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Betc badoit cbi 40


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  • 1. BADOIT How to turn an old fashioned brand into a icon of the french “art de vivre” ? Brand reprogramming 2012 > 2013
  • 2. Background: Describe the product or service for which the CBI was developed. (50 words) BADOIT, a Danone French sparkling water brand with a strong heritage A high quality water : the finest bubbles of french fine dining // Born naturally sparkling A famous sparkling water : > Introduced in 1778 at Louis the XVIth court by his personal doctor because of its exhilarating and digestive assets > 2d brand most sold in France (after Perrier) BUT A “has been” brand : > A sparkling water renown to facilitate digestive system functioning and stuck with this unglamorous and very functiona
  • 3. The Challenge: Describe the marketing/business challenge and the objectives. (100 words) BUSINESS DECREASING > A fierce fight with Perrier and San Pellegrino its main competitors > Sparkling water market is driven by habits and it’s difficult to shift the needle (80% of consumers knows which brand to buy before being in POS° + IMAGE DEFICIENCY A “has been” brand  compared to San Pellegrino  Badoit is not anymore on hip and trendy tables/places A functional brand  Stuck with its digestive system improvement benefit  no badge value was perceived anymore
  • 4. The CBI Idea: Please describe the CBI and its execution. What was innovative in both the concept and the execution? (150 words) Brand challenge : After years of functional benefit claiming, consumers were not proud anymore to serve Badoit on their table/in society. Brand strategy : to regain status/value in the eyes of consumers. 2 “status booster” identified with CBI process : a very high quality sparkling water + a rich heritage : “since 1778” An innovative concept : an amazing springboard to leave heath old category dimension to the social dimension much more attractive An innovative execution : a challenge to reveal the extraordinary heritage of the brand without losing consumers nor being considered as old fashioned
  • 5. Did you use the CBI development tool in creating this CBI? (If yes, how did the process contribute to the development of the CBI?) After years of functional key message, CBI process was key to develop a strategy in a more emotional approach, close to consumer perception/feeling rather than “traditional Danone product effect” The CBI process was a great tool to investigate into brand DNA and prosumer “guest badge” insight that allowed us to build a brand new positioning for Badoit and make it pivot. “The champagne of water” creative business idea made Badoit reconnect its brand DNA and bring a relevant way to differentiate it regarding its competitor as the same time as positioning it in a more “social dimension” The CBI process allowed us to set in stone one single message that we could easily spread in a 360 plan and convey outside of french frontiers as Badoit is going to be launched abroad.
  • 6. PROSUMER Make everyday special There is a thirst for putting joy, fun and unexpectedness into the everyday life BRAND RELEVANCE BRAND OPPORTUNITY Badoit introduces French art de vivre’s luxury and exception into everyday life Party as the best place for a social consumption that is fun and unexpected BRAND The heritage of French art-de-vivre A joyful brand The finest taste (and bubbles) on the market A water consumed for the first time at the court of the king Louis XVI, when France had the most cultural aura in the whole world BADOIT, THE CHAMPAGNE OF WATER BRAND ADVANTAGE A whole French art de vivre heritage to dig in to meet the new expectations of consumers CATEGORY A shift in expectations From a category driven by health benefits (Badoit, Vichy Celestin) to a category where social consumption and pleasure prevails (Perrier, San Pellegrino)
  • 8. Creative Expression The brand reprogramming was set in 3 steps : 1 FIND AN ICONIC DESIGN A brand new identity through a global packaging reworking 2 BUILD A FLAGSHIP EVENT To force key opinion leader consideration 3 CREATE AN EMBLEMATIC BRAND CAMPAIGN To convey new positioning to a wide majority
  • 9. 1 AN ICONIC DESIGN (logo) < 2011 2012 To convey “water of champagne” message by : - claim the birth date “1778” - Enhance the genuine terroir of Saint Galmier - And generally adopt premium codes to drive status
  • 10. 1 AN ICONIC DESIGN (bottles) < 2011 2012 First brand media, bottles are a powerful way to illustrate the new positioning and bring status on daily tables
  • 11. 1 AN ICONIC DESIGN (bottles) At home On prestigeous tables Eventually an heraldic range tribute to water of champagne and french art of livinf in restaurant
  • 12. 2 BUILD A FLAGSHIP EVENT To force key opinion leader consideration we organized a live illustration of french art of living with Badoit in a very routine place : Paris underground. We took an emblematic chief of french modern cuisine : Thierry Marx and we asked him to create 400 gastronomic meals for Badoit which were served in a middle of underground carriage.
