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In the summer of 2011 Havas Sports & Entertainment led a comprehensive onsite and online study looking at fans' attitudes towards brands with respect to their involvement with music festivals across Europe.
One of the largest of its kind, completed at six major festivals across six countries and involving 2,244 surveys, the study explored who music festival goers are, their leisure habits and media consumption, as well as their attitude towards and interaction with brands at festivals.
The outcome of the study has given us some really interesting insights and statistics, notably that music fans believe that sponsors improve the festival experience. Festival goers appreciate brand involvement, and actively take part in their activations And so, sponsor brands that master the art of brand engagement to create activations that really involve music fans make the festival experience even better.
We had to condense three months of research into these, so if you want to find out more about what matters most to festival goers and how brands bring festivals to life, please contact christopher.rapaport@havas-se.com

Havas_SE European Music Festivals Sponsorship Research

  2. and sometimes even SMELLED FESTIVALS
  3. HERE’S HOW WE DID IT: 6 of the largest European AUG music festivals 2,244 surveys UST 6 countries fans UK from 30 GERMANY POL JULY AND countries 500 CE FRA N hailing from JUNE cities IT A LY SPA IN3 months in201104 | DIGGING THE DIRT ON FESTIVAL SPONSORSHIP
  4. Alongside a comparative Over 70 personal interviews 66 sponsor activationsstudy of non-festival goers conducted onsite analyzed including:
  6. Whatever the answer, here’sTHE INESCAPABLE FACT: SPONSOR without SPONSORS, most FESTIVALS couldn’t happen …and festival-goers seem to RECOGNIZE, ACCEPT, and APPRECIATE sponsors for this.
  7. Let’s meet the FESTIVAL-GOERS:54% are female are under 25 years old 64% of them ARE EMPLOYED SHOP NE ONLI They are TWICE as compared to likely to participate VS in cultural activities They spend the only 25% for HALF as much average non-festival goers time watching TV consumer (116 minutes versus 229 minutes per day)* than their non-festival attending peers* Source: HS&E music study and Eurodata NOTA08 | DIGGING THE DIRT ON FESTIVAL SPONSORSHIP
  8. They’re COMMITTED. And last summer They are VOCAL (2011) 71.9% recommend products and services they like. 37.6% think people come to them for their opinions on products and services before they buygo to at least THREE othermusic events a year there were roughly 2.6 million of them across Europe.
  9. THEY REJECT BRAND ADVERTISING Less than 33% Less than 11.3% ‘like advertising’ find advertising interesting Over two thirds think advertising is a ‘waste of time’ Only 20.4% think advertising helps when making purchasing decisions Some don’t even notice it (25% of fans online and 18.5% on TV claim not to see advertising)10 | DIGGING THE DIRT ON FESTIVAL SPONSORSHIP
  10. But the GOOD NEWS is, they don’t reject BRANDS:Festival fans are MORE receptive and awareof brand sponsors than the general public:Out of the 2,244 fans 65.2% think that brandsurveyed, only TWO partners actually improvedidn’t notice any the festival experiencesponsor onsiteOn average they noticed 85% LIKED the activations5.8 out of every 10 brands they visitedonsite 36% agreed they would be more likely to purchase32.5% would visit a sponsor’s product AFTERthe brand’s website as the eventa result of the sponsorship They’re ACTIVE, ENGAGED and most importantly VOCAL about the things they LIKE.
