Steel mill services for electric arc furnace steelmakers


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Logistics services, slag and dust and sludge recycling, metal recovery

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Steel mill services for electric arc furnace steelmakers

  1. 1. Engineered Solutions for Electric Steelmakers © 2014 Harsco Corporation, All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Harsco Corporation Harsco is a global industrial services company Listed on NYSE, S&P 400 index Harsco is a global provider of industrial services and engineered products Market leading positions in Metals & Minerals, Rail and Industrial products Annual sales of more than $3bn covering 400 locations in over 50 countries 1
  3. 3. Worldwide presence Harsco Metals & Minerals Operations at over 160 sites in 30 countries Services: Logistics; Environmental Remediation, Material Recycling, Metal & mineral recovery, Co-Product marketing
  4. 4. Safety Principles All occupational injuries & illnesses are preventable Safety is everyone’s responsibility Working safely is a condition of employment Managers & supervisors are responsible for training all employees to work safely All operating exposures can be reasonably safeguarded Preventing injuries & accidents contributes to business success 3
  5. 5. Environmental Management We maintain environmental standards and work to ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems covering: Airborne pollution control Storage of hazardous materials Spill prevention and clean up Waste management Fuel and energy conservation 4
  6. 6. Continuous Improvement The Group Best Practices define our standard operating practices across the globe. Draws on best operating practice generated from Harsco’s 70-year global operating experience. Cover Safety, Asset Management, Operating Guidelines and Service Quality. Continuously reviewed and updated 1) Unique knowledge-sharing mechanism that operates across the global Harsco team 2) Providing the highest quality service that delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership 5
  7. 7. Harsco EAF Services at a glance 6
  8. 8. Today’s Steelmaking Challenges Minimise Raw Material Costs Optimise Logistical Efficiency Maintain Metal Product Quality Achieving Environmental Sustainability 7
  9. 9. Helping steelmakers to optimise logistical efficiency and productivity Scrap Management Scrap processing Product handling Transportation Meltshop services Packaging 8
  10. 10. Scrap Management Optimise scrap reception, storage, menus and delivery to the furnace. Handling of scrap arriving by road, rail and barge Radioactivity Control, Quality Control Collection and transport of internally arising scrap Reception, storage and real time scrap inventory control Load scrap baskets according to menus received electronically from the meltshop Transport baskets to the furnace on specialist vehicles 9
  11. 11. ® ScrapMaster Overview Three integrated operating modules for cost-effective management of the entire scrap supply chain, with full segregation and traceability Incoming scrap Scrap Handling Scrap Chute loading ® ScrapMaster Management information reporting puts you in control 10
  12. 12. Scrap Basket Densification Scrap Basket Densification is a service which improves the density of the scrap in the basket. The scrap is added to the basket before the furnace charge. By upgrading C-Fines which roll off the end of the conveyor belt at metal recovery plants, valuable scrap material can be utilized to make the scrap charge denser and therefore improve the efficiency of each heat.
  13. 13. Scrap Optimisation ® ScrapMaster now integrates functionality from BOSS (Blending Optimisation Software Suite) Under license from Management Science Associates, Inc. World leading optimisation program Yield-based cost calculation Actual scrap cost per tonne of steel Value of the scrap inventory on a real-time basis Minimises scrap charge cost, grade by grade Based on specific grade production data entered by the steelmaker planned tonnage, scrap composition, prices, availability and inventory
  14. 14. Scrap Processing We process revert or external scrap according to your specific needs and prepare scrap for internal re-use. External or internal Scrap processing/upgrading Baling Shearing Shredding Drop-balling Mobile Lancing operation High volume cutting 13
  15. 15. Scrap Baling Case Study: Domestic Scrap Baling Annual Volume of Scrap Processed: 51k tonnes/year Baler Cycle Time: Cutting Force: Average Density of Baled Scrap 2 minutes per batch, each batch is 0.7 tonnes 2000 PSI Up to 2.2 tons/m3 14
  16. 16. Scrap Shredding Shredder, Argentina - Unloading of incoming scrap 17,000 tonnes per month - Sorting of unshreddable material (cylinders, gas tanks, etc) - Scrap feeding to the Shredder Machine - Transport to Basket preparation Yard for disposal 15
  17. 17. High-Volume Scrap Cutting Multi-torch FerroCut® system delivers high productivity when cutting Thick & heavy scrap - Cuts material up to 1.6metres thick Tundish & Heavily contaminated skulls Totally enclosed cutting bed and gas cleaning ensures environmental compliance 16
  18. 18. Case Study ArcelorMittal Acindar, Argentina
  19. 19. Plant Overview Metso Supplied 4000 HP Erected in 2007 Capacity ; 200 KT / year Loaded by an Equilibrium Crane equipped with a 1,5 m3 grab 18
  20. 20. Densification Scrap Densification: Input Scrap: 0.27 T/m3 Shredded scrap: 0.9 T/m3 N. Baskets per heat: Pre Shredder: 3 After Shredder: 1-2 Rejected: 19% of Input (0.65 T/m3) including non-ferrous for sale by AM 19
  21. 21. Densification Data from AM Acindar Example in 2009, without shredder VS with shredder; Out Tonnes In Tonnes ; 117 KT of raw material 95 KT of shredded scraps + 22 KT of rejected Out Volume; In volume ; 435 000 m3 106 000 m3 + 34 000 m3 Scrap Volume reduced by 76% 20
