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Music Magazine Survey Results Music Magazine Survey Results Presentation Transcript

  • Music Magazine Survey Results Harrison Wheeler
  • This questions highest answer was “No, Never” this shows that music magazines are not very popular. This could be due to the access to Television, Internet and Radio which youths nowadays can access. The readers who do read magazines show that they buy them every few months, this shows how my magazine may be better to be in monthly issues.
  • The magazines I chose for my question were those which I could relate to the magazine I intend to produce. The chart shows that a majority of the voters DO read these magazines and only around 30% do not read these sort of magazines. NME and Kerrang were the most popular of the options. This helps me as these two were in my research so I can take aspects of these magazine evaluations into consideration when I produce mine.
  • In this question, the results show that people of this age look up to more alternative, eccentric people for example the top 3 results were Lady Gaga, Paramore and Michael Jackson. All eccentric and bold artists. Taking this into consideration, as I am creating my own band for my magazine, I must take a quirky and alternative option in their pictures.
  • The majority of the voters have been to gigs before which shows how my results suggest that teenagers aged 16-19 enjoy attending gigs and concerts.
  • This result again shows that people are more likely to listen to music at gigs, closely followed by CDs and MP3s. This expresses the aspiration of readers to go to and participate in gigs.
  • These results could be useful as I can use the clothing brands to know how to dress the band in my magazine photo and know what sort of fashion the audience like. The highest voted brands are those such as Topman/Topshop, River Island and H&M. These are all unisex shops selling both to male and female which could explain their high vote count.
  • The top scoring result of music here shows that there is an interest in music for teenagers so the music magazine will appear to them. Also the results of shopping and going to the pub show a more “rock and roll” value to their lifestyle with the pubs and a fashion conscious side with the shopping. The lowest scoring option is watching television because at the age of 16 onwards, teenagers often have a lot to do for example college, socialising and working.
  • The highest scoring genres of music were Punk rock, and indie. This reflects the results from the magazine question with the answers Kerrang and NME which show this genre of music. The answers given for favourite artist parallel the main results of punk rock and indie music.
  • The main reasons for buying magazines are well known bands, Gig information and free posters. I could portray these on my front cover and contents page when I produce my magazine.
  • The majority of the people who took my poll were female and aged around 16-19 this could mean that my information is not entirely accurate of teenagers at this age as less males were represented so when making my magazine I must use my own male point of view as my information received is predominantly female opinion.