Leadership Development Brochure


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Why world-class leadership development makes a difference.

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Leadership Development Brochure

  1. 1. World-ClassLeadership Development
  2. 2. Why world-class leadership development makes a difference Leadership challenges are changing: Organisations are becoming more complex Leaders are spending shorter time in roles Todays leaders have responsibilities that span national The average time in a leadership role has reduced boundaries, organisation groups, joint ventures and strategic to between 12 and 18 months. Leaders are now expected alliances. Organisations are increasingly becoming more to deliver more in less time. Organisations are quick matrixed and exceptional performance is no longer achieved to dismiss those leaders who dont respond quickly by working in silos. to new challenges. Modern organisations are flatter and thinner The impact of leaders is increasing There are fewer levels and greater gaps between each Through indirect and virtual teams, each leaders role so leaders need to be ready to make significant leaps sphere of influence and impact stretches right across and deliver results immediately. There is no longer the the organisation. The cost of being average is now far opportunity for leaders to develop in incremental stages. greater than ever before. World-class organisations have already risen to meet these challenges. Their leadership development is more focused, delivers results faster and on a more sustainable basis.No organisation can afford to make do with mediocreperformance. Great leadership liberates great performance.But moving your leaders from average to world-classin todays challenging environment requires a morefocused approach to leadership development. And the results? People who work for an excellent leader are prepared Fortunes Most Admired Companies believe in leadership to put in between 30 and 40% more discretionary effort. development. They focus more time and energy on developing leaders than average organisations do – and they have Research has shown that excellent leadership delivers differentially superior share price returns as a result. increased innovation, faster implementation of new strategies, products and services, better decisions, Developing leaders has an excellent rate of return. more accountability - and a greater contribution According to Harvard Business School, leaders account from your workforce. for up to 41% of a companys profitability.
  3. 3. Making world-class leadersHay Group works with world-class organisations to undertake leadership developmentthat is distinct in four key areas.1 3 Knowing how to make the biggest impact on performance Understanding what drives behaviour Leaders in average organisations know their strengths and weaknesses. Their leadership development Average organisations use psychometrics to help their leaders understand their own preferences is focused on overcoming these weaknesses by capitalising on their strengths. and ways of working. Leaders in world-class organisations know much more than just their strengths and weaknesses. Leaders within world-class organisations have a much deeper understanding of what makes them tick. They also understand how these impact on the performance of the people around them. They get Like their counterparts in average organisations, they know what their natural preferences are but they improved results faster by knowing where the biggest opportunities are to improve performance and also know why they are good at some things and not others. Knowing why enables them to create a they concentrate their leadership development efforts there. game plan for how to develop in certain areas. By doing this they are more likely to achieve sustainable change and adapt their self image quickly when changing roles. “Ive had feedback many times, over many years, but it has been easy to say, I know that. Its just me. “I always knew I wasnt very good at giving feedback and coaching, but I never knew why. This has This time is different. I cant ignore it because I know the impact my behaviour has on other people been, for me, the missing foundation that Ive needed for finally achieving progress, enabling me to and their performance.” give significantly better feedback and coaching.”2 4 Understanding the unique requirements of the role Developing a leadership culture Leaders in average organisations know the competencies necessary for them to succeed. They have a Average organisations spend a great deal of time and money developing their leaders. But as an customised, organisation wide competency model and their leaders are assessed and developed against it. organisation they still value individual contribution over and above leading and developing others. World-class organisations do much more. They understand that the same competency can look very World-class organisations do more than just develop individual leaders. They create a culture that different in each role e.g. a turnaround line role vs a strategic functional role; that a leader who dazzles values leadership by consistently promoting, hiring and rewarding for