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Hacking a cause of cyber crime final
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Hacking a cause of cyber crime final


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  • 1. Hacking a cause of cyber crime
  • 2. Cyber Crime• I n S i mp l e w a y w e c a n s a y t h a t c y b e r c r i me i s u n l a w f u l a c t s w h e r e i n t h e c o mp u t e r i s e i t h e r a t o o l o r a t a r g e t o r b o t h .• CATEGORIES OF CYBER CRIME: C o m p u t e r s a n d t h e We b p r o v i d e a n e w e n v i r o n m e n t f o r f •r C y d , e r b e z zi l m e e n tc , a n e b t , fb oar s i rc y a l n dy i d d uvs it r i ea d a u b e m -c r e ms t h f e g e , a l n i d l It is more tsimpler jto rstop/destroy the: visible e s p i o n a g e . i n o 3 ma o c a t e g o r i e s 1. C y b e r -c r i m e s a is a i n s t p e r s o n s . C r i enemiesmthen donet who m p unot visible nthat‘s the r e g• me s c o m i t t e wi h c o t e r s a n d o t h e We b a 2.e C a sbt e r i-c g ia n de h a ra dge a i t n sd te t p c t o tp hea rn t s y m i l a r y r m s r . reasonemria tt-c e cyber crime m poumore .v e r n m e into mo r e d v 3. C y b c r i me s c o m whyn di w i et sh oau g a io n s tt e g e difficult t t r m t c r is o r s control because cyber criminals are not visible.• A t h i e f wh o s t e a l s a c r e d i t c a r d g a i n s a c c e s s t o a mu c h l a r g e r a mo u n t o f mo n e y t h a n t h e t h i e f wh o s t o l e a wa l l e t i n t h e p a s t wi t h o n l y c a s h . F o r e g C r i mi n a l s c a n s t e a l , c o mmi t f r a u d , o r d e s t r o y d a t a f r o m mi l e s
  • 3. Types of Cyber Crime Hackers: enjoy intellectual challenges ofHacking overcoming software limitations andDenial of Service how to increase capabilities of systemsAttack Crackers: illegally break into other people’sPornography secure systems and networksPhising Cyber Terrorists: threaten and attack otherSpoofing people’s computers to further a socialSalami Attack or political agendaForgery
  • 4. How do people Hack …? Motivation for Hackers:- The challenge... ‗because it‘s there!‘ Ego Espionage Ideology Mischief Money (extortion or theft) Revenge
  • 5. Hacker Characteristics Predominantly male Aged from mid-teens to mid-twenties Lacking in social skills Underachiever in other areas who sees computing as a means of being important or powerful
  • 6. History of Hackers• In December of 1947, the transistor was invented.• Captain Crunch• Steve Jobs• Kevin Mitnick• AT&T• The Worm- Robert Morris• Kevin Poulsen (a.k.a. Dark Dante)• Tsumomu Shimomura• David Smith• Jon Johansen (a.k.a. DVD Jon)
  • 7. 21 January 2003 : -Two years jail for UK virus writer who infected27,000 PCs Simon Vallor, the twenty-two year old web designer from North Wales who, in December 2002, pleaded guilty to writing and distributing three computer viruses, was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court, London to a two year custodial sentence. His viruses - Gokar, Redesi and Admirer – were proven to have infected 27,000 PCs in 42 countries.
  • 8. Successful Hackers• Eric McCarty hacks into USC database• Australian hacker attacks sewage control computers
  • 9. What are ―Hacking‖ 3 phases?The three phases of hacking are: Phase 2—the early years (1960‘s andto the 1990‘s, 3—beginning from mid-1990‘s with the 1—the period in thethe 1970‘s 1970‘s), when when hacking took on its more hackingof the Web and term; negative meanings. growth was a positive of e-commerce and the participation of a large portion of the general public online.
