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  • 1. Christopher Columbus Hero or Villain? By: Harriet Haisty
  • 2. A day in the life…
    • Christopher Columbus was born to a lower-middle class Genoese family. He was the first of five siblings. Imagine a day in life of the eldest of five brothers! With the encouragement of his of his family, he set sail on his 14 th birthday. This was the beginning of a long career of triumph and misery.
  • 3. ?
  • 4. Early Expeditions
    • Sailed with Italian sailors from age 14 to age 25, when his boat was attacked by a pirate ship. He had to swim roughly 6 miles before he beached himself in…
  • 5. Portugal!
    • The Portuguese were experimenting with different types of navigation, studying the waves, currents, and learning about the direction of the wind. Earlier, people had only followed the edge of the shore. He easily landed a job with Portuguese sailors.
  • 6. Adventures Under Portuguese Rule
    • While Columbus was in Portugal, he was written by Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli that the world was indeed a great deal smaller than other scholars had originally calculated. He rambled on that the Atlantic Ocean was a shortcut to China. Since the only route to China was blocked by the Muslim Occupation of Constantinople, this seemed like a very wonderful thing at the time. This, along with the tales of the marvelous expeditions of Marco Polo, inspired Columbus to want to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to China. Christopher Columbus married a nobleman’s daughter, and had a son, Diego.
  • 7. Adventures Under Portuguese Rule
    • Columbus traveled to Iceland, Britain, and Africa.
  • 8. Adventures Under Portuguese Rule
    • Christopher Columbus went to King John of Portugal, pleading with him to allow him the use of ships in order to go to “China” across the Atlantic Ocean. John refused, as his scholars told him that his math was incorrect, and that You could not reach China via the Atlantic Ocean. His wife died when their son was only 5 years old. Infuriated, and with no ties to Portugal, Columbus left with his son, and traveled to Spain.
  • 9. Escapades in Spain
    • Christopher Columbus set his son up in a monastery, and had to wait a year before he was allowed an audience with the king. The King was disinterested, but Queen Isabella was enraptured by the idea. Unfortunately for Columbus, the Spanish crown was fighting to expel the Islamic Moors, who had lived in Spain for roughly seven generations, from Spain. After seven years of bloodshed and violence, Spain was victorious. After that, they were able to consider Columbus’s ludicrous plan.