Partnering with the Petco Foundation


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Petco Foundation’s National Grants and Disaster Relief Manager Susan Rosenberg presents on the organization’s grant making priorities and compassion for community cats and how your organization can benefit.

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Partnering with the Petco Foundation

  1. 1. History       Petco founded in 1965 Petco Foundation created in 1999 Paul Jolly appointed as Director in 2000 We have raised over $115 million We support the efforts of over 8000 animal welfare organizations including Trap Neuter Return Helped over 4 million pets and feral cats
  2. 2. Rejoicing in the bond between pets and people Our mission is to raise the quality of life for pets and people who love and need them We accomplish this by: Creating responsible pet owners Reducing the number of animals euthanized Rescuing animals in crisis Rehabilitating behavioral issues in pets
  3. 3.  Applying Applying for Support
  4. 4. Applying for Support Now you can do it On-line      Click on “Apply for Support Now” Click on Create a New Account This will take you to the website where you either Create a New Account or enter in your previous account information Submit a Letter of Inquiry
  5. 5. How I Can Help You at the      Stationary adoption center product donations Disaster relief donations Abandoned animals at Petco medical funding Petco Foundation grants For breed rescue, hoarding or seizures and TNR
  6. 6. Types of Grants Available     4 “R” s Project Support  Adoption  Spay/Neuter-TNR  Traps/Medical  Event Sponsorships Product Donations  Disaster  Colony Feeding  General Support We Are Family Too  Food Banks  Foster Programs  Vet Assistance Capital Gifts
  7. 7. Sponsorships      Allow at least 8-12 weeks Be specific about what you are asking Provide several opportunities to choose from Include exposure opportunities Submit online
  8. 8. Product Donations     Apply online Be specific, provide sku, quantity and Petco store location Be prepared to pick up all products at once Only products sold at Petco stores can be donated
  9. 9. Successful Applications        Well written Complete but brief Explain completely about what you are asking Recommendations from others/Petco store! Justify what you are asking Help lots of animals Project oriented
  10. 10. After you apply for Support     Be patient You can check the progress of your grant yourself/log back into your account Allow 8-12 weeks for us to review and consider All Applications for Support are notified by email
  11. 11. Application for Support General Information       There are no deadlines You may apply as often as you wish. One application at a time please Realize that larger grants are the result of funds being available and a mutual relationship being built over time We cannot fund salaries One person only applying for your organization
  12. 12. Other opportunities
  13. 13. In Store Fundraisers  Tree of Hope November-December  Spring a Pet April-May    National Spay/Neuter Fund June/July (public low cost S/N) Breeds in Need Week October  (includes TNR) Special Disaster Fundraisers as needed
  14. 14. Contacts Paul Jolly, Executive Director PETCO Foundation and Vice President PETCO 626.287.0952 Susan Rosenberg, National Grants and Disaster Relief Manager National Outreach and Workshops 858.453.7845 x3348 Beth Mars, Director of Development and Operations Fundraisers at Petco stores (619) 977-5255 Mary Ann Magana, Administrative Assistant 626-287-2679 Sharon Sayegh, Administrative Assistant 626-287-2093
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. My Adopted Family (no kidding)(except for the “bunny”) <This one came before I was spayed!
  17. 17. Thank you! You are making a difference in the lives of feral cats
  18. 18. The End