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  • The system provides the teacher with a detailed breakdown of what a child is able to do, following their progress across 18 critical variables. It’s a level of ongoing formative assessment that one only sees currently in the classrooms of some of the nation’s most skilled practitioners
  • iStartSmart Demo Presentation

    1. 1. iStartSmart 2.0 Mobile
    2. 2. iStartSmart 2.0 Mobile** content shown may not be actual product configuration
    3. 3. iStartSmart 2.0 MobileEarly Learning Technology | #hatchexperts | Copyright 2011 Hatch Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    4. 4. iStartSmart 2.0 Mobile Reporting and DataEarly Learning Technology | #hatchexperts | Copyright 2011 Hatch Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    5. 5. Product Features• Shell Squad Games – Authentic Child Log-in using photograph – 5 Skill Development Areas – 18 School Readiness Skill Development Areas (Games) Focusing on Math and Literacy Skills – Robust progress monitoring tools
    6. 6. Let’s Log In
    7. 7. Key Squad Shell Game Features• Five different levels for each game: tutorial (TT), emerging (EG), developing (DG), developed (DD), and completed (CD).• Automated progression rules determine the child progression to the areas without teacher intervention.
    8. 8. Shell Squad Game Features, Con’t• Game provides automatic intervention and instruction based on each answer provided by the child.• An animated tutorial explains how to play each game.• A licensed speech pathologist pronounces words and sounds where appropriate.• Help button for child’s use if needed.
    9. 9. help button• The green help button in the upper right hand corner of the game screen activates the tutorial.• Children can play this at any time throughout any level.
    10. 10. Progression rules & Scaffolding• One of the many benefits of Shell Squad Games is that the system determines which games each child plays based on how he played during previous sessions.• The teacher does NOT have to determine which games each child plays.
    11. 11. FAMILIES• The 18 skill development areas within Shell Squad Games are organized into 5 families.• Within each family, the skill development areas are presented in a particular way so that children are not exposed to advanced concepts before they show some success at the foundational levels.• The first time the child logs into Shell Squad Games, she is placed in one of the five (5) top level foundation activities. The other activities are not available to the child until they show progress in these foundation activities.
    12. 12. Family ScaffoldingPhonological awareness Numeric operations Language development Alphabet knowledge Logic and reasoningTT-Sentence Segmenting TT-Counting Foundations TT-Language Vocabulary TT-Letter Recognition TT-Common Shapes TT-Spatial SkillsTT-Initial Sounds TT-Numeral Recognition TT-Sorting (Vocabulary)*TT-Blending TT-Measurement TT-Sequence Counting TT-PatterningCompound Words (Vocabulary)*TT-Segmenting TT-Objects in a SetCompound WordsTT-Onset Rime TT-Addition TT-Subtraction * Spatial Skills and Measurement are listed under Language development because building a math vocabulary is as equally important as building a vocabulary in literacy.
    13. 13. Monitoring Progress In a Game• We have built in a tool to show how close a child is to finishing a game. It is the thermometer in the top left corner of the screen. The more color it is filled with the closer they are to being finished.
    14. 14. Let’s look at some of the games!
    15. 15. Shell Squad Games - literacy• The following slides show some of the Shell Squad Games in Literacy.
    16. 16. Shell Squad Game - Letter Recognition
    17. 17. Shell Squad Game - vocabulary Building
    18. 18. Shell Squad Game - Onset Rime
    19. 19. Shell Squad Game – Initial Sounds
    20. 20. Shell Squad Game - Mathematics• The following slides show some of the Shell Squad Games in Mathematics.
    21. 21. Shell Squad Game - Counting Foundations
    22. 22. Shell Squad Game - Numeral Recognition
    23. 23. Shell Squad Game - Sequence Counting
    24. 24. Shell Squad Game - Objects in A Set
    25. 25. Shell Squad Game – Measurement
    26. 26. Class/Individual Overview
    27. 27. Class/Individual Overview – Filtered to Skill
    28. 28. Refocus Activities - Teacher
    29. 29. Organization/School Overview
    30. 30. Organization Skill Overview
    31. 31. School/Class Overview
    32. 32. Devices Overview
    33. 33. Helping You: Beyond the Computer• Beyond the Computer offers classroom activities that support all Shell Squad Games for children needing extra assistance outside computer time.• On Hatch website at
    34. 34. Beyond the Computer Example• Family: Logic & Reasoning• Skill: Sorting• Materials: The book, Goldilocks and the Three Bears Details: Invite the children to join you in a large group and share the story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears with your class. As you read, invite the children to discuss the different sizes that Goldilocks finds in the bears’ home. Explain to the children there are items from the bears’ home for them to sort into categories based on whether they are large, medium or small (i.e., Papa Bear’s items are large, Mama Bear’s items are medium and Baby Bear’s items are small). Invite the children to find other classroom items that could belong to them.
    35. 35. Dual Purpose – Android Tablet Home Screen
    36. 36. Dual Purpose – Android Tablet Productivity Tools
    37. 37. Dual Purpose – Android Tablet Media Tools