  • 10. Hacking can take several forms:-• Accessing - entering a network which is intended to be private• Defacing – changing the content of another person‘s Web site• Hijacking – redirecting elsewhere anyone trying to access a particular Web site• Bombing – overwhelming a site with countless messages to slow down or even crash the server• Denial of service – running a program which sends thousands of requests to a site simultaneously, frequently from more than one source, so that the relevant server slows down considerably or preferably (from the point of view of the hacker) crashes.
  • 11. Some facts on hacking• The Information Security Advisory Group estimates that world-wide there are now some 100,000 hackers or crackers (as they prefer to describe themselves).• Hackers have developed a program called ―The Backdoor‖ which provides them access to systems running Microsoft Windows.• Company computer systems are usually more difficult to hack because they employ protective arrangements such as firewalls.• The most infamous group of hackers – operating since 1994 – is an American team which calls itself ―The Cult of the Dead Cow‖ (CDC).• hacking incidents of recent times occurred in February 2000 when distributed ‗denial of service‘ attacks brought down the sites of Yahoo!, CNN, eBay,, Amazon, E*Trade, Datek & ZDNet.• hacking into 92 computer networks operated by NASA and the US military (including two break-ins at the Pentagon).• Western Union closed its web site for five days in September 2001 after a security breach saw hackers access 15,000 records containing credit and debit card details.
  • 12. The Future Hacktivism, or Political Hacking Catching Hackers• Hacking by terrorists and by government-sponsored military organizations is likely to increase. The governments of the U.S., China, and other countries are using or planning such attacks.• The potential for havoc will increase when hackers can control devices, not just for information.• Hacktivism is the use of hacking to promote a political cause.• A police detective specializing in financial crime and hacking told that 30% of hackers are government informers.• Law-enforcement and security personnel continue to update their skills and tools as hackers change theirs.• The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), based at Mello University, was established in 1988 in response to the Internet Worm.(CERT itself was the victim of a denial-of-service attack in 2001, bogging down its Web site for 30 hours.)
  • 13. What are the Effects of Computer Hacking1. It exposes the sensitive data of the user and risks user privacy.2. Modification of important data with intent to achieve personal gain is another effect of computer hacking.3. It meant to be an illegal use of someone elses identity for personal use.4. Several key-logging software have been evolved which are capable of tracking and recording key stroke by the user, causing stealing of passwords and account details.5. If the information related to national security, confidential government data, information related to national defence and security6. Hacking can be used to convert computer into zombies.
  • 14. Cyber Crime and Its Causes…! CYBER LAW• India has enacted the first I.T.Act, 2000 based on the UNCIRAL model recommended by the general assembly of the United Nations.Offence Section under IT Act• Tampering with Computer source documents Sec.65• Hacking with Computer systems, Data alteration Sec.66• Publishing obscene information Sec.67• Un-authoried access to protected system Sec.70• Breach of Confidentiality and Privacy Sec.72• Publishing false digital signature certificates Sec.73
  • 15. Partially Updated (9): Brazil, Chile, China, C Substantially or Fully zech Updated (10): Republic, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Es Malaysia, Poland, Sp tonia, India, ain, Japan, Mauritius, Per United Kingdoma u, Philippines, Turkey, United States No Updated Laws (33):Albania, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cuba, Dominic an Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, France, Gambia, H…
  • 16. How can you find out whether your computer has been hacked?• An unexplained decline in computer performance,• An unexpected increase in file size,• Unexplained modifications to files,• Sudden changes in network settings of the computer• Frequent disk crashes are some of the warning signs of a hacked computer.
  • 17. What kind of protection is available?• Cyber Security – Cyber security standards are security standards which enables organizations to practice safe security techniques to minimize the number of successful cyber security attacks. • ADVANTAGES OF CYBER SECURITY • It defends us from critical attacks. • It helps us browse safe websites. • It defends us from hacks and virus• Prevention Small Things• Tips to secure your Wireless network• Security and Passwords• Protect yourself against viruses• Install a Firewall• Update your Microsoft Systems
  • 18. CONCLUSION• The modern thief can steal more with a computer than without a gun.• Tomorrow‘s terrorists may be able to do more damage with a keyboard than with a bomb.• Thus hacking is one of the serious cause of Thank you cyber-crime in todays world.