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  1. 1. The Week That Was!• Every Friday we are going to ask different children to write on the blog and reflect on the learning that has happened during the week.
  2. 2. What makes a good inquiry question?In Tim‟s workshop on Tuesday, we looked at whatmakes a good inquiry question?We had to made up inquiry questions on theboard. It was how can we reduce our schools waterconsumption? Then we had to decide whatquestions would help us to understand moreabout our inquiry. By Jasmine.
  3. 3. Ultranet Workshop• On Tuesday with Meredith‟s Ultranet Workshop, we learnt how to write a comment on a message board. A message board is a collaborative space where people can write comments and others can respond to them. We wrote a response to the blog question: “Should there be a Tax on Junk Food?”• Another thing we learnt in the workshop was how to add a page on the “Wiki”. A Wiki is a big space where you can make a lot of pages and put different things on it.• We added a Learning Goal page, and a Reflection page.• From Meredith‟s workshop we learnt how to add pages on a Wiki and how to write a comment on a Message Board!• By Ana
  4. 4. Co-operative Games WorkshopThis week with Mike we did co-operative games.It was hard to do some of the games becausesome of the other people didn‟t cooperate orlisten.The human knot and the multiple standing gameswere the hardest to do because of those reasons.My favourite was the balancing game becausepeople didn‟t make to much noise and peoplelistened. All in all it was really fun.Isabel
  5. 5. Target Heart Rate Workshop• On Tuesday we had a maths workshop with Tony on our pulse and heart rate.• We did a couple of activities and then checked our pulse for our BPM (beats per minute) and found out our maximum BPM.• There were two ways to check our pulse. One was on our neck. One was near our wrist.
  6. 6. District Swimming Sports• On Thursday the 1st of March we had a district swimming carnival at Fitzroy swimming pool.• We competed against other schools to go to the next level which is Division. We had a number of people from our school that competed . A lot of our students got through to the next level .Good luck people who got through to Division!!!!• Simona Monique and Lexi
  7. 7. Poker Face: Place value gameToday we learnt to play a card game about place value called PokerFace. Meredith taught us how to play. Firstly you had to get into agroup of 3, 4 or 5. Then you dealt out the cards. Each player got 4cards. The ace represented 1 and there were no 10‟s kings, queens.Jacks and the jokers had a value of 0. The aim of the game was to getthe highest 4 digit number. You don‟t want the other players to seeyour cards. You can snatch cards off other people and give them one ofyour cards in return. You would probably give them your lowest cardbecause you want the highest number. You can also get a card from thedeck and put one of your cards down in return. You can also play thegame with the aim to get the lowest 4 digit number if you prefer. Youcan choose a time the game ends or when the deck has run out of cards.When the game is over you all lay out your cards. By Payam and Caitlin.M
  8. 8. Persuasive Writing• This week we learnt more things about a how to make a good persuasive text. We planned and wrote persuasive texts on the topic “Summer is better than Winter”. We used emotive language to emphasise our view. The more experienced writers, got on the Ultranet and wrote an „chain‟ persuasive text. First Meredith wrote one sentence and we continued by making comments to the first. It was fun and challenging. Sam