  • 13. 3 CREATE AN EMBLEMATIC BRAND CAMPAIGN (TVC) To convey new positioning to a wide majority we choose to imagine how Badoit was introduced for the first time in a salon at 18th century, in 1778. This TVC revisits with a modern twist the first tasting of Badoit as the same it lands champagne of water codes especially through the glasses pyramid. As legally we musn’t claim “champagne of water” we imagined this baseline : “bubbles of joy since 1778”
  • 15. 3 CREATE AN EMBLEMATIC BRAND CAMPAIGN (giant canvas) This giant canvas (750 m2) is settled just near Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on a building from 18th century to land “champagne” gestures
  • 16. 3 CREATE AN EMBLEMATIC BRAND CAMPAIGN (digital) a video on line campaign as an additionnal plan to media tv drives trafic on brand website Brand website has been customized specially for the copy to extend and enrich badoit discovering toward digital public
  • 18. 3 CREATE AN EMBLEMATIC BRAND CAMPAIGN (POS) A pop up corner in premium point of sales as a tribute to This giant canvas (750 complete range, a near Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on a brand positioning with m2) is settled just pyramide made building from 18th century to land “champagne” gestures with bottles, and « water of champagne » tasting
  • 19. 3 CREATE AN EMBLEMATIC BRAND CAMPAIGN (POS) This giant canvas (750 m2) is settled just near Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris on a Even in supermarket we displayed champagne of water concept through an island building from 18th century to land “champagne” gestures display unit with glass pyramid icon to increase business and convey status
  • 20. A CBI integrated across all media Bottle TVC POS BADOIT, THE CHAMPAGNE OF WATER EVEN T digital OOH ROLL OUT OOH / event
  • 21. Results: How did this CBI transform the brand? CBI succeeded radically make the brand pivot from a functional benefit to emotional experience for consumer. It succeeded in allowing Badoit to switch its place in category. In business, CBI blocked brand decline and allowed Badoit to renew significantly with growth (in term of revenue, share of market) and thus regain business leadership On image CBI provides Badoit a springboard to recover status and value in the eyes of consumers, and to launch Badoit on
  • 22. BUSINESS POSITIVE IMPACT + 8% of revenu in 2012 vs LY 100,4M€ of revenue exceeded for the first time + 6% of revenue during TVC flight january > april vs LY Brand reprogramming steps 1 & 2 pack design + badoit express +8%  Revenue evolution TVC +6% JAN > APRIL
  • 23. Brand reprogramming steps 1 to 3 BUSINESS POSITIVE IMPACT + 1.2 points of SOM Volume vs 2012  Evolution PDM Volume +1.2 JANVAVRIL IRI Total France HM+SM, YTD P4 2013
  • 24. GLOBAL BOTTLES’ REWORKING IMPACT + 15 points on brand identification in POS + 17 points on spontaneous impact  Brand identification in POS // before and after bottles reworking Base: Total phase (Acheteurs + Non acheteurs)  Spontaneous Témoin +15 points New Design Impact (%) Base: Total phase (Heavy Users Badoit Verte) 18 before After 1 Badoit Verte In Vivo BVA Test Pack 2011 – Danone Waters France 17 2 Badoit Rouge +17 points
  • 25. GLOBAL BOTTLES’ REWORKING IMPACT + 15 points of purchase rate  Purchase rate in POS (%) 62 47 +15 points before After In Vivo BVA Test Pack 2011
  • 26. IMAGE IMPACT : Following TVC broadcasting, we observed a significant reinforcement of key brand items : +15 points Before/aft er A great water brand +10 points Before/aft er A high quality brand Before TVC +11 points Before/aft er A brand with a strong heritage +9 points Before/aft er A brand we could find in high class restaurant After TVC Base : Familiers à la marque: Avant(166)/Pendant(123)/Après(180) © GfK 2013 Post Test Badoit | Mai 2013
  • 27. IMAGE IMPACT : Reinforcement of preference assets + 6 points Before/aft er Which is tasty Before TVC + 6 points Before/aft er + 5 points Before/aft er Which is convenient During TVC + 16 points Before/aft er Goes with fine dining Proximity After TVC Base : Familiers à la marque: Avant(166)/Pendant(123)/Après(180) © GfK 2013 Post Test Badoit | Mai 2013
  • 28. BADOIT EXPRESS RESULTS a flagship event that creates buzz event Web campaign The D-Day : 1,2M of vues on Youtube 400 consumers 15 journalists 2 national TV + 15000 fans on facebook page Media coverage More than 200 articles in national and international press 185 millions of contacts
  • 29. List all communications channels used in this campaign. How was this CBI integrated across media (online and offline) and across marketing disciplines? > Aware brand pivot TVC OOH Giant canvas digital > Relaunch attractiveness in POS Bottles and brand new identity Pop-up corner in premium POS // island display unit in supermarkets > Drive modernity Badoit Express flagship event
  • 30. Do you have your client’s permission to present this work? If so, please attach written consent. Yes but we didn’t receive it yet. We will send it as soon as we can.
  • 31. Please fill in the information below with regards to this CBI in particular: − − − − − Name of office: BETC PARIS Client: DANONE WATERS FRANCE Brand: BADOIT Category : BEVERAGES The CBI: BADOIT THE CHAMPAGNE OF WATER Marielle Durandet, BETC vice-president Christelle Fagot, BETC Associated Director Carole Pénillard, BETC Account Director Florence Bellisson, BETC Creative Director Christophe Prader, BETC DESIGN Director