  11. FIT is everything. A brand’s DNA determines itA snapshot of brand types’ ‘fit’ score – graded by festival goers, onsite*:10 8.4 8.0 7.7 8 7.0 6.4 6.0 6 5.7 5.3 D 4 BRAN 4.2 2 Title sponsor | Beer | Radio station | Drink | Mobile phone | TV brand | Transportation | Clothing | Bank In terms of recall, BEER brands score highest – often remembered more than even the title sponsor. But ANY brand stands to gain AS LONG AS they*minimum 3 sponsors per category master the art of BRAND ENGAGEMENT.12 | DIGGING THE DIRT ON FESTIVAL SPONSORSHIP
  12. SO WHAT ARE THE BIG TAKE OUTS? • BRANDS MAKE FESTIVALS (they couldn’t happen without them) • BRANDS CAN MAKE THE FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE BETTER • THE 2.6 MILLION FANS AT EUROPE’S FESTIVALS CAN (and should) BE YOUR BRANDS’ BFF*. They know what they like, they know what they dislike and most importantly, they VOCALIZE their likes and dislikes to influence their peers. • Festival goers are CULTURED, considered, INTERESTED and most importantly, EARLY ADOPTERS • The audience is online, so BE THERE TOO. *Best friend forever
  13. Check list for success: GREEN STAND OUT! BE BE BIG! EEN BE G GR R EE BE NSIZE matters.The biggest brand activations 74.4% visited one stand,attracted more fans 25.1% visited 3 or more. 5% visited 5 or more. 80% of fans felt strongly– a minimum of +40% that brands should have a green strategy BUT BE CAREFUL... 32.9% 19.2% felt that sponsoring ... thought they brands were were ‘tasteless’! ‘imposing’...14 | DIGGING THE DIRT ON FESTIVAL SPONSORSHIP
  14. Instigate LONG TERM TED unobtrusiveRELATIONSHIPS through: UNEXPEC DATA capture meaningful ongoing REAL dialogue I agree online ENT INVOLVEM but relevant experiences WE U! …and most of all, give them something they’ll love to talk about
  15. SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT: an interesting discoveryTheir passion for SPORT directly relates to theirINTERACTION WITH SPONSORS SOR SPON Fans interested in sport visited over twice as many brand stands on average (3.7 versus 1.6) and remembered 55% more brands onsite16 | DIGGING THE DIRT ON FESTIVAL SPONSORSHIP
  16. A FINAL MESSAGE FOR ORGANIZERS & BRANDS Your audience is online, WHY AREN’T YOU? 9.1% BUT despite the 60.1% of festival goers with active Festival-goers social media accounts, spend 220% MORE only 9.1% of fans heard time online than about the festival via the average global social media. So HALF consumer. the festival audience isn’t engaging with the event via social media. We discovered that fans Festivals with an active Facebook heard about a festival account stimulate twice as much via word of mouth auxiliary online buzz as festivals (65.7%) – nearly half of without. them (45.3%) hearing about it EXCLUSIVELY via word of mouth. So they weren’t exposed to ANY other communication.
  17. Be THERE, be UNEXPECTED, add VALUE to their experience About Havas Sports & Entertainment | We’re the brand engagement network of the Havas Group. We help brands connect with fans by putting people’s passions at the center of the conversation. We do it through sponsorship, content creation, partnerships, social media, and live brand experiences. Who we are | Over 550 dynamic and creative individuals spread across 35 offices in 20 countries. Our network includes Havas Sports & Entertainment, the Cake Group, and ignition. Our music expertise | From driving buzz for Burn energy drink to leveraging the partnership between MTV and Hyundai, to blending extreme sports and live music for Snickers, to handling PR for Virgin Media’s V Festival, and staging major music events for Motorola, Vodafone, Axe, and Ben & Jerry’s, we are leaders in music PR and music event production.18 | DIGGING THE DIRT ON FESTIVAL SPONSORSHIP
  18. and the fans will LOVE YOU! Why we did this study | To be totally credible when advising our clients, we wanted to go further than ticket sales, media coverage and gut feel by living the experience alongside music fans to determine what makes festival sponsors entertaining, memorable and welcomed. Intrigued and hungry for more? | We had to condense three months of research into this little booklet, so we left a few juicy bits out. Contact Christopher Rapaport, Network Business Development and Global Research Manager via email christopher.rapaport@havas-se.com or phone, +33 (0)1 58 47 84 28 or visit www.havas-se.com to get the full lowdown, including those tasty nuggets we didn’t include such as what matters more to festival goers, which brands really bring festivals to life and why, and which ones don’t.
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