On The Road to Reading with eBooks

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Slides from Dr. Kathy Roskos and Jeremy Brueck's webinar for Hatch Early Learning on eBooks and early literacy.

Slides from Dr. Kathy Roskos and Jeremy Brueck's webinar for Hatch Early Learning on eBooks and early literacy.

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  • 1. Computers Interactive White Boards Mobile Technology Multi-Touch Tables Classroom Materials On the Road to Reading with eBooks October 8, 2013 Kathy Roskos, Ph.D. John Carroll University Jeremy Brueck Digital Text Initiative University of Akron
  • 2. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com Tryna King Product Training Coordinator Rachel Brent Social Media Specialist Your Moderators
  • 3. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com Using GoToWebinar You may use either a telephone or your computer’s speakers to listen. Use the question pane to interact with the speaker or ask a technical question. The chat panel is available so you can talk to other webinar attendees.
  • 4. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com @HatchEarlyChild @brueckj23 #HatchExperts Let’s Connect! We’ll be live tweeting!
  • 5. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com Following the Webinar... -Recording and Certificate -Q&A Blog -Camera
  • 6. Dr. Kathy Roskos John Carroll University roskos@jcu.edu Jeremy Brueck The University of Akron http://brueckei.org @brueckj23
  • 7. eBooks in the early childhood classroom
  • 8. Potential of eBooks
  • 9. Shared book routine
  • 10. eBook design qualities
  • 11. Research in its infancy
  • 12. What does research say?
  • 13. eBooks are engaging eBooks can ‘teach’
  • 14. Attention-Grabbers
  • 15. Attention-Splitters
  • 16. Built-in tutors
  • 17. The code
  • 18. Bear is shy. Where can you see that? Vocabulary
  • 19. Content
  • 20. Teaching with eBooks
  • 21. Shared Book Reading 3.0
  • 22. Before: Previewing
  • 23. Before: Introducing
  • 24. During: Demonstrating
  • 25. During: Handing Over
  • 26. After: Re-reading
  • 27. After: Extending
  • 28. You Try: Practicing
  • 29. You Try: Sharing
  • 30. Implementing (Instruction with eBooks)
  • 31. Keeping Up with Apps @iPad_Storytimehttp://digital-storytime.com
  • 32. Keeping Up with Apps @storyappchathttp://storyappchat.wordpress.com
  • 33. Keeping Up with Appshttp://ebooks-in-early-literacy.blogspot.com
  • 34. Thank you!
  • 35. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com Questions?
  • 36. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com CREATING BREAKTHROUGH MOMENTS - with - RESEARCH BASED SOFTWARE
  • 37. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com Join Us Next Month Math & Reading Difficulties in Young Children: Early Risk Factors and Intervention Approaches November 14, 2-3:30pm Marcia Barnes, Ph.D. Register today! www.hatchearlylearning.com/webinars
  • 38. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com And the Winner is...
  • 39. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com Another Chance to Win! Just complete our post webinar survey to enter the drawing $25 $25
  • 40. #HatchExperts www.HatchEarlyLearning.com Thanks for Coming See you next month!