an expert to get rid of them, yet they still wont go away."With a grin on his face, the third Pastor said, "I had the same problem so I baptized all mine and made them members of the church... Havent seen one back since!!!" 20
  23. 23. CHURCH ORGANISATIONSDay Organisation Contact PhoneSunday10.25 am Sunday Club Mike Duke 8462 5103Weekdays9.15 - 12.00 pm Pre School Group Jayne Carvell 07913 299773Monday2.30 & 7.30 pm West Wickham Carol Crouch 8462 3642 Arts Association5.45 pm Brownies Sarah Humphrey 8249 99826.30 pm Cubs Brenda Petts 8325 39568.00 pm - 1st Womens Contact Sylvia Mack 8462 1938 Mon monthly GroupTuesday2.00 pm Womens Fellowship Linda Jennings 07778 2385876.00 - 8.00 pm Weight Watchers Area Office 0845 345 15007.15 pm Scouts Paul Hasling 3236 0083Wednesday5.00 pm Rainbows Tania Venables 8462 97596.00 pm Beavers Brenda Petts 8325 39566.30 pm Worship Group Bill Michie 8658 41676.45 pm Slimming World Val 0750 60150647.30 pm Explorers Tom Strachan 07745 813 295Thursday5.30 pm Brownies Stevie Blair. 8325 34697.15 - 8.45 pm Rangers Georgina Chappell 07983 4713088.00 pm - 3rd Mens Group Bruce Tannock 8325 6264 Thu monthlyFriday9.00 - 12.00 pm Coffee morning during term times2.00 pm Mothers & Toddlers Judith Stoner 8462 30236.30 pm Guides Teresa Cheyne 8777 60427.30 pm Choir Martin Nunn 8462 5918Saturday2.30 pm Saturday Fellowship Martin Nunn 8462 5918
  24. 24. Final Thought Prayer for Christian Aid Week Tender God, this Christian Aid Week, teachus to open our eyes and hearts to see andfeel the injustices which surround us.Let us learn to weep with the grieving, toembrace the outcast, to speak out for thesilenced.Strengthen us, so that we may act in loveand in celebration of the gift of life you offerus all.May our lives become places of healing inyour broken world.We ask you this through your Son, Jesus Christ.Amen.