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Web advertsisng

  1. 1. • Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web to deliver marketing messages to attract customers.• Examples :  contextual ads on search engine results pages,  banner ads,  Rich Media Ads,  Social network advertising,  interstitial ads,  online classified advertising,  advertising networks and  e-mail marketing, including e-mail spam.
  2. 2. Two of the best free ways to makeuse of web advertising are bloggingand social media advertising.
  3. 3. Dell• In 2005, Dell didn’t have a blog.But one of their customers did…
  4. 4. Dell’s customer strikes back• This customer was very upset with Dell’scustomer service.• He wrote about his experience on his blog.• So did another blogger, whose post wasso popular, it led to the creation of a newterm for Dell…
  5. 5. • If you search for Dell Hell in Google, thatguy’s post is the first result.• As a result, Dell got negative presscoverage in the New York Times and WallStreet Journal.
  6. 6. • Dell didn’t have a blog, so they wereunable to communicate with the angryblogosphere.
  7. 7. Result• But there was a happy ending. Dell set uptheir own blog.
  8. 8. “In the age of customers empowered byblogs and social media, Dell has leaptfrom worst to first." - Jeff Jarvis, BusinessWeek First step: Dell dispatched technicians to reach out to complaining bloggers and solve their problems, earning pleasantly surprised buzz in return.
  9. 9. Dell’s new blog
  10. 10. Dell saw a 27 point decrease in negativeblog posts, from 49 percent at the peakof Dell Hell to the current 22 percent.Cost would have been hundreds of millionsfor similar ad campaign.
  11. 11. Michael Dell: "A company this size is not goingto be about a couple of people coming up withideas. Its going to be about millions of people andharnessing the power of those ideas."
  12. 12. From the blog:“A Comcast technician came to replace afaulty modem. After spending an hour on holdwith Comcasts central office, he fell asleep onmy couch.Ive been in my apartment for three weeksand my internet connection is still non-functional. This is my tribute to Comcast,their low quality technology and their poorcustomer service.”
  13. 13. • Number of views on YouTube: 1,181,809• See the movie
  14. 14. AOL - cancel my account!• Vincent Ferrari wanted to cancel his AOLaccount. It took him 21 minutes offrustration to succeed. At one point theAOL rep asked 30 year old Ferrari tospeak to his dad.• Unfortunately for AOL, Ferrari recordedthe conversation and published it onYouTube.
  15. 15. AOL - cancel my account!• Video covered on MSNBC and elsewhere• Number of views on YouTube: 218,391• See the movie