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  1. 1. No doubt that PowerPoint, with its vividness and interactivity, wins the place of the most popular presentation form both in business and academic occasions. However, PDF is also a popular format of file storage. Many people would share PPT-origin PDF file online as PDF is a more compact format. But other people would probably prefer to use it in PPT format and add audio and video effect to enhance and personalizeit.To enrich the content of their PowerPoint, presenters would quote diagrams andextract images from PDF files. If there are a great many of them, it would take much time to do print screen or screenshotrepetitively and insert them into PowerPoint.These are situations when you need to build a bridge between PDF to PowerPoint.In fact, the best solution for these situations is to convert PDF to PowerPoint. Mac users
  2. 2. find it more difficult to make that goal, as there is only few PDF to PowerPointconverters in Window OS. Dont be worried, AnyBizSoft provides solutions for Mac users.Edit PDF osx
  3. 3. AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint for Mac is an easy-to-use application tocreate PowerPoint presentations from PDF files on Mac OS X Justdownload and install it on your Mac Launch the program and chooseEvaluate to have a free trial of the program
  4. 4. Then follow the 3 simple steps below to convert PDF to PowerPoint onMac now: Step 1 Import Drag and drop PDF files into the panel to importPDF files for conversion Also you can choose File-> Add PDF Files inmenu in the upper-left corner to add PDF files to convert You can batchconvert up to 50 PDF files at one time and you can convert encryptedPDFs as well
  5. 5. Step 2 Customize (Optional) Choose File-> Output Settings->Output Folder, you can set the output folder for the converted PowerPointpresentations The default option is to save the converted documents inthe same folder as source files Then choose File-> OutputSettings-> File Configuration, or click on the gear icon beside thePowerPoint icon, it is easy to customize the page ranges for the outputfile
  6. 6. The default options are All pages A highlighted function is that theimages in PDF can be restituted to their basic composition
  7. 7. This enables you to flexibility assemble graphic elements Step 3Convert After customizing the output settings, click Convert button toconvert PDF to PowerPoint
  8. 8. The conversion will be finished in seconds Then you can click Edit PDFosx on the PowerPoint icon to open the converted PowerPoint file
  9. 9. converison finished Three simple steps make frozen PDF file to livelyPowerPoint And amzing things would not be limited to transfer the PDFto Powerpoint, you can even to convert pdf to more formats(Word,Excel,EPub and HTML) on mac
  10. 10. Edit PDF osx