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Nature's Best Gift to Modern Humans
Works directly on the body to treat the "root cause" of diseases, can be taken long-term- has no side effects-
Suitable for all age groups

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Slideshare presentation part one (1) == dxn international south africa

  1. 1. DXN INTERNATIONAL SOUTH AFRICA TEL 0027-11-838-7991/2 Email-
  2. 2. Dry powder from the fruit body of this mushroom is in DXN RG Capsules Reishi Ganoderma The healing Powder from the root of this mushroom is in DXN GL capsules
  3. 3. Ganoderma mushroom does not grow in the soil. It grows in certain types of trees that have died and only in the rotting trunks of such dead trees. If we were to search about ten thousand such dead trees, we might be lucky to find may be one or two Ganoderma mushrooms. It was extremely rare and no body knew how to make it grow. The Chinese people know about Ganoderma mushroom for more than five thousand years and they call Ganoderma mushroom the five thousand years old miracle. From ancient times the people discovered that whoever used this mushroom found that all kinds of diseases will get treated without any side effects. They also call Ganoderma mushroom the king of herbs. Among about 125 superior healing herbs, Ganoderma has been at number one position for more than five thousand years.
  4. 4. From around 1980, Dr Lim Siow Jin from Malaysia, started making research and experiments to find out how to grow Ganoderma Mushroom. After about twelve years, Dr Lim perfected techniques of cultivating Ganodrma mushrooms under controlled organic environment. By around 1992, Dr Lim took out dry powder from the fruit body of the Ganodrma mushroom and placed that in capsules and named that Reishi Ganoderma (RG) and took out separate powder from the root portion of the Ganoderma mushroom and called it GL (Ganocelium) which means root portion. These two types of capsules perform different functions in the body, and for this reason they are usually taken together in pairs. For example, if we take three RG capsules per day and three GL capsules per day, we are taking three pairs of DXN Ganoderma capsules per day. The Chinese name of Ganoderma mushroom is Lingzhi and the Japanese name is Reishi. DXN Ganoderma coffee is called Lingzhi and the RG Capsules are named Reishi Ganoderma. Ganoderma is the Latin name of
  5. 5. RG Capsule GL Capsule (Reishi Ganoderma) (Ganocelium Root Portion)
  6. 6. The essence of Ganoderma , when taken through the two types of DXN Capsules ( RG & GL), will penetrate all the cells of the body from head to toe, thus penetrating to the very root of any problems. For example, a person suffering from cancer can have the presence of cancerous cells in the body. Experiments show that Ganoderma displays potent ability to turn cancerous cells back into healthy cells.
  7. 7. DXN Ganoderma products can assist with : High blood pressure (Hyper tension), low blood pressure (hypotension) , Sugar Diabetes, Diabetic Blindness, Cancers, Tumours, Leukemia, Anemia, Kidney problems, Stroke , HIV Aids, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Liver problems, Heart problems, Asthma, Headaches, Skin problems: Eczema, Psoriasis, Gynaecological problems, Irregular menstruation, Infertility (cannot fall pregnant), Back pains, High cholesterol , urination difficulty, frequent urination, Insomnia (cannot sleep), Gastric diseases (stomach problems), Cerebral (brain) apoplexy, epileptic fits, Deep Venous Thrombosis (blocked arteries; blood clot), Intestinal worms, Duodenal ulcers, Headaches including Migraine headaches, Lupus, Muscular Dystrophy (weakness of muscles} Mental Stress, Depression, Anxiety, PMS, Other diseases
  8. 8. Ganoderma does not cure anything. It is not targeted at any specific disease. What does it do? Ganoderma does something very clever. Ganoderma builds the foundation for good health by doing the following three things 1.Ganoderma boosts the immune system 2. De-toxifies 3. Balances the body (pH) thus restores cells to normal condition. and as a result the environment within the body changes from breeding ground for diseases to breeding ground for health. Ganoderma is reputed to have no side effects. Please do not attribute personal testimonial as product claim
  9. 9. (Reproduced from the previous slide) 3. Balances the body (pH) thus restores cells to normal condition. In a healthy human body the pH should be 80% Alkaline and 20% Acidic. With modern way of eating and living, the pH turns more Acidic to too much Acidic. This creates a chemical environment in the human body where all kinds of diseases will thrive. The body becomes a veritable breeding ground for diseases including Diabetes and Gangrene, Cancers, high blood pressure, Stroke (paralysis), low blood pressure, Blood clots in the brain, Arthritis of the worst kind, Lumps, HIV AIDS Infertility , Muscular dystrophy, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Swollen legs Non-healing ulcers, Varicose veins, Kidney problems, Liver problems, heart problems, Skin problems, tumor in the brain – the list is endless. RG & GL ARE ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL ALKALINE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS IN THE WORLD. Ganotherapy tries to restore cells to normal condition. Here diseases cannot survive. See next slides for Dosage Guide
  10. 10. Dosage Guide Start off with one pair (1 RG capsule and 1 GL capsule) per day for a week. Then increase to two pairs a day for a week, then four pairs a day for a week then six pairs per day. Serious health conditions might need a larger dosage, but you can take greater amounts of Ganoderma with no harm. You can also start with 2 pairs per day for one week and then increase by one pair each week as shown in the following two testimonials.
