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Social media in 2010 and 2011

Social media in 2010 and 2011






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    Social media in 2010 and 2011 Social media in 2010 and 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Social Media in 2010 and 2011Jez Jowett, SoMe Director
    • FactsCase StudiesFor the Future. “Social  media  is  the  on-­‐going  conversa4on  of  the  planet.     As  4me  goes  on,  it  is  my  home  on  the  internet.     It  is  my  home  page,  the  place  where  I  spend  the  most  4me.     It  is  where  I  do  business.  It  is  where  I  hang  out  with  my  friends.    It’s  where  I  find  out  about  new  movies,  television  and  products.”     Kurt  Sondregger,  VP  Marke4ng,  Ploom.  
    • Facts  about   7 Social  Media(and   why  you  care)   TIME   UK: Social networking accounts for 23% of all time spent online 1 Global: 500 billion minutes on Facebook per month (2009 =150) 2 Global: Every min, 24 hrs of videos uploaded to Youtube (2 billion views p/d) 3 Europe: 16-24 year olds cram 5hrs into 2hrs per day 41. Ofcom August 2010 UK 2. Facebook Inisights Jan 2010 3. YouTube blog, March 2010 4. Ofcom, August 2010
    • Facts  about  7 Social  Media(and   why  you  care)   AUDIENCE  Global: women spend 30% more time onsocial networks than men 1Europe: 33% of 12-24yr olds arecontacteable 24/7 2UK: adults 50+ account for more than 1/4of internet users 3 1. Ofcom August 2010 2. Comscore, July 2010 3. Daily Telegraph June 2010
    • Facts  about  7 Social  Media(and   why  you  care)   ACTIVITIES  US: 1 in 8 marriages in 2009 were peoplemeeting through social media60% ‘to keep in touch with family and friends”55% looking at people’s interests & what they’ve done 50% want to meet people with similar interests 47% to express opinions and views on a topic 20% dating / adult related 17% looking for a job / networking
    • Facts  about   7 Social  Media(and   why  you  care)   PERSUASION   UK: 90% trust friend’s recommendations UK: 70% trust stranger’s suggestions Global: 69% of all searches are Google1. Ofcom August 2010 UK 2. Simply Zest 2010 3. Simply Zest 2010 4. Techeye.net July 2010
    • Facts  about   7 Social  Media(and   why  you  care)   GROWTH   2009+: Twitter 577%, Facebook 188%, Linkedin 89%, FourSquare 2m USA: 2009 marketing budget 6%, 2010 10%, 2014 18% Global: $716m in 2009, $3.1bn in 20141. Sun Sentinel 2010 2. Simply Zest 2010 3. Forrester July 2009
    • Facts  about   7 Social  Media(and   why  you  care)   VALUE   Global: Engaged brands +18%, least -6% USA: @DellOutlet $4m Twitter revenue $3.60 - $136 Facebook fan value.1. Engadgement.db 2009 2. Everything PR 2010 3.. Marketing Pilgrim Feb 2010
    • Facts  about   7 Social  Media(and   why  you  care)   OPPORTUNITY   USA: 88% of marketers using social media for marketing Global: Search by product name increases x 2.8 after SM exposure Global: “A brand’s online reputation is directly correlated to it’s share price’1. Ofcom August 2010 UK 2. Mashable 2010 3. Business Week 2008
    • Facts Case Studies For the Future.OLD  SPICE   Above  the  line  campaign,  amplified  through  social  media  QUEENSLAND  TOURISM   PR  campaign,  amplified  through  social  media  UNITED  AIRLINES   Customer  service  disaster,  amplified  through  SM  
    • Overview Challenge: Boost the brand and re-appraisal. Context: Growth of category & competition Insight: women purchased 50% of products. Strategy: Engage men & women in a conversation Execution: Online, ATL, media , PR, social media.
    • Stage 1: Online & ATL kq20bwF(7O!XjfJ VIDEO REMOVED
    • Stage 2: Paid Media & Partnerships
    • Stage 3: Owned and Earned Media
    • UGC & viral phenomena VIDEO REMOVED
    • PR & appearances
    • The response campaign VIDEO REMOVED
    • Agile response to Influencers & Mainstream VIDEO REMOVED
    • Social results so far Day 1: 5.9m view (more than Obaama) Day 2: 8/11 top videos viewed Day 3: 20m views 1 week: 40m views Twitter: + 2700% Traffic to OldSpice.com + 300% No 1 most viewed brand channel on Youtube
    • Sales results so far. Last 6 months sales growth: + 27% (YOY) Last 3 months sales growth: + 55% (YOY) Last 1 month sales growth: + 107% (YOY)
    • Overview Challenge: Tourism Queensland visitor numbers Context: Declining tourism and recession Insight: Virtual reality programmes & SM Strategy: ‘Best Job in the World’ Execution: Online, media, events, PR, social media, UGC.
    • Online
    • Media
    • Experiential / Roadshows
    • Social Media
    • Results $400m AUD of media coverage, 3bn reach 35k video entries. 201 countries. 8m web visitors, 55m page views, 8min average
    • Overview Context: Passenger sees his guitar being mishandled Customer Service: United refused to take the blame and reimburse him Strategy: Dave carroll did what he knew best. Wrote a song. Execution: Filmed, uploaded to Youtube, blogg’d about it. Shared it.
    • The Song. VIDEO REMOVED
    • Facts Case Studies For the Future.LISTEN   INVOLVE   CREATE  CSR   VALUE  /  ROI   VIRTUAL  
    • Sugges4ons  for  the   future   (some  already  in  place)   LISTEN  Chief ListenerDevelop a listening strategyFilter the shouts and whispersCreate a dashboard for each BU
    • Sugges4ons  for  the   future   (some  already  in  place)   INVOLVE  Fans & friendsThe world’s largest focus groupNot just online, but real life eventsBehind the scenesShow them innovation and NPD
    • Sugges4ons  for  the   future   (some  already  in  place)   CREATE  Content that’s usefulie brand utilities and appsContent that’s shareableembeddable, easy to share and forwardSocial profilesReflecting your personality and service levelVideo ‘How to Paint…..’ anything!From staff, from fans, from film and music.
    • Sugges4ons  for  the   future (some  already  in  place)   CSR  Paint the WorldsResponsibly & ethically- real world, digital and virtual.TransparencyFrom source to surfaces.Prepare for a crisisIt will happen. You’ll need social media.
    • Sugges4ons  for  the   future   (some  already  in  place)   VALUE  /  ROI  Return on influence.Relationship return.Data and dashboardsData aggregation, mapping, visualisation, correlation.Contact to convert,‘The Return Generator’Propensity to purchase algorithmU objective, x channel, y spend = z return. Click.
    • For  the  Future   (on  the  horizon,  or  already  here)   VIRTUAL  WORLDS  Second Life ?World of Warcraft? Gaming. Bigger than ever.Virtual attendanceConferences, shows, special occasions. Green.Watch the future, in filmsMinority Report, Matrix, Total Recall. Avatar.
    • Thank  You    for  listening