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Promote your business in Havering

  1. 1. Sponsorship Proposal The Event Sunday 18th May 2014 Havering College, Ardleigh Green Road, Hornchurch
  2. 2. A one day event to promote children’s activities in Havering Activity clubs such as swimming, dance and drama showcase their services About the event Sponsorship Proposal Our aim is to encourage young kids to be active and healthy
  3. 3. Primary and secondary school children in Havering - over 40,000 children across 70 schools Target Audience Sponsorship Proposal Providing 43 square miles of opportunities
  4. 4. Why a Kids Activity Expo? Only 51% of primary school children achieve the recommended one hour of exercise per day (UCL study. BBC news) 9.5% of primary school kids (reception year) were obese in 2011-12 (NHS Choices website) Promote an active lifestyle Sponsorship Proposal
  5. 5. What do parents say? We ran a series of focus groups with parents.... ‘ Sponsorship Proposal ‘It’s hard to get my kids away from the TV. It would be good for them to see what new activities they would enjoy ’ ‘An event like this would help us to make an informed decision’ ‘I always struggle to get hold of activity clubs, an event like this would help us to find out about activity clubs that we wouldn’t know about’ I do worry that my son doesn’t do enough exercise, this event would be perfect to encourage him’ ‘Sounds fun...would also be a nice family day out’
  6. 6. Supported by Havering School Meals who are promoting the event through local schools Engaging with local schools for support Support from the London Borough of Havering Media partners – Yellow Advertiser, Primary Times, Essex Mums Sponsorship Proposal Local Support Councillor Gillian Ford: 'Obesity levels are on the increase. Leading through example is a great way to show families how easy it really is to be fit and healthy. I am therefore pleased to support any event that highlights the benefits of health and wellbeing, not only for children but the opportunities for families to become healthier, whilst having fun!'
  7. 7. Website: Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Sponsorship Proposal Event Promotion Direct Marketing: 20,000 flyers to be distributed through schools (children’s book bags), local areas, train station leafleting Themed event meals through all primary schools, promoted by Havering School Meals
  8. 8. The Kids Activity Expo is a local community event You will be seen as supporting the local community and endorsing a healthy and active lifestyle for Children The Kids Activity Expo will be promoted to the Havering community – parents, children and key stakeholders As a main event sponsor you will be promoted to these groups, increasing your customer database, raising brand awareness and developing links with the local community Sponsorship Proposal Why sponsor the event?
  9. 9. Your logo on all of our marketing collateral flyers (over 20,000), posters, signage, e-flyers, t-shirts bags. Your name in the Yellow Advertiser – 8 weeks of editorial coverage An exhibition stand at the event Promote yourselves, competitions and offers, sell products and services -generate Return on Investment Access to database of parents that attend event* Increase your database with contact details of Expo attendees Sponsorship Proposal The sponsorship package *Subject to DPA.
  10. 10. We are looking for a Main Event Sponsorship fee of just £2,000. This cost is less than three pages in the local press A summary of what you get for your money Create a database of contacts - email to them to promote yourselves, sell products and services Your logo on our 20,000 flyers and posters, tickets, bags, t-shirts and more – raise brand awareness Support your corporate social responsibility programme – encourage kids to be active and healthy Inclusion within the 8 weeks of Yellow Advertiser coverage Sponsorship Proposal The sponsorship fee *Subject to DPA.
  11. 11. We plan to hold this event once a year, and next year it will be rolled out to other East London boroughs Join us on our journey today in working together to help our children to become active and healthy Sponsorship Proposal The Future Email: Tel: 07861 218 055