  22. 22. Other Benefits On site shredding Reduced power requirement Improved yield Reduced electrode consumption Alloy and flux consumption Reduction in Missed specifications Productivity increase Reduced landfill Approx. 2% of steelmaking COSTS Reduced refractory consumption 21
  23. 23. Other Benefits with Harsco Since the arrival of Harsco new scrapyard solution The downgraded heat indicator has been reduced to a 20% of the historical value, thanks to the use of ScrapMaster™. Minutes of delay have been reduced from an average of 1 to 0,1 min/heat. 22
  24. 24. Harsco Customised Scrap Solutions Harsco provide a customised solution for each project based on individual requirements Scrap logistics is tailored to the import scrap transport; road, rail, barge, ship Scrap handling operations are modelled utilising simulation software to optimise logistic solutions Scrap handling equipment is selected based on optimised simulation of operation to minimise capital expenditure while achieving customer delivery requirements Logistics operations are supported by sophisticated inventory management systems that can be combined with optimisation technology Additional scrap processing and densification equipment can be added to remove non-ferrous materials and provided product to match steelmakers requirements
  25. 25. Liquid Steel Transport Transport of liquid steel ladles from furnace to caster Ladle transport in specialist tailored vehicles Up to 400 tonne capacity, seven axle, elevating pallet carriers Infra-red camera monitors the ladle shell temperature to prevent breakouts 24
  26. 26. Essential maintenance - Meltshop Comprehensive 24/7 service throughout meltshop Ladle and vessel lip cleaning Tundish removal and transport 25
  27. 27. Semi-finished Product Handling Optimise inventory value with on-site marking and tracking of semi-finished products. Barcode or RFID tag marking Item location tracking through RFID or Differential GPS 26
  28. 28. Semi-finished Product Handling Controlled cooling and handling of billets and blooms - Controlled cooling: customised cooling hoods for slow cooling option - Specially adapted wide span multi-fork lift truck for controlled product handling 27
  29. 29. Finished Product Logistics Transport and supply chain management solutions for finished products Tracking and identification of finished products to ensure traceability Stockyard management Internal transport service to road, rail or sea dispatch points 28
  30. 30. Helping steelmakers to meet end-user requirements for product quality Slitting and cutting 29
  31. 31. Cutting & Slitting Specialist machines designed to cut slab & plate to millimetre tolerances Fully automated twin axis cutting assemblies Specialist oxy fuel torches to minimise cut width and yield loss Multi-torch independently controlled machines Full on-board measurement systems 30
  32. 32. Product Quality Solutions In-line bar sorting and repair facility Visual inspection to identify and fix surface defects e.g. splits, folds, poor cuts or outside required lengths Real time processing Machine sits over the advancing cooling table at the exit to the rolling mill. Non-conforming bars are identified, removed, repaired and re-injected back into the production flow 31
  33. 33. Helping steelmakers to optimise the economic value of recycled by-products Slag handling/Metal recovery Slag recycling Dust & sludge metal recovery and recycling 32
  34. 34. Current resource recovery solutions: EAF Raw Material Waste material Process or product Process Plant Harsco Plant EAF Dust Rolling Mill Sludge Sludge treatment plant Electricity Coolant scrap Fines Metallurgical Additives Scrap Basket Densification Scrap Road products Ladle Slag Sale Asphalt LANDFILL Mineral recovery Coal DRI Iron Ore Millscale EAF Slag MR plant Metal recovery Fines Upgrading Aggregate sale Oxide recovery Oil Separation
  35. 35. Slag Recycling overview Transport Processing Slag Product Development Metal Recovery Slag resold to third parties 34
  36. 36. Slag management Comprehensive slag tapping and tipping service Slag removal from the vessel Slag watering and cooling Slag pit design Slag pit digging 35
  37. 37. Metal Recovery Recycling recovered residual metallics to save on high-cost raw materials Separation and recovery of metallics from slag and debris Crushing and screening of de-metalised slag Upgrading of recovered metallics =>Coolant and degasser scrap production 36
  38. 38. Steelmaking Scrap Value Area EAF Material Steel scrap Fe Content % 70 - 80 Size (mm) 130 - 150 1 -3 tonne lumps Ladle Degassing Ladle coolant scrap 90 30 -130 Degasser coolant scrap 95+ 12 -30 Requirement Size to allow compact charging. Free of deleterious materials Low residuals, free flowing Very low residuals, small size, free flowing Price ($/tonne) 275 420 515 37
  39. 39. Slag Recycling Steel slag is re-used in many commercial applications International centres of excellence in UK, Netherlands, NZ & USA Full testing facilities for supporting slag approval with government agencies Slag products successfully applied to - Road surfacing - Non-structural concrete - Cement manufacturing - Agriculture - Railway ballast - Construction fill - Ground stabilisation 38
  40. 40. Oily Millscale sludge remediation The challenge of Oily Millscale Sludge Oily millscale sludge generated by rolling mills is a hazardous waste, making landfill an expensive option. Harsco Solution Harsco offers a service using ultra-high pressure water treatment technology, which separates the oil and millscale, producing a clean scale. • Developed for oil the industry (recovery of oil and clean sand) • Harsco has applied the technology to oily sludge from millscale at steel mills View video Further information: Jeremy Makepeace