  11. 11. Elizha Mae suffered from Enlarged Liver (Biliary Atresia) that leads to cirrhosis and death within the first years of life. After surgery her liver continued to enlarge. Her condition never stabilized. Elizha was already a year old then but she could not speak, walk nor stand. She was "really" malnourished. Then Elzha’s family was introduced to DXN products and started giving her RG_GL - half a capsule each everyday in the first week then gradually increasing up to 12 pairs in the weeks that followed. Alternately with milk, they also fed her Cocozhi, and 2 tableets of Spirulina daily. Within six months, she began to walk and talk. Her stomach showed signs of recovery. Eventually, she became active and signs of malnourishment waned. Even her doctor was amazed at her recovery. No need for Liver Transplant anymore.
  12. 12. Serious health conditions might need a larger dosage, but you can take greater amounts of Ganoderma with no harm. See slide number 37 ‘Diet Therapy’
  13. 13. Ailment Reflections Healing Symptoms During the initial period of intake, some people have observed dizziness, sore bones, itchy skin, increased bowel movements, hardened feces, and/or pimple-like eruptions or other symptoms. These can be considered normal signs of the ganoderma excreting body toxins. These disturbances vary from person to person and will disappear as intake continues - this is normal it's just Ganoderma helping your body flush out toxins.
  14. 14. Ganoderma may be safely taken with other medication. Ganoderma will simply enhance the positive effects of other medication, at the same time reducing or eliminating adverse side-effects. Ganoderma is food supplement and not medicine or drug. Ganoderma does not have interaction with other medications.
  15. 15. Caution Blood Tests – Urine Tests - other medical tests when using Ganoderma products, medical tests can give inaccurate readings. Toxic wastes will be circulating through the body. Discontinue the use of Ganoderma products for about one week before blood tests or urine tests. Kidney Transplant – Other Transplants Stop taking Ganoderma products at least one week before undergoing Kidney transplant because doctors will want to reduce body’s immune system with Steroids so that Kidney is not rejected. Ganoderma boosts body’s immune system. Do not take Ganoderma products for six months after Kidney Transplant, because there are chances that the body will reject the transplanted Kidney.
  16. 16. People who had problems, who used DXN Ganoderma products, and derived benefits, share their Experiences, their health problems and Solutions. Ganotherapy Assistance – Herbal
  17. 17. Diabetes - Gangrene Chronic Diabetic for the past 17 years & also affected by eczema (skin disease) for the past 7 years. Name : Mr. R. Ramasamy Disease : Chronic Diabetes After intake of 3 pairs of RG and GL for 2 months, Sugar level came to normal (i.e. from 250 to 120 in fasting). My eczema problem totally vanished and feel very energetic. Presently continuing with 2 RG and 2 GL for maintaining my good health.
  18. 18. Sugar Diabetes Gangrene Treated with DXN Ganoderma By Consumption of RG & GL Capsules and External application of RG Powder Amputation was avoided
  19. 19. Powder from RG Capsules. Twist open and take out powder from RG Capsules in a small plate or small container and sprinkle this powder inside the open wound. The open wound could be due to Gangrene, Nonhealing Ulcer or Tumor that has burst open. Thus RG Capsules have a double role to play. We swallow RG Capsules together with GL Capsules and sprinkle the powder of RG Capsules inside the open wound.
  20. 20. Gangrene healed with Ganoderma Gangrene on foot. Consumed DXN RG & GL Capsules and externally applied powder from DXN RG Capsules on to the open wound (gangrene). Clean daily. Expect a lot of discharge. The skin will heal.
