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RSM Connections

  1. 1. connections Redmond Schwartz Mark Design
  2. 2. Redmond Schwartz Mark Design We create meaningful connections. It’s what we do; it’s who we are. RSM Design creates branding and graphics for the built environment. We create meaningful connections by thinking differently and digging deeper. RSM Design is a synergistic team of creative individuals dedicated to delivering design that is fresh, engaging, and evocative. We take information and create inspiration. We elevate projects by connecting the dots, making the intangible tangible, creating memorable moments, and bringing projects to life.
  3. 3. people Shoes optional, creativity a must. RSM Design is a unique team of creative designers, storytellers, historians, artists, and strategic thinkers. We are committed to capturing the spirit of place and community, and communicating this in a compelling way to the guest. Our team is an eclectic mix of passionate designers who share a common set of beliefs. We believe design should never be confined to convention, that design can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and that great design is meaningful and captivating.
  4. 4. Suzanne Redmond Schwartz, SEGD Martin Schwartz, SEGD Harry Mark, AIA, SEGD Principal, WBE Principal Principal Suzanne R. Schwartz, founding partner and Martin Schwartz, founding partner of Redmond Harry Mark, AIA partner and one of the lead one of the lead designers within the firm, Schwartz Mark Design, has bachelor degrees in designers in the firm, is a registered architect directs and manages the team of designers at both business and architecture from the University and graphic designer, having graduated from Redmond Schwartz Mark Design. Her range of of Texas at Austin. Martin’s skills as both a successful the University of Texas with a bachelors degree responsibilities and skills are carried throughout business entrepreneur and architectural designer are in architecture and a Master of Architecture the duration of projects and include involvement combined at the firm to manage and direct each degree from the University of Pennsylvania. from the initial vision and conceptual design project’s successful development. He is involved in the design of the projects through the project’s complete design He is involved throughout the projects from the from the initial vision and concepts through development. creation of the initial vision through the project’s fabrication and construction administration, As the director of a large Dallas based development and implementation of the design ensuring that the design integrity is carried graphics firm for over ten years, she was throughout. throughout. responsible for a variety of project types ranging Martin began his career in architectural design at Harry dedicates his summers as a from comprehensive multi-use signage packages Steven Ehrlich Architects in Venice, California and later senior architect in remote Turkey, directing a to imaging and logo design for retail centers, returned to Texas and worked with RTKL Associates in team of graduate students in drawing and restaurants, hotels, and numerous other project Dallas. reconstructing the ancient archaeological types. He provides the firm with the strength and excavation of Aphrodisias. Suzanne’s many architectural and client professionalism in client service and project His architectural and graphics design collaborations have included work with some of management pertaining to large signing, graphics, experience is vast and impressive, working as the top design and architectural firms in the world, and architectural projects. His disciplined approach a senior project designer and associate with along with international clients working in a to numbers and implementation afford the design international design firms on a range of projects multitude of environments. team the necessary framework to complete high-level from small scaled challenges tolarge mixed-use projects on time and within budget. and urban developments.
  5. 5. projects 21 Years, 350 projects, 30 states, 34 countries Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. You’ll never get an already-done-that idea or a rubber stamped design, because every project is different. Some big, some small, but all unique, and our design solutions reflect that. We approach every project with fresh eyes; we push ourselves to go beyond the expected and that starts with collaboration. We work directly with our clients, we listen, we explore, and we nurture ideas to fruition ultimately creating memorable experiences in the built environment. Visually arresting, some are bold and direct, others subtle and elegant. From branding to wayfinding to visioning, we create worldwide work that is meaningful, memorable, and genuinely inventive. Our clients span the globe from Los Angeles to Tokyo and everywhere in between. We pride ourselves on the diverse bunch of people that come knocking on our door and feel privileged to work with clients we respect, admire and enjoy. And they must like us a little too, because most our clients are repeat collaborators.
  6. 6. Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Sands Bethlehem Casino Resort occupies the site of one of the United States’ largest historic steel mills. RSM Design was responsible for implementing a comprehensive identity, graphics program, and wayfinding system for the casino, hotel, event center, and retail venues. The concept was to retain the character of the century old site, while introducing the energy and excitement of a gaming and resort destination. Working with the National Museum of Industrial History (a branch of the Smithsonian Institution), RSM was able to incorporate historic relics and exhibits throughout the project, uniting some pieces of local history with modern design elements to create a unique historic destination. RSM Design also assisted in the re-branding of the Sands corporate logo, as well as in the naming and branding of the many restaurants and entertainment areas throughout the project.
