Enterprise Security and Identity Management Use Cases with WSO2 Identity Server


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This is the set of slides used in WSO2Con 2013 - tutorial session on the topic: "Enterprise Security and Identity Management Use Cases with WSO2 Identity Server", along with demos for each of these use cases.

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  • Oauth – resource owner pw credentials
  • Oauth – authorization code grant
  • SAML Token from OpenID claims – Trusted sub system
  • Decentralized federated SAML2
  • Enterprise Security and Identity Management Use Cases with WSO2 Identity Server

    1. 1. Enterprise Security & Identity Management with WSO2 Identity Server Prabath Siriwardena Hasini Gunasinghe
    2. 2. Enterprise Security & Identity Management Use Cases
    3. 3. Use cases taken fromHealthcare IT domain
    4. 4. Use Case 1Managing identity and entitlements of the userssecurely & efficiently.
    5. 5. Use Case 1 with WSO2 ISUser & rolemanagement Active Directory Claimmanagement LDAP Profilemanagement JDBC Self service Custom user storesExposing overstandard APIs
    6. 6. Use Case 2Create, maintain and terminate user accounts alongwith user identities across multiple systems includingcloud applications.
    7. 7. Use Case 2 with WSO2 ISLDAP Provisioning system Internal apps Other cloud apps/services
    8. 8. Use Case 3When there are multiple applications which requireauthentication, users should be able to login at one placeand still have seamless access to all the other applications.
    9. 9. Use Case 3 with WSO2 IS
    10. 10. Use Case 4Authorizing users to perform patient management operationsbased on fine grained rules :• Add – Allowed only for users in admin role• Update – Allowed only for doctors of medicare.com during working hours• View one – Allowed for doctors and nurses of medicare.com• View all – Allowed only for doctors of medicare.com• Delete – Allowed only for users in admin role
    11. 11. Use Case 4 with WSO2 Products
    12. 12. Use Case 5A doctor from MediHealth – which is a partner of MediCareshould be able to view records of a patient under his/herconsultancy.
    13. 13. Use Case 5 with WSO2 Products MediCare 4 Patient’s Records:Secure Token Name: Service of Age: MediHealth Medications: 2 Secured Proxy 3MediHealth 1credential store MediHealth
    14. 14. Use Case 6Enable internal users as well as general public to authenticateto the collaborative portal based on Liferay using a commonauthentication mechanism.
    15. 15. Use Case 6 with WSO2 IS 2 1 3 31 – provide OpenID URL2 – discover OpenID provider3 – provide credentials and authenticate
    16. 16. ExercisesQuestion 1:• Doctors of MediCare needs to retrieve their channeling appointmentdetails in their mobile phones from a backend REST service.
    17. 17. ExercisesQuestion 2:• Doctors in a research role of MediCare needs to import electronicmedical records of patients into a web based analysis application from thebackend system.
    18. 18. ExercisesQuestion 3:• External researcher who authenticates to the collaborative portal usingOpenID needs to access a BE service which requires a SAML token withcertain identity information, in order to obtain anonymized electronichealth records.
    19. 19. ExercisesQuestion 4:• MediCare expands globally with many branches – each maintaining theirown user store and Identity Provider. How a doctor from SL branch canaccess the patient management portal of the india branch?
    20. 20. Thank you