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Harvest Digital | Social Media Metrics
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Harvest Digital | Social Media Metrics


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Insight in to successfully tracking social media

Insight in to successfully tracking social media

Published in: Business

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  • ----- Meeting Notes (04/04/2011 16:04) -----
  • Information architecture – the practice of modelling information; ensuring the site structure is in agreement with users’ mental modelsUsability - the ease of which a customer can accomplish the task they set out to do (e.g. user journeys for conversion)Interface design – the navigation and layout of the site, this goes hand-in-hand with visual designInteraction design - defining the behavior of systems that a user can interact withAccessibility– the practice of making systems accessible to all users, especially those with disabilities such as visual, hearing, physical and neurological
  • Social (FB, twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare) and email stats are manually inputtedThis dashboard is of course customised to RicohOn engagement reporting a one number score, ‘engaged visits’, provides overall engagement conversions but it’s derived from a view of engagement balanced across six types of engagement and it’s qualified with an engagement index: the average conversion rate for each of the types. If this index changes, then this flags that the balance across types has changed.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Tracking social media success
      Mike Teasdale, Planning Director
    • 2. Key clients
    • 3. Which dial do you look at if a plane is flying at you?
      @miketeasdale #adconf
    • 4. Which number system is best for counting goats?
    • 5. Which social media site has most influence on Quicken’s online sales?
    • 6.
    • 7. Which social media metric is most important for Sheraton?
    • 8.
    • 9. What is your TripAdvisor rating?
      What was the last review?
    • 10. “If somebody tweets in one of our hotels, we will monitor those tweets through RSS feeds, we will often respond and we’ll feed it off to the respective department in the hotel.”
      Daniel Kertzner, Regional Director of Marketing,
      Starwood Hotels and Resorts
    • 11.
    • 12. It’s nice to think of the customer journey like this
    • 13. But really it looks more like this
    • 14. (So how are network media agencies making sense of this?)
    • 15.
    • 16.
    • 17.
    • 18.
    • 19.
    • 20.
    • 21.
    • 22. Could this be the most lucrative formula of all time?
      Ad Rank = Bid Price x Quality Score
      Ad Rank = Bid Price x Click Through Rate
      Perfect alignment of business goals and user needs.
      Users get more relevant ads.
      Business gets maximum revenue.
    • 23. What might an integrated digital solution look like?
    • 24. Reach
      Cost per impact
      Cost per engagement
      Cost per sale
    • 25. Focusing on engagement
      On-site behaviour (> x pages, > xx seconds, etc)
      Video views
      Banner interactions
      Comments, likes, retweets
    • 26. Combining primary customer research with data
    • 27. Borrowing techniques from User Centred Design
      Concept maps
      User journeys
      Site maps
      Usability issues & recommendations following user testing
      Issues prioritisation matrix
    • 28. Look at relevant data sources…
      Web metrics data
      External data
      • Search position reports
      • 29. Reputation
      • 30. Social media reach (friends, followers, likes)
      Campaign data
      • PPC search
      • 31. Adserver data
      • 32. Email marketing data
    • …and bring them into a single dashboard
      Revenue from conversions
      Reach, covering website visitors & subscribers
      Six types of engagement conversion
      All GA data delivered automatically to the dashboard
    • 33. This allows us to calculate ‘multiplier’ effects
      What’s the impact of engagement on sales?
      What is the multiplier for each channel?
      We have (pretty much) all the data we need.
    • 34. Our goal: quick and dirty metrics that drive action
    • 35. Thanks!