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Phpconf taiwan-2012

Phpconf taiwan-2012






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    Phpconf taiwan-2012 Phpconf taiwan-2012 Presentation Transcript

    • PHPConf Taiwan 2012November 03, 2012 at 10:10. Template-Based DOCX, DOC & PDF Generation with Zend Framework 2. @JonathanMaron E-Mail or Google+.
    • About Jonathan Maron Head of Web Development and Operations. I work for a software and hardware manufacturer in Taipei, Germany and USA. We manufacture digital cameras for industrial, scientific and medical applications. We author desktop and server software components. http://www.theimagingsource.com http://www.textcontrol.com
    • New approach to generatingDOCX, DOC, PDF etc. files with Zend Framework 2.
    • Creating PDFs with PHP HTML-to-PDF  Programmatic approach: approach:  domPDF.  Zend_Pdf.  HtmlToPdf.  PDFlib.  HTML_ToPDF.  FPDF.  wkhtmltopdf.  Cpdf.  etc.  etc.
    • Ralf Eggert quote “I personally consider the current version [of Zend_Pdf] to be limited in scope. It is extremelydifficult, if not impossible, to achieve usable results. At the moment, developers, including myself, are looking for alternatives [...]”PHP MagazinFebruary 2011 – March 2011, Ralf Eggert.
    • The template approach.
    • LiveDocx and Zend Framework 2 LiveDocx is a SOAP-based document generation service. ZendService_LiveDocx (New BSD license):  PHP 5.3 implementation of LiveDocx.  Easy-to-use PHP API to rich SOAP service.  Native component of the Zend Framework 2. PHP 5 SoapClient and NuSOAP supported. All languages with SOAP are supported.
    • Sounds interesting.But how does it work?
    • 3 steps of document generation STEP 1: In a word processor, create a template containing merge-fields. STEP 2: Populate merge-fields in PHP. STEP 3: Write generated document* to disk. * DOCX, DOC, HTML, RTF, PDF, TXT
    • Document generation process (1) LiveDocxTemplate Document Data Template + Data = Document.
    • Step 1: Creating a template (2)
    • Steps 2 & 3: Assign data & create doc
    • Multiple output formats, one API
    • Sample 2:Merging complex data structures.
    • Repeating blocks (loops)
    • Sample 3:Merging image data.
    • Merging image data
    • Sample 4:Exporting to one or more image files.
    • Exporting to image files
    • Multiple output formats, one API
    • Working with templates: Local vs. remote.
    • Using local templates Specify template in every request.
    • Using remote templates Upload template once. Reference template in all subsequent requests.
    • Supported file formats.
    • Supported template formats (input) DOCX - Office Open XML format. DOC - Microsoft Word DOC format. RTF - Rich text format. TXD - TX Text Control format.
    • Supported document formats (output) DOCX - Office Open XML format. DOC - Microsoft Word DOC format. HTML - XHTML 1.0 transitional format. RTF - Rich text format. PDF - Acrobat portable document format. TXD - TX Text Control format. TXT - ANSI plain text.
    • Supported image export formats Documents can also be exported to images:  BMP - Bitmap image file format.  GIF - Graphics interchange format.  JPG - Joint photographic experts group format.  PNG - Portable network graphics format.  TIFF - Tagged image file format.
    • Supported image import formats Images can be imported from:  BMP - Bitmap image file format.  GIF - Graphics interchange format.  JPG - Joint photographic experts group format.  PNG - Portable network graphics format.  TIFF - Tagged image file format.  WMF - Windows meta file format.
    • Case study:PHP Unconferences.
    • PHP Unconferences Well established unconferences about PHP. PHP Unconference Europe (Manchester, UK):  1st year: 100 attendees in February 2011. PHP Unconference Hamburg (Germany):  6th year: 320 attendees in August 2012. LiveDocx was used to create:  Attendee badges (approx. 450 units).  Vote posters (approx. 100 units).
    • Live demonstrations SAMPLE 1: license-agreement SAMPLE 2: telephone-bill SAMPLE 3: conference-pass SAMPLE 4: bitmaps
    • Get involved! Try it out yourself! ZendService_LiveDocx Web Site. http://www.phplivedocx.org and http://goo.gl/oXUcf Download Demo VMware Virtual Machine http://goo.gl/3aAGb (great way to get started) ZendService_LiveDocx Source and Demos. https://github.com/jonathanmaron/ZendService_LiveDocx LiveDocx Web Site and Blog. http://www.livedocx.com Sign up for a LiveDocx account. https://www.livedocx.com/user/account_registration.aspx
    • Full-time web developer wanted! You love PHP, Zend Framework, HTML and Javascript. You want to develop web applications with an international team of specialists in Germany and Taiwan. You want to work at our Taipei office (Song-Shan District 10555, Taipei City). Interested? Talk to me!
    • Public / Hosted / Cloud LiveDocx Free is available for all to use. Documentation and registration at www.livedocx.com. LiveDocx Premium hosted service is available. TWD 1,140.00 per month. Cloud-based solutions in the pipeline. AWS EC2 and Windows Azure. Pay-as-you-go model.