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Research Research Presentation Transcript

  • ResearchHayley Brown & Katie Scruton
  • Define ‘vegetarian’Vegetarian is when a person chooses to not eat any meat or fishsubstances and just live off of fruit, vegetables and other things thatdon’t contain meat. Some also say that a vegetarian is someone whodoesn’t eat anything living.Some people often think that vegetarian means you can live off ofchips, tofu, fake meat alternatives and other things but in reality it isa fruit and veg based diet, giving the name vegetarian. Sure, you caneat chips, tofu and meat replacements but there should bevegetables in there.Some people also make their pets follow a vegetarian diet, mainlydog owners. This is because normal pet food is seen as ‘damaging’and ‘unnatural’. An example of this is in the Will Smith film SevenPounds. One of the people he choses to help is a woman with a heartcondition who raises her dog vegetarian.
  • Why people become vegetariansPeople become vegetarians for a number of different reasons. Theseinclude:• Religion.• Health reasons.• Ethical reasons. (Animal right issues).• To help the planet (‘Global food shortage’).• To challenge yourself. (Becoming vegetarian is seen as hard).• To lose weight. (Vegetarianism can be a very healthy life style).• Food safety. (People die from disease passed on from meat topeople).• People like to think it will reduce the number of deaths they areresponsible for.• Or simply just because they don’t like meat.
  • Vegetarian Demographics• 59% of vegetarians are female. (This could be becauseit can gradually help you lose weight.)• The majority of vegetarians are age 18 – 34 (42%).• The top vegetarian city in America (based on numberof vegetarian restaurants) is Portland, Oregon.• 2% of adults in Britain are vegetarian, equating to over1.2 million. This has decreased since 2000 when 5% ofUK residents were reported to be vegetarian.• In India about 30% of the people there are vegetariandue to their religion.• Over half the worlds population is vegetarian.
  • Vegetarian companies• Quorn – Creates imitation meat for vegetarian use or for a healthierlife style. Vegetarian approved once they started using free rangedeggs.• PETA – Charity to promote vegetarianism, heavily advertises withmany celebrities appearing in them. It also promotes animal rights.• Vegsoc – Encourages vegetarianism and has a website full ofvegetarian recipes and lifestyle tips.• Pack Lite Foods - Makes vegetarian and vegan compact,lightweight, one pot breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals for campingand backpacking. Also has hot drink mixes. Foods are freeze-driedor dehydrated.• Innocent Drinks – This company makes fresh fruit based drinks suchas smoothies and juice. They are totally environmentally friendly.
  • Foods vegetarians cannot eat• The flesh from any animal.• Meat by-products (kidney, liver etc.).• Jello, marshmallows, and sweets made from gelatine(gummy sweets such as Haribo).• Cheese made with rennet (Parmesan, cottage cheese,goat cheeses and more) .• Lard.• Eggs that aren’t free ranged.• Some vegetarians, the stricter ones (such as vegans),don’t eat honey or any dairy product. They eat nothingthat comes from an animal or any sort.
  • Vegetarian history• Started off in India and Greece in the days of Pythagoras but the ideadidn’t really gain much until the mid nineteenth century.• It connected with the idea of nonviolence towards animals and waspromoted by religious groups and philosophers.• The International Vegetarian Union was formed in 1908 and remainsactive today.• In Asia the vegetarian tradition can be traced much further back toreligions like Hinduism and Buddhism.• The term vegetarian was coined in the mid 1800’s by the BritishVegetarian Society. The Latin root of the word refers to the source of life.• Vegetarianism wasn’t very popular in the US until 1971 when FrancesMoore Lappés bestseller Diet for a Small Planet was published.• In 1975 the PETA was founded as animal consumption rocketed.• Later on in the 1970’s, Vegetarian Times is first published.• In the 1990’s it was released that a vegetarian/vegan diet helped peopleshealth majorly.
  • Famous vegetarians• Kate Bush – Singer/Songwriter• Alexa Chung – TV presenter• Mike Dirnt – Musician• Christofer Drew-Ingle – Musician• Gandhi – Nationalism leader• Anne Hathaway – Actress• Frank Iero – Musician• Joan Jett – Musician• Matt Kean - Musician• Kesha – Singer• Leona Lewis – Singer• Benji Madden – Musician• Matt Nichols - Musician• Kelly Osbourne – Singer• Oli Sykes – Musician• Serj Tanken – Musician• Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist• Natalie Portman – Actress• Mike Tyson – Athlete
  • Links• http://www.nomeatathlete.com/• http://www.statisticbrain.com/vegetarian-statistics/• http://www.vegsoc.org/page.aspx?pid=750• https://www.vegsoc.org/• http://www.peta.org.uk/• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quorn• http://www.mamashealth.com/veggie/foodcompanies.asp• http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_percentage_of_the_world_population_is_vegetarian• http://www.vegsoc.org/page.aspx?pid=750• http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_do_vegetarians_not_eat• http://chinesefood.about.com/od/vegetarian/a/history.htm• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_vegetarians• http://vegetarian.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=004527• http://www.peta.org/living/companion-animals/vegetarian-cats-and-dogs.aspx• http://michaelbluejay.com/veg/history.html• http://www.vegsoc.org/page.aspx?pid=495• http://www.ehow.com/info_8392272_cheeses-contain-animal-rennet.html• http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Vegetarian_companies_and_establishments