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Protecting Your Internet Brand






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Protecting Your Internet Brand Protecting Your Internet Brand Presentation Transcript

  • BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Entrepreneurship Day in Idaho April 14, 2011 Brad Frazer Hawley Troxell Protecting Your Internet Brand
    • Discuss “brand.”
    • Obtain domain names.
    • Trademark issues.
    • Building value and goodwill.
    • Internet-specific branding issues.
    • “ The set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. If the consumer (whether it’s a business, a buyer, a voter or a donor) doesn’t pay a premium, make a selection or spread the word, then no brand value exists for that consumer.” Seth Godin
    • “ The intangible sum of a product's attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it's advertised.” David Ogilvy
    • In the old days . . .
      • Brand was tightly controlled
      • Consisted of the trademarks and maybe one or two other elements, like:
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
    • Now . . .
      • Brand is limited in scope only by your imagination.
      • Careful policing is necessary.
      • Consider T-shirt hypothetical.
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
    • Domain Name and Website, including URLs Link
    • Facebook page(s) Link
    • Twitter account Link
    • LinkedIn Link
    • Blogs
      • Personal Link
      • Corporate
    • Videos and Photos Link
    • Search Engine Presence Link
    • SoMe “800-pound Gorillas”
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • “ Exit Strategy” Philosophy
    • Objective it to build a strong defensible brand (including all the elements of brand).
    • Fringe benefit is the impact of the process on your exit strategy for the company.
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • What are trademarks?
    • A trademark or service mark is any word, slogan, logo, symbol, sound, color, smell, or other item that serves as a means of commercial source identification of a product or service.
    • E.g., Nike, Coke, Geico Gecko, Color Blue
    • “ Trademark” is not a verb.
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Use and Registration
    • Trademark Rights Accrue Through Use
    • Registration:
      • State
      • Federal
      • International
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • [email_address]
  • [email_address]
  • [email_address]
  • What are domain names?
    • A domain name correlates words to a numeric identifier called an “IP Address” that tells your web browser where to look for a particular web site.
    • Top-level domains, e.g., .com and .net.
    • Second-level domains, e.g., “Amazon.”
    • Registration issues
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Are trademarks and domain names the same thing?
    • Amazon.com is both.
    • HawleyTroxell.com is not.
    • What about Golden Acres Retirement Community, whose website URL is boiseretirement.com?
    • A trademark is a state of mind.
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Why is Internet branding and trademark protection important? Discussion . . .
  • [email_address]
  • [email_address]
  • [email_address]
  • Moral of the Story:
    • Be Aware
    • Be Proactive
    • Failure to do so leads to loss of brand, goodwill, and valuation.
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • How to Choose Trademarks and Domain Names
    • Hint: Google, Kazaa, Skype, Twitter
    • Choose fanciful names that you can both protect as a trademark and register as a domain name.
    • Problem with descriptiveness, e.g., Facebook.
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Due Diligence, or, “Do You Know Who’s Using Your Brand?”
    • “ Due Diligence” means employing tools to search and monitor how your brands and marks are being used on the Internet by:
      • Competitors
      • Resellers
      • Pirates
    • Mark Monitor
    • Attributor Link
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Enforcement (“Protect the Brand”)
    • TM infringement lawsuits
      • Touchstone: likelihood of confusion
    • UDRP and Cybersquatting
      • Touchstone: bad faith
    • AUP
    • Crowdsource it!
    • Right of Publicity and Right of Privacy
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • So, who owns “microsoftsucks.com?” Another example:
  • bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875 From a WHOIS search at nsi.com: Domain microsoftsucks.com: Secaucus Group Inc PTY 4684 BOX 0843-03073 Balboa, Ancon 0000 PA Administrative contact: Technical contact: Billing contact: Secaucus Group Inc Domain Administrator dparisi@garden.net PTY 4684, BOX 0843-03073 Balboa, Ancon 0000 PA Phone: +1.2157163164 Fax: Record dates: Record created on: 1998-05-21 04:00:00 UTC Record modified on: 2009-09-12 00:41:43 UTC Record expires on: 2011-05-20 UTC
  • The “Picket Fence” Defense
    • gTLDs—good Link
      • But beware, e.g., .xxx
    • ccTLDs—better Link
      • But beware, e.g., .co
    • Beware front running
    • I like Moniker!
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Google Adwords Keywords
    • What are they? Link
    • Your using third-party marks and brands
    • Others using your marks and brands
    • Issues: Is it trademark infringement?
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”)
    • Find the “800-pound Gorillas”
    • Legal issues: beware claims of cybersquatting and trademark infringement.
    • The “Terri Welles” defense
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Memes, Viral Marketing and SoMe
    • Memes and Viral Video:
      • Blair Witch; OK Go “White Knuckles” Video
    • Viral Marketing
      • Old Spice Guy Video
    • Social Media
      • Facebook usage
      • Twitter usernames Link
      • MMORPGs
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Take-Aways
    • Own Your Internet Brand
    • Police Your Internet Brand
    • Enforce and Protect Your Internet Brand
    • Maximize Value in Your Internet Brand
    • Sell(?) Your Brand
    bfrazer@hawleytroxell.com 208.388.4875
  • Conclusion and Q&A Brad Frazer [email_address] 208.388.4875 @bfrazjd