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  • 2.  NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL or RASHTRIYA VIKAS PARISHAD is the apex body for decision making and deliberations on developments matters in india,presided over by the Prime Minister.
  • 3. The first meeting chaired by primeminister, JAWAHARLAL NEHRU onNovember8-9,1952. So far 55 meetings had been held. The55th meeting of National DevelopmentCouncil was held on 24 July 2010 atVigyan Bhavan,New Delhi.
  • 4. The National Development council is presided over by the prime minister of India and includes all the union ministers, chief ministers of all the states and administrators of union territories and members of planning commission. Minister of state with independent charge are also invited to deliberations of the council.
  • 5.  To strengthen and mobilize the effort and resources of the nation in support of the plan to promote common economic policies in all vital spheres, and to ensure the balanced and rapid development of all parts of country.
  • 6.  objective was not just growth, but inclusive growth. This means a growth which would bring tangible benefits to the weaker sections, the SC/ST, minorities and other excluded groups. some assessment of our success in achieving inclusiveness is possible using other measures. One aspect of inclusiveness is the growth performance of individual States.
  • 7.  To prescribe guideline for the formulation of the national plan, including the assessment of resources for the plan; To consider the national plan as formulated by the planning commission; To consider important questions of the social and economic policy affecting national development;
  • 8.  And to review the working of the plan from time to time and to recommend such measures as are necessary for achieving the aim and targets set out in the national plan. The prime function of the council is to act as a kind of bridge between the union government, the planning commission and the state governments.
  • 9.  It helps in the coordination not only of policies and programmes of plans but also other matters of national importance. It provides the good forum for the discussion and full and free exchange of views. There is no other comparative forum.
  • 10.  There have been occasions when the reserve bank governor and other experts have been invited to address the meetings. The large membership of the council, which at one time rose to 50,reduced the utility of the council for discussion as a compact body and in November 1954 a standard committee was established with only nine chief ministers and a few union ministers as members.
  • 11.  In addition, the council has been appointing committees from time to time for a detailed examination of certain problems. The council ordinarily meets twice a year. It is interesting to note that the council ordinarily passes no resolution formally.
  • 12.  The practice is to have a complete record of discussion and gather out of its general trends pinpointing particular conclusions. Decisions are usually unanimous.
  • 13.  The NPC will function as the secretariat to the NDC. Facilitating the formulation of annual budget and programme. The Prime Minister will table the period plan formulated by NPC in the meeting of the meeting of the council for its comments.
  • 14.  In the NDC meeting, the NPC will recommend appropriate objectives and policies for the periodic and annual plan. The NPC will prepare agenda to be discussed in the council meeting and will distributed the same with cooperation of concerned ministers.
  • 15.  The first issue relates to determining the state level five year plan for the 12th plan period. The second issue relates to resources for the plan.
  • 16.  The third issue is about Agriculture. The fourth issue relates to the management of energy resources. The fifth issue relates to the management of water resources
  • 17.  During the 56th national development council meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on Saturday, Gogoi said international internet connectivity from Cox Bazar should be extended up to Guwahati as the distance between the two places is only 480 km. Gogoi said Internet connectivity from Coxs Bazar and Guwahati could be easily linked through the Se-ME-WE-4 undersea cable station.
  • 18.  Dr Manmohan Singh(prime minister) Pranab mukherjee(minister of finance) Sharad chandra govindrao pawar(minister of agriculture) A K Antony(minister of defence) Sushil Kumar(minister of power) Kamal nath (minister of urban development).