ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions FIZ Karlsruhe


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ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions FIZ Karlsruhe

  1. 1. Elke Müller FIZ Karlsruhe ICIC Vienna October 15, 2013
  2. 2. 2 STN continues to extend its Asian patent collection with full-text databases Multinational Patent Databases National Patent Databases INPADOCDB / INPAFAMDB KOREAPAT CAPLUS JAPIO WPINDEX Full-text Patent Databases CNFULL JPFULL INFULL
  3. 3. 3 Recent expansions of Derwent World Patents Index® coverage improve access to Southeast Asian patent information Country Added coverage in Derwent World Patents Index Indonesia (ID) A - Application S - Simple Patent Malaysia (MY) Backfile coverage extended to 2005 Thailand (TH) Enhanced coverage For further information on patent coverage in Derwent World Patent Index, see: http://www.stn-international.com/pkcodes.html
  4. 4. 5 Calculated expiration dates in INPADOC help focus your search to “in-force” patents  For granted publications of 30 major patent authorities  Available for 97% of all granted patents since 1980  More than 400 rules operate behind the scenes  Patent laws and patent law changes reflected  Determination of earliest effective filing date Learn more in INPADOC News 2013/01: http://www.stn-international.com/inpadoc_news_201301.html
  5. 5. 6 Example: Calculated expiration date search => FILE INPADOCDB Expiration date (/XPD) => S C12N0015-79+NT/IPC,CPC AND XPD>20130201 after 1st Feb 2013. L1 47980 C12N0015-79+NT/IPC,CPC AND XPD>20130201 => D ALL L3 AN ANSWER ... OF 47980 INPADOCDB COPYRIGHT 2013 EPO/FIZ KA on STN 60850048 INPADOCDB ED 20120830 EW 201235 UP 20120830 UW 201235 . . . . PI AU 2010200666 B2 20120816 English PIT AUB2 PATENT PRECEEDED BY A or PATENT PROCEEDED BY OPI . . . DAV 20120816 printed-with-grant STA GRANTED AU 2010200666 B2 is a AI AU 2010-200666 A 20100223 divisional patent with an AIT AUA Patent application effective PRAI AU 2004-213869 A 20040220 (AUA3, 20100408, N) filing date of AU 2010-200666 A 20100223 (AUA, 20100408, Feb 2004. 20th N) US 2003-371877 A 20030220 (USA, 20070301, Y) PRAIT AUA3 Prior application claimed for a division USA Patent application XPD 20240220 IPCI C12N0009-10 [I,A]; C12N0015-79 [I,A] CPC C12N0015-1082; C12N0009-1051; C12N0015-79 AB The present invention relates to eukaryotic host cells having . . . .
  6. 6. 9 Additional enhancements highlight new content and features  IMSPATENTS ‒ Improved STN standardization of patent publication numbers, ‒ Structure images for components of pharmaceutical mixtures  Agriculture Online Access (AGRICOLA) ‒ Simultaneous left and right truncation (SLART) added ‒ Numeric property search (NPS) available  Petroleum Abstracts database (TULSA/TULSA2) ‒ New version of Thesaurus ‒ DOIs added ‒ Numeric property search (NPS) available  CAB Abstracts database (CABA) ‒ New version of Thesaurus ‒ Completely re-indexed by the producer ‒ Over 400,000 DOIs added ‒ Numeric property search (NPS) available
  7. 7. 10 Example CABA: rape seed biofuels produced at low temperature => s biofuels+nt,rt/ct L1 61468 BIOFUELS+NT,RT/CT Benefit from thesaurus: (13 TERMS) include narrower and => s l1 and (oilseed or raps or rape or rapa) related terms in your query L2 1117 L1 AND (OILSEED OR RAPS OR RAPE OR RAPA) => s l2 and reaction (3a) temperature (3a) 18-25C/temp L3 2 L2 AND L3 Limit the reaction => D BIB KWIC temperature to 18-25°C. L3 ANSWER 1 OF 2 CABA COPYRIGHT 2013 CABI on STN. . . . TI Biodiesel production by low temperature lipase catalyzed transesterification. AU Zhang XueLin; Tang XiangHua; Li JunJun; Song Tuo; Mu YueLin; Xu Bo; Yang YunJuan; Huang ZunXi; Zhang, X. L.; . . . SO China Oils and Fats (2013), Volume 38, Number 2, pp. 6668, 9 refs. CY China LA Chinese AB . . . transesterification were studied by single factor experiment and orthogonal experiment. The results showed that the optimal conditions were as follows: reaction temperature 20ーC, reaction time 12 h, molar ratio of methanol to oil 4:1, dosage of lipase 105 U/g and water dosage 20%. Under . . . CT biodiesel; biofuels; energy sources; enzymes; fatty acid . . .
  8. 8. 11 Enhanced STN alert functionality and biomedical content support pharmacovigilance searches • Enhancements in biomedical content improve search efficiency – EMBAL (EMBASE Alerts) and EMBASE enhanced – SLART added to ADIS files • Alert enhancements make it easier to set up and deliver critical current awareness information – RSS delivery of SDI results – Weekly SDI packages – SDI STANDARD – streamlined SDI set-up • New pharmacovigilance cluster (PV) allows fast and easy database selection
  9. 9. 12 FIZ AutoDoc as part of STN‘s full-text solution offers delivery capabilities of multiple individual suppliers German Suppliers TIB Hannover BLDSC INIST ETH Zürich FIZ AutoDoc Bentham Science Publishers new payper-view suppliers (for Swiss Customer Publishers Infotrieve Reprints Desk LexisNexis Univentio new supplier for patents
  10. 10. Please visit us at our booth! Thank you for your attention. For more information … CAS help@cas.org Support and Training: www.cas.org FIZ Karlsruhe helpdesk@fiz-karlsruhe.de Support and Training: www.stn-international.de