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Global warming
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Global warming


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Presented by : Hawkar Obiad …

Presented by : Hawkar Obiad
get it from : Tanya Sharma
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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Presented By : HAWKAR OBIAD
  • 2. Contents:What is Global Warming? Causes of Global Warming. Effects of Global Warming. . Effects of Global Warming in the future.
  • 3. Global warming relates to the increase in the averagetemperature of the Earthssurface that has beenobserved in recent years,and it is projected tocontinue. It is debated as towhether this is a naturaloccurrence or whetherhuman activity has impactedor accelerated it. ...
  • 4. Global warming is caused by several things, which includeman-made or anthropogeniccauses, and global warming isalso caused by natural causes.There are many causes, some are as follows:Natural Causes Man-made Causes of Global Warming
  • 5. Natural causes are causes that are created by nature.One natural cause is arelease of methane gas fromarctic tundra and wetlands.Methane is a greenhousegas and a very dangerousgas to our environment. Agreenhouse gas is a gas thattraps heat in the earthsatmosphere. Another naturalcause is that the earth goesthrough a cycle of climatechange. This climate changeusually lasts about 40,000years.
  • 6. Man-made causes probably do the most damage to our planet.There are many man-madecauses of global warming.Pollution is one of the biggestman-made problems. Pollutioncomes in many shapes andsizes. Burning fossil fuels is onething that causes pollution.Fossil fuels are fuels made oforganic matter such as coal, oroil.
  • 7. Global warming will have serious impacts on the environment and on society. Higher temperatures will causea melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica. This willaccelerate the rise of sea level. The speed at which globalwarming is expected to occur in the 21st century is fasterthan most plant and animal species will be able to cope with.Some will adapt but others will suffer and may becomeextinct.
  • 8. If a picture is worth a  thousand words … Before the warming: Glacier National Park, USA 1932 After the warming: Glacier National Park, USA 1988
  • 9. Before the warming:  Peru, 1980 After the warming:  Peru, 2002
  • 10. Before the warming:  Kilimanjaro, 1970 After the warming:  Kilimanjaro, 2000
  • 11. Before the warming:  Nepal, 1978 After the warming:  Nepal, 2004