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ICIC 2013 Conference Proceedings Kim Zwollo Rights Direct
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ICIC 2013 Conference Proceedings Kim Zwollo Rights Direct


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Use of professional information and copyright compliance: Challenges for research driven companies …

Use of professional information and copyright compliance: Challenges for research driven companies
Kim Zwollo (RightsDirect, Neatherlands)
How do international copyright rules govern the reuse of scientific and other types of content in the corporate environment? Which are the most outstanding trends in copyright law worldwide affecting both the creation of scientific and technical information and its use in businesses? What are the main copyright-related challenges for content users and scientific information professionals, and how can research companies provide their researchers and other employees with easy and copyright-compliant ways to access and share content?

The presentation will provide answers to these questions. Its first section will give an overview of the international framework of copyright with special emphasis on European regulations, followed by an analysis of the various trends in copyright law and business models that will shape the landscape of scientific information dissemination and use in the coming years. The second section will address the ways in which scientific and other types of content is used in multinational companies, with particular reference to digital information workflows in research driven industries, and the challenges from the copyright perspective. Finally, the third section will examine some of the solutions that corporations can apply to ensure that information sharing practices are smooth, efficient and copyright compliant.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Use of Professional Information and Copyright Compliance Challenges for Research-Driven Companies Kim Zwollo, General Manager, RightsDirect ICIC 2013, Vienna
  • 2. Agenda 1. Who is RightsDirect / CCC? 2. Market research on corporate content sharing behavior 3. How to become “copyright compliant” 4. Text and Data mining Pilot
  • 3. Who is RightsDirect/CCC? 10/21/2013
  • 4. Copyright Clearance Center: Making Copyright Work Rights Licenses Rightsholders Content Users $$$ • 35,000 companies 600+ million rights from: • Publishers • Employees worldwide • Authors • Users in 180 countries • Creators 10/21/2013     Licensing Solutions Rights Management Content Delivery Copyright Education
  • 5. Content Use at Work 10/21/2013
  • 6. Weekly Content Sharing 81% share with their immediate teams 75% regularly receive content from peers © Outsell, Inc. All rights reserved. 10/21/2013
  • 7. Sharing Content Weekly ….. and often daily Immediate team 81% Colleagues within 57% Executives 52% Business Partners 29% Clients 28% International Colleagues © Outsell, Inc. All rights reserved. 7 22%
  • 8. Ways People Share Content Method % Email attachments 87% Link in an email 67% Cut content from source and insert in email 48% Photocopy, print-out 37% Intranet, wiki, shared network 24% Collaboration software 11% © Outsell, Inc. All rights reserved. 8
  • 9. Copyright Awareness in the Workplace 56% lack policy or awareness 5% Aware of copyright policy 19% 44% Unsure policy details Don't know of policy 32% © Outsell, Inc. All rights reserved. 9 No policy
  • 10. Workers Have Conflicting Views 92% say it’s important to protect their organization’s Intellectual Property. 65% believe that if they get free information online or in print, they’re free to share it. © Outsell, Inc. All rights reserved. 10
  • 11. Common Copyright Challenges Employees Don’t Understand Copyright Rules • See online content as free to share • Assume subscriptions can be forwarded • Unsure if permission is needed and how to get it • Copyright varies across countries 11
  • 12. How to become: “copyright compliant”? 10/21/2013
  • 13. Options to Minimize Risk Restrict content access 13
  • 14. Options to Minimize Risk Negotiate multiple licenses 14
  • 15. Options to Minimize Risk One license, comprehensive rights 15
  • 16. Our Solution exists of 3 parts….: Multinational Copyright License: more than 600 million rights from 12,000 global publishers. Collaborate with other licensed companies to exchange published information. On Copyright Education: Helps employees understand the basics of copyright and their responsibilities RightSphere: Rights advisory software tool for employees to instantly check permissions online
  • 17. Copyright Compliance: 5 recommendations: • Appoint a copyright expert • Create (or update…) a copyright policy • Communicate the policy within the organization • Educate staff about copyright and content use • Provide effective licensing solutions
  • 18. Text and Data Mining Pilot 10/21/2013
  • 19. Some practical T&DM challenges…. • How to get access to the “widest body of content”? • Is it legally allowed to text-mine subscriptions? • How to get access/rights for unsubscribed content? • How to get the correct structured XML data? In summary: how to handle: – Permissions – Unsubscribed content and rights – Structured XML data From ALL publishers? 19 10/21/2013
  • 20. Publisher 1 Company A TDM pilot: Helping TDM Researchers Company C Company B Publisher 2 Publisher 3 10/ 21/ 20 201 3 The service is designed to be used in conjunction with existing enterprise text mining systems.
  • 21. CCC’s Text and Data Mining Service: Features • Search and access multiple STM publishers’ full-text archives via web interface or RESTful API • Obtain a standard license for all content • Create result sets including articles from existing subscriptions and unsubscribed articles • Download result sets in normalized XML format 21 10/21/2013
  • 22. TDM Pilot Roadmap Initial Pilot Release Pilot End • December • Decision to begin publisher outreach. • May - Web UI • August Enhancements API Release • October 2013 • Additional user testing 22 10/21/2013 Commercial Release • Content Purchase capability • Timing 2014 TBD
  • 23. Thank you! …. questions? Kim Zwollo, General Manager, RightsDirect Tel +31 20 312 0437