  21. 21. Gangrene treated with Ganoderma After one toe was amputated Name Sophia Bt Hamidul, Malaysia. I started consuming Ganoderma. A week passed, pus and a fluid discharge oozed from the gangrene and I felt dizziness and pain. After 2 months with DXN products, Gangrene was fully healed. Before After
  22. 22. Diabetes - Gangrene Mrs. SARLA BHATIA New Delhi 54 years. Suffering from Diabetes for the past 15 years (High Blood Sugar). Used to take Insulin injections. In May 1996 she developed boils on her left foot. Which later turned into Gangrene. Over a period of time due to high Blood Sugar, it was informed that her left foot would require amputation. No amount of Medical attention was able to cure her disease, but before amputation, she was introduced to DXN Ganoderma. In April 2004 I started taking RG/GL 2 pairs and subsequently increased to 6 pairs per day. By consumption of RG & GL Capsules and External application of RG Powder her foot started to show very good improvement, and finally the foot got healed. Foot completely normal, amputation was avoided. DXN Ganoderma has saved my foot. Thanks to Dr Lim Siow Jin.
  23. 23. Share Your Experiences Mrs Paulinah Jele, Daveyton, Benoni 3009 2691 She suffered from sugar diabetes for two years and as a result she became blind. She could not see her own grand-daughter. Within two weeks (from 4-112010) Paulinah Jele got back her eyes! She regained her normal vision! I was blind. Within two “I used DXN RG & GL Capsules and weeks I got back DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee”- Paulinah my eyes! Jele
  24. 24. Margaret ‘s luck and life changed for the better when her friend Mrs Paulinah Jele introduced her to DXN products. Margaret had growth in her womb and had made appointment at the hospital for surgery. Margaret used RG & GL 2732 Capsules and drank DXN Lingzhi Coffee every day for four weeks. Then on 21st January 2011, Margaret went to hospital for surgery. Scan before the surgery showed that Margaret had no growth in her womb and therefore no surgery was required.
  25. 25. Mrs Diana Tswanggae Mrs Diana Tswanggae introduced DXN products to Mrs Yolande Cynthia Pama in November 2011 Yolande avoided surgery for growth in the womb. Mrs Yolande Cynthia Pama
  26. 26. Growth in the womb, Ulcer in the stomach, short breath. 2764 Yolande Cynthia Pama suffered for more than 10 years. From 10-11-2011 Yolande consumed 3 RG & 3 GL capsules per day and drank DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee. During the first week the use of DXN Ganoderma produced healing symptoms (toxic wastes were getting dissolved and getting thrown out). Yolande experienced lots of pains on the back under the neck, whole of the back, pains in hands and fingers and severe headaches. Yolande found it difficult to get out of bed or to move about in the house so mostly sat it out on the sofa. Within one week all the pains went away and growth in the womb, stomach ulcer and short breath just vanished. Skin tone has
  27. 27. Mr Joshua Masienyane, from Palmsprings He has touched the lives of people because he cares and thinks about how he can help people around him by introducing DXN Ganoderma products. 2649
  28. 28. Blind man got back his eyes with DXN His neighbour, Mr Joshua Masienyane told Mr Duma to consume 1pair DXN Mr Duma, RG & GL Capsules from and drink DXN Palmsprings Lingzhi Coffee. Between the ears and eyes, applied mixture of Lingzhi Coffee powder and Ganozhi toothpaste. Within two weeks, Mr Duma regained normal vision after being blind for 4 years due to Diabetes. Medical check up: His Diabetes (sugar level) became normal. 2624
  29. 29. 2747 Mrs Elizabeth Vilakazi , age 58, from Orlando East, Johannesburg, was semi blind (half blind) for 48 years. With DXN Ganoderma products she regained her normal vision within one hour! Truly a remarkable case history. Since the age of 10, something got into her right eye. She kept on scratching, used so many eye drops, eye ointments, eye doctors – nothing helped. On 25th November 2011 Elizabeth was walking in Ntemi Piliso street in Johannesburg and met Mr Joshua Masienyane, a DXN member. Mr Joshua made a mixture of DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee Powder, Ganozhi Toothpaste and powder from DXN RG Capsule, and applied that around the outside of both eyes and between the ears and the eyes. Within one hour, Elizabeth began to see with normal vision with her right eye!
  30. 30. Lung Cancer Stage 4 Winning against Hopelessness “Upon his last check-up, doctors determined that his lungs were normal and cleared of cancer” DXN to Beat the Odds
  31. 31. Breast Cancer Stage 3 “I am now a cancer survivor and a member of Cancer Survivors Association” -Mae Yap DXN to Beat the Odds
  32. 32. Cancer of Stomach and Esophagus - had reached advanced stage. Mr Saifuddin N Dhuliawala 65 yrs old, was not able to eat or drink. He took 3 Chemotherapies by 11th February. Prostate Cancer “I started consuming DXN products on 10th March and by 17th March started getting results, within a week. Toxins were thrown out in the form of urine and stool.. Now I have recovered nearly 80% Now I can eat and drink like a normal person. God’s most divine gift (DXN Products) helped me
  33. 33. Some other person had Prostate cancer. Some ladies had Ovarian cancer, cancer of the cervix. They came right with DXN Ganotherapy. The location of the cancer is not important. Why? Ganotherapy is not targeted at any specific disease.