  7. 7. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Yas Island, UAE When completed in early 2010, the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be the world's largest indoor theme park. RSM Design is proud to be a part of the Aldar Properties' team in this exciting development. Our passionate group of Ferrari enthusiasts in San Clemente is wrapping up the designs for the theme park's identity signs, entry sequence, exterior wayfinding program, and structured car park. In addition to the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi signage, the studio is also developing a wayfinding program for the "Race Day" signs to be implemented for the inaugural F1 Grand Prix.
  8. 8. Ferrari World Taxi Drop-off Coach Drop-off Carpark
  9. 9. Waikiki Beach Walk Honolulu, Hawaii RSM Design was eager to participate in the transformation of Lewers Street in downtown Waikiki, into one of the largest developments in the area. This mixed-use tourist destination brings together international retail with the resort environment, and traverses across eight acres adjacent to one of the loveliest beaches in the world. Waikiki Beach Walk includes five hotels, an outdoor entertainment plaza, and dozens of retailers and restaurants. To incorporate the rich lore and history of Hawaii, RSM used variations of traditional Hawaiian patterns throughout the project. Despite restrictive local sign ordinances, RSM was able to develop a signage program that is unique to the location, such as the integration of beautiful lacquered hardwoods reminiscent of historic surfboards. The inclusion of a natural stone fountain with a Hawaiian poem, as well as historical plaques worked into the signage, to both inform and delight the guest.
  10. 10. Natick Collection Natick, Massachusetts The developers of Natick Collection, New England’s premier mixed-use retail destination, commissioned RSM Design to create the identity, re-branding, wayfinding, graphics, and signage for its latest “Platinum Project.” The RSM team created an understated communications package, culminating in the Collection’s signature ‘N’ logo. Every design detail was meant to complement, rather than compete with the Collection’s iconic retail destinations. From the signature ‘N’ to the signage in the parking garage, RSM’s cohesive design incorporated high-end metals and materials surrounding the visitor in understated luxury.
  11. 11. The Shops at River Park Fresno, California The bold sculptural and over-scaled identity created by RSM Design for this regional center has become an iconic and landmark feature within this community. There is no mistaking when you’ve arrived at The Shops at River Park. This same approach was carried into the pedestrian-scaled wayfinding and directory elements with strong vertical illuminated glass beacons to guide the visitor through the center.
  12. 12. Victoria Gardens Rancho Cucamonga, California Rancho Cucamonga is one of those unique communities with an intriguing name that until recently, not many knew much about the history of the area. Now a thriving and growing community east of Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga has its place in history. When RSM designed the environmental graphics program for Victoria Gardens and the Cultural Center, they started by digging deep into the city’s roots to give visitors a sense of Rancho Cucamonga’s history. Taking an unconventional comprehensive graphics approach, RSM was able to tell the compelling story of a Main Street that appeared to be built over time. Through ghosted murals of vintage railways, produce ads, added “artifacts” and an antique finished wayfinding system, the graphics and logos created a feeling of nostalgia and community deeply connected to its past. Today visitors to Victoria Gardens will not only remember the town’s unique name, but will also take with them a piece of its history.
  13. 13. Otay Ranch Chula Vista, California Seamless architectural integration of the graphic components add to the charm of this outdoor retail village. The graphics added a layer of richness and character to the tapestry, creating unique moments along the way. Blending the need for a strong and unique identity with personal touches at a pedestrian scale, the graphics family both informed and delighted the visitor.
  14. 14. Rancho Cucamonga Library Rancho Cucamonga, California Understanding the needs and mission of the City of Rancho Cucamonga to strive to inform and enrich their community by providing access to traditional and technologically innovative resources, RSM supported and encouraged education and the love of reading through a welcoming and user friendly signage and wayfinding graphics program. The library is enjoyed by multi-generational guests so the signage goes beyond the traditional and the obvious and becomes a place where children’s imaginations can go beyond the binds of the books as well as be clear and informative. The signage is ‘cool’ for the areas where the children and teens hang out, while signage also exists as almost a whisper in the quiet reading zones for adult guests. The overall effect creates a place the community has embraced. The library has become a gathering and learning beacon for the city of Rancho Cucamonga.
