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Inspiration slide share

  1. 1. Inspire Yourself. Inspire the World. A book of inspiration and quotes by Dr. Saman Hassan
  2. 2. “Inspire Yourself. Inspire the World.” is a book of inspirational quotes authored by Dr. Saman Hassan. Her quotes stem from her leadership style and experiences. Through her research of leadership theory, studies, and personal occurrances, Dr. Saman Hassan was inspired to develop her own, unique leadership style. Her vision is to inspire and motivate others to develop their own leadership style and skills.
  3. 3. INSPIRATION “Inspiration is contagious; continue to inspire the world, and soon it will inspire you.” -Dr. Saman Hassan
  4. 4. "Be happy, be thankful, be kind, and take life day by day and little by little, and you will be at peace with yourself." -Dr. Saman Hassan
  5. 5. “Make sure to use what is positive in you and let go of the negative.” –Dr. Saman Hassan
  6. 6. “Focusing on the positive things in your life is better than dwelling on past mistakes.” -Dr. Saman Hassan
  7. 7. “Make sure you don’t lose your inner glow despite all adversities.” -Dr. Saman Hassan
  8. 8. "Happiness comes from within; find your inner peace within your soul." -Dr. Saman Hassan
  9. 9. "We don't value what we have until we lose it. Life is the most precious pearl that nature could give, so value it and live it to the fullest and always be grateful to the higher power.” -Dr. Saman Hassan
  10. 10. "Today is a gift, so let us be thankful for our divine blessings." –Dr. Saman Hassan
  11. 11. “When you find your path, don't be afraid as God shows you the way. Endeavor as you are destined to be, accept it with no question as it is your destiny.” -Dr. Saman Hassan
  12. 12. "Don't be afraid; be bold and fearless." –Dr. Saman Hassan
  13. 13. COMPASSION "I cherish the beauty of today, the sadness of yesterday, the people in my life that enrich my life and make it more meaningful.” –Dr. Saman Hassan
  14. 14. "Life is the most precious gift that nature could give. Value it and live every moment, as none of us are promised a tomorrow." -Dr. Saman Hassan
  15. 15. “Compassion and empathy are the collectively recognized moral traits of true leaders.” –Dr. Saman Hassan
  16. 16. “If you want to be happy in life, love and compassion would incontestably make it more meaningful.“ -Dr. Saman Hassan
  17. 17. “Positive thinking and sound decisions will help you move forward in life, thoughtfulness and compassion will make you more endearing.” -Dr. Saman Hassan
  18. 18. "Do good and it will come back to you, if not now, eventually." -Dr. Saman Hassan
  19. 19. "Love is not always about finding someone. It’s about giving and receiving. It’s a beautiful emotion.“ -Dr. Saman Hassan
  20. 20. “A kind, caring heart is the true spirit of compassion.” - Dr. Saman Hassan
  21. 21. “A compassionate heart feels and contributes to the happiness of others and shares the sorrows of others.” -Dr. Saman Hassan
  22. 22. A beautiful recipe for Inspiration: a hint of compassion and a dash of
  23. 23. Book of inspirational quotes by Dr. Saman Hassan coming soon to stores near you To subscribe for updates, please e-mail and join our listserv! Be Compassionate! Be Inspired!
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