Shalom Hartman Institute Overview
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Shalom Hartman Institute Overview



Overview of Shalom Hartman Institute's organizational structure

Overview of Shalom Hartman Institute's organizational structure



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Shalom Hartman Institute Overview Shalom Hartman Institute Overview Presentation Transcript

  • The Shalom Hartman Institute The Shalom Hartman Institute is a pluralistic research and leadership training institute fostering new directions in Jewish thought and education.  Our programs empower thousands of scholars, educators, rabbis and lay leaders to address the central challenges of contemporary Judaism, shaping the future of Jewish life in Israel and around the world.
  • Center for Lay Leadership Education Rachel Sabath Beit-Halachmi , Director _____________ Global Beit Midrash Lay Leadership Study Retreat Lev Aharon – IDF Senior Officers’ Enrichment Program Ma’agalim – Israeli Lay Leadership SHI Organizational Structure Robert & Arlene Kogod Center for Advanced Judaic Studies Donniel Hartman , Director Yitzhak Benbaji , Coordinator _________________ Senior Fellows Junior Fellows – PhD Students Maskilot – PhD Students Advanced Beit Midrash – Graduate Students International Conferences CLI – Christian Leadership Initiative Department of Publications Rae & David Finegood Center for Rabbinic Enrichment Bill Berk , Director ____________ RLI – Rabbinic Leadership Initiative RTS – Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar Center for Education Ariel Picard , Director ________________ Melamdim – School for Teacher Education Ma’atzim – Resource Center for Israeli High Schools TICHON – North American Community High School Enrichment Program High School for Boys Midrashiya for Girls Co-Directors: David Hartman & Donniel Hartman Executive Director: Hana Gilat Be’eri Program ___, CEO Hana Gilat , Operational Director Rani Jaegar , Educational Director _______________ Jewish Identity Studies Curriculum Development Educator Training and Enrichment Parent and Student Leadership Program Community Beit Midrash Program Professional Resource Facilitation
  • Center for Lay Leadership Education North America Lay Leadership Summer Retreats (60-80) Global Beit Midrash (300-400) Curriculum Development Israel Lev Aharon IDF Senior Officers Leadership Programs (1700) Study Groups New York, Miami Faculty Development Ma’agalim Study Programs Public Policy and Leadership Seminars Foundation Forum Beit Midrash Hamptons, NY, LA Marketing & Recruitment Jerusalem Galilee Tel Aviv Aspen
  • Israeli Lay Leadership Programs Civil Servants - in Partnership with the Ministry of Welfare Consuls and Ambassadors - in Partnership with the Foreign Ministry Wexner Foundation Israel Alumni Lev Aharon IDF Senior Officers Programs (1700) Ma’agalim Study Programs (60) (Jerusalem, Galilee, Tel Aviv) Foundation Forum Beit Midrash (30) Center for Lay Leadership Education
  • Lev Aharon Senior IDF Officers Program Seminars for Brigadier Generals and Generals SHI Curriculum and Program in IDF Commander Academies (2 year program) G’vanim – Lieutenant Colonels Study Mission to NA in Partnership with IDF & the Jewish Comm. Fed. of San Francisco (2 times a year) Seminars for Colonels Seminars for Lieutenant Colonels Seminars for Majors On-going Enrichment Program for Majors & Lieutenant Colonels Center for Lay Leadership Education
  • Rae & David Finegood Center for Rabbinic Enrichment Rabbinic Leadership Initiative (RLI) Intellectual Enrichment Spiritual Growth Leadership Practice Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar (RTS) Europe 80 – 100 North American rabbis
  • Christian Leadership Initiative (CLI) Summer (Israel) Academic Year Jewish Faith Summer (Israel) Jewish People Long Distance Learning: Jewish Ethics
  • Curriculum Development Ma’atzim Teacher and Principal Enrichment Seminars Be’eri Schools Melamdim Teacher Training Israeli Non Religious Public Schools The Center for Education
  • Curriculum Development The Midrashiya for Girls Melamdim Teacher Training Israeli Religious Public Schools The Charles E. Smith High School for Boys The Center for Education
  • Curriculum Development Vision Forum Tichon Fellows Melamdim Teacher Training North American Community Schools Individual School Guidance The Center for Education