  15. 15. County of Los Angeles Public Library Standards Los Angeles, California The development of the County of Los Angeles Public Library sign standards began with extensive analysis and research and ended with a new and complete master sign program to be implemented into all of the libraries within the county. RSM Design was presented with the challenge of creating a sign program that would remain consistent and intended to be flexible to meet the diverse needs of each of the community libraries. Presented with the existing logo, the studio designed a sign family that expands the color palette of the logo. Inspiration for the signage and graphics was drawn from human communication, the exchange of ideas, and the delivery of information, messages, ideas, and stories through the usage of surfaces. Patterns of type, text, symbols and colors were used to differentiate primary, secondary, and tertiary wayfinding and speech bubbles were utilized as a simple graphic that would create a playful use of scale and clever use of space, while providing resourceful information. A manual and culmination of work, designed by RSM, was presented to the County of Los Angeles, which summarized the big ideas behind the design, the building blocks, and technical drawings. 1'-8"
  16. 16. 1'-2"
  17. 17. George L. Allen, Sr. Courts Building Dallas, Texas With the appropriate deference to the civic stature befitting a courthouse building, RSM’s handsome signage and graphics program has taken a once confusing and intimidating structure and created a harmonious judicial center integrating the existing courthouse with the new. Using cleanly designed and durable materials for the signage, three distinct circulation pathways were created to separate and guide the movement of users throughout the renovated and expanded complex. The importance of this building and its context adjacent to the internationally visited John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza were taken into consideration in every detail. Attention to the integrity of the signage was paramount resulting in a powerful combination of stainless steel and white marble that ensures the preservation of order throughout the facility.
  18. 18. Orlando Connection Convention Center Orlando, Florida Anchored by and immediately adjacent to one of the United States’ largest convention and visitor facilities, this energetic mixed-use development brings together numerous hotels, theaters, cultural institutions, retail, and entertainment venues. The dynamic identity and specialty graphics program envisioned by RSM Design unifies these unique venues to assist visitors in navigation and linking them with the convention facilities. Changing event messaging, sponsorship, digital media, and advertising were all major factors in the design inspiration and creation of this flexible yet permanent system.
  19. 19. Beverly Hills Civic Wayfinding Beverly Hills, California RSM Design collaborated with the City of Beverly Hills and Field Paoli Architects to create a comprehensive environmental graphics package and wayfinding system for this three-story multi- use urban complex. The project includes 17,000 square feet of office space and is anchored by high-profile retail stores facing both Beverly Drive and Cannon Street. Additionally, RSM designed identity for the office space, retail and parking garage, as well as many specialty graphic elements throughout the project. In conjunction with this location in the center of Beverly Hills, RSM also developed a comprehensive prototype parking and directional signage family to be used throughout the city. All of the public parking facilities have adopted this cohesive system, bringing unity and clarity for this important use with the confines of the City of Beverly Hills.
  20. 20. Tustin Legacy Tustin, California In one of the largest remaining tracts of undeveloped land in Orange County, California, Tustin Legacy is a local resource for recreation within a unique, active community. Having a broad range of users from first-timers to residents, it includes a mix of residential, office, a linear park, and a new mixed-use community core that includes retail and hospitality. RSM Design developed the community identity that consisted of a logo and street naming, and a comprehensive signage and wayfinding system that helped identify different components of a downtown and that integrated successsfully into the rest of the community. The local culture is reflected in a forward-looking approach to design that is also unified by a palette of materials (stainless steel, glass, stone, and aluminum), proportion and formal elements. A warm color palette and rich natural textures created a sense of elegance and vitality that captures the spirit of place.