leadership excellence. Their in one role may well fall flat in the next. They therefore also match the behavioural traits of their leaders demonstrate their commitment to develop others - they know how to give feedback, to coach leaders to the specific challenges of their particular role. and to refine anothers behaviour. Leadership culture is the single most important factor in sustaining leadership in world-class organisations. “Moving to a line role from a support role was a huge challenge for me. By really understanding what “We really began to see the difference when we stopped just talking about it and started to value leadership I had to do differently, I was able to deliver results more quickly.” as an organisation. Now people actually get promoted for developing others and being a ‘good leader’.” Av er ag e perf ormance is e xpensiv e R esear c h has f ound that in high comple xity r oles outstanding perf ormer s deliv er an additional 48% acr oss perf ormance metr ics compar ed to a v er ag e perf ormer s. Source: Hunter, Sc hmidt , J udiesc h Source: Hunter,
  4. 4. Why Hay Group?Hay Groups Leadership Impact Analysis is the only Hay Group has expertise in both leadership developmentdiagnostic tool that measures the impact that leaders and culture change. Using our proprietary diagnostichave on performance and benchmarks this against Culture Sort we can help you identify the strategies,world-class standards. values, systems and processes within your organisation that undermine leadership.Hay Group is the only organisation that usesinstruments to help leaders understand why they have Hay Group has the most extensive leadership databasescertain preferences and why they are better at some in the world, based on years of study and analysis ofthings than others. Based on pioneering research by Dr over 65,000 global executives. We dont just guess –David McCelland and Hay Group into the underlying we know exactly what it is that the best leaders do.relationship between motivation and performance,Hay Group has developed a unique Motive Profile tohelp leaders gain an in-depth understanding of whatdrives their behaviour. Hay Group has the experience, expertise and incomparable diagnostic tools to help organisations undertake leadership development that will lift them from average to world-class.We work with leading-edge researchers and practitioners Hay Groups experience is not confined to leadership. Wein the field; Daniel Goleman and Richard Hackman amongst are also experts in organisational design, reward andothers. We are also proud to work alongside organisations performance management. We can work on every aspect ofsuch as Harvard University and Fortune, revealing insights, developing a culture that supports excellent leadership nowdeveloping theories and world-class practices. and in the future.Hay Group designs bespoke solutions. Our approach takes Hay Group has combined the rigour of Hay Group Jobaccount of your current and desired culture. We recognise Evaluation with the robustness of McBer Competencies tothat in some cases development is driven by urgent develop the Hay Group Leadership Roadmap. This recognisesperformance objectives and in others by continuous the unique challenges of individual types and levels of rolesimprovement - our solutions have the flexibility to and the competencies needed to succeed within them. Itaccommodate both. provides a clear and straightforward way to match your leaders against the critical roles within your organisation.
  5. 5. Hay Group UK OUR WORLDWIDE OFFICESuk_enquiry@haygroup.comwww.haygroup.co.uk Argentina India Thailand Buenos Aires New Delhi Bangkok Australia Indonesia TurkeyHead Office Brisbane Jakarta Istanbul33 Grosvenor Place MelbourneLondon Ireland United Arab SydneySW1X 7HG Dublin EmiratesTel: 020 7856 7000 Austria Dubai IsraelFax: 020 7856 7100 Vienna Tel Aviv United Kingdom Belgium Italy Birmingham Brussels Milan BristolMidlands Rome Glasgow2635 Kings Court Brazil London Sao Paulo JapanThe Crescent Manchester TokyoBirmingham Business Park Canada WindsorBirmingham Calgary Malaysia United StatesB37 7YE Edmonton Kuala Lumpur Arlington, VATel: 0121 770 9080 Halifax Montreal Mexico AtlantaFax: 0121 770 1570 Boston Ottawa Mexico City Regina Charlotte, NC Toronto The Netherlands ChicagoNorth of England Vancouver Zeist DallasSovereign House Kansas City, MO12-18 Queen Street Chile New Zealand Los Angeles Santiago Auckland New York MetroManchester Wellington NorwalkM2 5HS China PhiladelphiaTel: 0161 835 2540 Hong Kong Norway San Francisco MetroFax: 0161 835 2616 Shanghai Oslo Venezuela Colombia Poland Caracas Bogota WarsawScotlandSkypark Costa Rica Portugal8 Elliot Place San Jose LisbonGlasgow Czech Republic RussiaG3 8EP Prague MoscowTel: 0141 226 5855Fax: 0141 204 5021 Finland Singapore Helsinki Slovakia France BratislavaSouth West LilleHubbard Wing Lyon South AfricaLeigh Court Paris SandownAbbots Leigh StrasbourgBristol Spain Germany BarcelonaBS8 3RJ Berlin MadridTel: 01275 813 600 FrankfurtFax: 01275 813 601 Munich Sweden Greece Stockholm Athens SwitzerlandThames Valley Hungary ZurichPilgrim House Budapest2-6 William StreetWindsorSL4 1BATel: 01753 841 234Fax: 01753 841 071 A larger type version is available on request