  34. 34. Breast Cancer & Uterine Cancer Mrs P Indira, 51 yrs. took 2 chemotherapy courses and was suffering from many side effects like extreme heat in the body, heavy hair loss, loss of appetite, discomfort in the whole body. From 05-06-2005 started 15 pairs of RG & GL and after 1 week increased to 30 pairs of RG & GL capsules (daily) “2 weeks after consumption all the side effects mentioned above got reduced gradually and now I am able to have normal food, my appetite has increased, my hair started growing and heat of the body became normal. At present continuing 30 pairs of RG & GL.
  35. 35. DIET THERAPY: A special method of taking DXN products in high dosage. Ailment Reflections may be greatly reduced by Diet Therapy. Take a small plate. Twist open and take out powder from 30 RG Capsules and powder from 30 GL Capsules. Mix the two types of powders. Take half ltr of lukewarm water in a glass bottle and place the powder from 30 RG & 30 GL Capsules in this bottle. Tighten the cap and shake this bottle a minimum of 100 times to build up potency. Then let the patient drink all this mixture. This must be repeated every day, every 24 hours until the patient’s condition stabilizes. The potency that builds up by shaking the bottle will wear out within one and half to two hours. The solution must be taken internally within two hours. If a patient cannot finish the mixture and if say half bottle is not taken . After several hours shake the remaining solution again 100 times and give to the patient. Instead of lukewarm water, DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee can also be used.
  36. 36. Mrs Dorah Constance Khali, 53 yrs Dobsonville Gardens, Gauteng Breast cancer stage 3 diagnosed in February 2010. Operation on left breast done in March 2010. Chemotherapy from May 2010 for 6 months. Experienced severe pains in the 2752 left breast and could not sleep on left side. Irene Thandi Ngwenya, a DXN Member, introduced Dorah to DXN products on 22-072011. Dorah also attended DXN presentation. Dorah consumed every day for three and half months 30 RG & 30 GL Capsules (powder in water shaken 100 times), 20 DXN Spirulina tablets daily and half bottle of Moinzhi juice per day. Also rubbed Ganozhi toothpaste on the breast. Diet guidelines were provided. With DXN Ganoderma products, all her pains got reduced gradually. Blood test at Flora Clinic in October 2011 showed that Dorah Khali had no more cancer. Florah Clinic could not detect any trace of the
  37. 37. Leukemia – Anemia (Belle’s brother had died from Leukemia) Belle, just like her late brother, was anemic. The oxygen supply to her brain from the blood was low and way beyond normal, thus she often lost consciousness. And worse, her blood sugar was very high which caused the weakening of her muscle that left her like a vegetable – she cannot even stand up. Her hair was falling off and spots showed all over-
  38. 38. Leukemia – Anemia (continued) When it reached the point that Belle can barely support her body to walk or even just to stand up, she was refused to be accepted in school and soon she was confined in a hospital in late March 2003. Out of desperation and left with almost no other options and that was when her mother Betty decided to give her daughter DXN products. While still confined in the hospital, in mid-April, Belle started taking 15 pairs of DXN RG/GL Capsules and 12 tablets of DXN Spirulina daily before breakfast. She also had DXN Cocozhi as her liquid support. Miraculously, after a month of confinement, Belle managed to walk again, however, she still felt weak. The following months, she was able to go out and attend church services. And finally, in September of the same year, she totally recovered – as shown in her medical certificates. Belle’s hair with the use of Ganozhi shampoo became fuller and thicker.
  39. 39. Mrs Maria Komane developed cancer of the tongue and she February 2013 was advised by doctors to cut off her tongue. She was in terrible pains, could not move her tongue and was not able to talk and not able to eat. Maria’s daughter Martha brought her mother Maria to DXN in February 2013. Within six months Mrs Maria Komane completely recovered from her terrible ordeal and now enjoys normal life. She can talk normally and she can eat all normal foods. All pains are gone. Her tongue was saved from amputation.
  40. 40. END of PART 1 DXN International South Africa Part 2 will take you through amazing testimonials Stroke (paralysis) Blood clots in the brain Arthritis of the worst kind Big Lump (growth on the back of the neck) HIV AIDS Infertility – Couples are not able to have children Weakness of the muscles – Muscular dystrophy Rheumatoid Arthritis Swollen legs Non-healing ulcers on ankle Varicose veins Kidney problems Burns- 3rd degree burns
  41. 41. DXN INTERNATIONAL SOUTH AFRICA TEL 0027-11-838-7991/2 Email-