  21. 21. F.1 Secondary Linear Park Identity F.1 F1 F.1 F1 1.0 Front View, Typical 2.0 Side View, Typical 3.0 Back View, Typical Scale: 1/4”=1’-0” Scale: 1/4”=1’-0” Scale: 1/4”=1’-0” F.1 F2 & F3 F4 & F5 F6 & F7 F8 F9 & F10 4.0 Front Views Scale: 1/4”=1’-0” information touch screen UPTOWNOC WEST PARKING UPTOWNOC MAIN PLAZA LEGACY PATH c.A. a - Directory c.A. b - Directional c.A. c - Park Map c.A. d - Touch Screen c.A. e - A c.A Beacon Messaging / Uses
  22. 22. Lalaport Toyosu Tokyo, Japan When commissioned for the brand, logo, identity, signage, and wayfinding program for this new retail driven mixed-use project, RSM found design inspiration from both the site’s former shipbuilding use and adjacent boardwalk. Juxtaposed against the flash of contemporary Tokyo, RSM’s design solution morphed from the surrounding organic patterns, forms, and materials of the existing site. The signage is not traditionally ‘placed’ but instead ‘rises’ in ‘ship hull’ form from the boardwalk in an armaturesque fashion growing literally from the surface of the boardwalk and landscape. Organic materials contrast glass and stainless steel creating a reflective integration of architecture and environmental graphics. Patterns derived from the ship building industry became modern day abstractions infused through the project on banners, elevators, and floor patterns. Multi-lingual signage weaves smoothly and simply on all elements. This urban dock melts into the heart of Tokyo and has transformed itself once again into a famous seaport as progressive, fluid and effortlessly modern as the city surrounding it.
  23. 23. St. Regis Resort & Spa Monarch Beach, California When asked to create a luxurious graphics package worthy of this five-star iconic resort brand, RSM elevated the hotel mark to a new level of timelessness using rich metals and classic design; guests are surrounded by understated beauty from the moment of arrival to their time of departure. By integrating large-scale elements and minute details, RSM created a seamless wayfinding system to guide visitors through the expansive high-end complex. Along pathways from hotel balconies to sandy beaches, RSM created a richness and sense of character connecting the property to its perch over the Pacific Ocean while reinforcing the brand’s strongest selling point – its elegance.
  24. 24. Café Mimosa San Clemente, California In our home town of San Clemente, RSM Design has been the design firm on numerous local restaurants, helping to revitalize the historic core of the downtown village. Working with the French owner and chef for this intimate bistro, the team developed a strong logo and mark that carries across many different scales of applications from the menus to packaging. In addition to the branding, RSM designed both the exterior and interior of the retaurant and guided the conversion to fit within the character of the historic downtown area.
  25. 25. Hotel Miracosta Tokyo, Japan RSM Design was commissioned to create the identity, logo, branding, and signage for Hotel Miracosta, a five-star resort that is the entrance to a famous Tokyo and California-based amusement park. The signs were to be developed using a multi-language system and portray the image of the Italian Renaissance. The result was lavish, grand, and beautifully executed throughout every venue. The versatile design package was easily applied to the hotel’s many restaurants, convention center, and spa facility. The logo was incorporated into every resort element, from sugar cubes to pool mosaics to large-scale signage, helping transform this Tokyo hotel into an elegant destination and entry statement to the park. Final implemented designs as represented in the photographs may vary somewhat from the original concept designs and design intent package created by RSM Design.
  26. 26. Branding A logo needs to express the essence of a project in a unique and immediately recognizable form. Logos THE distill a project into a single image. A good logo is H O T E L the foundation for a brand: the visual, emotional, and rational ideas that you associate with an institution, product, or place. A brand has been called the most powerful idea in thecommercial world. A thoughtful approach to design and application can build an identity that is consistent, powerful, and memorable. Redmond Schwartz Mark Design has designed logos for a variety of project types and applications. In these designs, we combine our intuition and rational skills to create a logo strategically and aesthetically unique to the project. The evolution of a logo from a flat thumbnail sketch into a 3-D object lets us use color, materials, scale, and construction to build an identity from the ground up. From towering pylons to 3-inch high sketchings on glass, the logomark is a crucial element in making a space into a unique place. PANTONE 316 C PANTONE 8201 C - 60% tint PANTONE 356 C
  27. 27. say hello Bring the sandals and the sunscreen At RSM Design, we welcome all forms of communication. So if you’d like, shoot us an email, let your fingers do the walking, release a carrier pigeon, fan some smoke signals, or just drop in and say hello. We’d love to meet you. Tel 949 492 9479 Fax 949 492 2230 160 Avenida Cabrillo San Clemente, CA 92672 USA