2    View Point    ViewPoint I Reward in a downturn    High potential    employees    your organization’s treasured asset ...
2   ViewPoint I High potential employees       Screening for high potential       Even best-of-breed organizations sometim...
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High Potential Employees


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Plan a suitable development path and effective growth experiences that will stretch your high potentials.

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High Potential Employees

  1. 1. 2 View Point ViewPoint I Reward in a downturn High potential employees your organization’s treasured asset Nothing stays the same–ever–and your current leaders won’t be around forever. So who are the people who will lead your organization in the future? Having identified them, how do you develop and retain them? Which critical activities will provide the right experience for the fastest Plan a suitable development path growth and development? and effective growth experiences that will stretch your high potentials Identify, develop and retain With a track record going back more than 60 years, Hay Group helps High calibre organizations develop their pipeline of future leaders. Using proven breakthrough methodologies, Hay Group ensures that high potential individuals employees are identified, developed and retained to the benefit of both the organization and the individual. At the same time, ignoring, or poorly need nurturing managing your high potentials can cripple your ability to executive your business strategy: if they are to he best companies for managing high potential talent consistently n t achieve their outperform peers in return on share price full potential. n the top 20 per cent of the world’s most admired companies spend significantly more time identifying and managing their high potentials n n ext generation leaders (Millennials, Gen Y’s) want more challenge and growth opportunities and will go to the organizations that provide it – they will stick around as long they are getting continuous development. ©2012 Hay Group. All rights reserved
  2. 2. 2 ViewPoint I High potential employees Screening for high potential Even best-of-breed organizations sometimes confuse excellent performance with exceptional leadership potential. Yet in the same way that the best n understand other people These characteristics are less easy sales people do not always make the to acquire, and, as a result, are an n are eager to learn best sales managers, the best team excellent indicator of potential and leaders are not necessarily the best n xhibit emotional resilience e of considerable value in many senior organizational leaders. in the face of a challenge leadership positions. People with these characteristics think about the big Hay Group research identifies four n ave a strategic perspective about h strategic questions, stretch themselves growth characteristics of high potential their own work in relation to others to work at the edge of their capabilities individuals. They: and to the organization and bring out the best in others. Growing your high potentials High calibre individuals need nurturing if they are to achieve their full potential. Choosing appropriate growth path and effective growth experiences experiences while mitigating the risks that will stretch your high potentials and M anagers too are of moving people too quickly or into in accelerate their career trajectory. critical to successful appropriate roles is both an art and a skill. We don’t stop there. Managers too high potential Hay Group addresses the strategy first. are critical to successful high potential We determine the specific demands development. Hay Group works with development and capabilities for the current and you to develop strong line management future critical roles that will drive your support, providing the tools, training business strategy. Only then can you and coaching skills that will push high confidently plan a suitable development potential employees further, faster. The continuous don’t provide them, someone else will. n job analysis and development planning Hay Group provides organizations with tools using Hay Group’s exclusive role learning culture the input they need to create effective profile model that we have used to To maintain the momentum of growth, retention strategies and to identify identify leaders for more than 50 years Hay Group provides diagnostics to assess those people who may be at most risk n o nline leadership tools including the conditions to sustain a culture of of leaving. leadership styles, organizational climate, continuous learning and consulting support to close identified gaps. This Reach maximum potential motives and values assessments and with Hay Group personality feedback includes addressing self-managed learning, knowledge sharing capabilities, Hay Group works with organizations n online and classroom-based innovation, experimentation and the all over the world and in all sectors leadership courses provision of stretching job experiences. to identify, retain and develop those n customized leadership development individuals with the highest potential programs to help people succeed in Retaining high for future leadership. We deploy: their current roles potential people n creening tools such as our own s n organizational diagnostics including The best people are ambitious people, ‘growth factors index’ and ‘talent a Learning Culture Inventory and always seeking new challenges. If you benchmarking audit’ customized employee surveys. For more information: www.atrium.haygroup.com ©2012 Hay Group. All rights reserved