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Module 5   Power Point In The Classroom And Lab

Module 5 Power Point In The Classroom And Lab






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    Module 5   Power Point In The Classroom And Lab Module 5 Power Point In The Classroom And Lab Presentation Transcript

    • Module 5 – Integrating MS-PowerPoint Into Your Instruction Technology Integration MS Office in the Classroom
      • Objectives:
      • Explore the effective use of MS PowerPoint in the
      • classroom
    • PowerPoint Basics
    • PowerPoint – Basic Knows and Dos
      • Create, insert, and delete slides
      • Select and change background design / color
      • Insert and edit textbox
      • Insert clip art, word art, and images
      • Selecting objects (Marquee Select Tool, ctrl click)
      • Insert hyperlink onto slide
      • Attach multimedia to presentation (Audio and Video)
      • Add object and slide transitions
      • Display and/or print the presentation in various formats
    • Ordering
    • Grouping and ungrouping
    • Students Using PowerPoint: Activities to Consider
    • What can you use PowerPoint for?
      • Creative Presentation Ideas
      • Flash Cards
      • Field Trip Slide Shows
      • Autobiographical Stories
      • Interactive Book Reports
      • Simple Classroom Book
      • Music Class Recitals
      • Group Slide Shows
      • Poetry Readings
      • Science Presentations
      • Student Portfolios
      • Class Yearbook-Type Presentations
      • Jeopardy Style Games
      • Personal Story Board
      http://www.online.tusc.k12.al.us/tutorials/pptclass/pptclass.htm#ideas What have you done with MS PowerPoint in the classroom or lab? How can MS PowerPoint help with classroom Instruction? With student-teacher engagement?
    • – Have your students create a personal storyboard, a storyboard of a famous person, or one for a character in a story/book they have read. Include both text and images if you wish. Activity 1
    • Create a personal story board! Jason Harding
      • 3 Favorite Foods
      • Pizza
      • Chinese
      • Cheeseburgers
      Personal Symbols Places I Have Visited
      • Things I did this summer:
      • Work
      • Mow the lawn
      • Read
      • Attend a Conference
      • Go to Hawaii
      • Work on House
      • Sleep in 
    • Have your students work together and create a class or small group project using PowerPoint Activity 2
    • Activity 2 Our Solar System
    • Activity 2
      • Our Solar System – Group Project
      • Assign Planets
      • Have each individual complete a single slide on their assigned planet
      • Each slide will contain
        • Two to three images from the internet
        • At least three facts about their planet
        • A title for their slide
    • Our Sun is a big star. It is the most noticeable feature in our solar system. It is located at the center of this system. The Sun is so large that our earth could fit inside of it over 1,000,000 times. The Sun's strong gravitational pull holds Earth and the other planets in place. Activity 2 The Sun
    • PowerPoint for Instruction
    • “ PowerPoint is where all good presentations go to die” But, it doesn’t have to be this way!
    • What can engaging content look like?
    • Content Un-engaging Content
      • Lots of text
      • Lots of bullets
      • Line by line reading
      • Require students to copy
      • verbatim
      Engaging Content
      • Limited amount of text
      • Limited use of bullets
      • Slides are media rich (music and
      • video)
      • Effective use of images
      • Slides include questions / prompts
      • Slides include graphs or charts,
      • cartoons, drawings, paintings,
      • Content on slides supplements the
      • actual teaching of the content
    • The Middle East Try making your PowerPoint both visual and verbal
    • 18. When looking at this map, where do you find Islam the most? 19. When looking at this map, where do you find Islam the least? 20. When looking at this map, what can you tell about Islam in America? Europe? Asia? Africa? Engage students … ask questions on your slides The Middle East
    • How do we affect our environment? Use images that bring about emotion / discussion
    • The Iron Curtain Try using less text
    • 1945 1955 1965 1975 1985 US and USSR Fight together In WWII The Cold War 1945 - 1991 (U.S.) (U.S.S.R) The U.S. and U.S.S.R become suspicious of one another. A rivalry begins that is based on military and economic competition. = Wars indirectly fought against one another = Cuban Missile Crisis — potential Nuclear War = Berlin Airlift Use PowerPoint tools to design your own content
    • Try to avoid …
    • Dining out during the Great Depression. A family eating at a soup kitchen. Dining out during the Great Depression. A family eating at a soup kitchen. Pay attention to your text and how it interacts with your background
    • Be Careful of Overload
    • The Rise of U.S. Imperialism
      • The period between 1870 and 1914 has been called the Age of Imperialism. Imperialism is the policy of powerful countries seeking to control the economic and political affairs of weaker countries or regions.
      • Reasons for the growth of imperialism
        • Resources — Industrial nations of Europe needed raw materials and new markets. They found both in Africa and Asia.
        • Racism — The belief that one race is superior to another.
        • Religion — Many Europeans felt it was their duty to spread their religion and culture to other parts of the world. They ignored the fact that Africans and Asians had rich cultures of their own.
        • Competition — Helped spread imperialism. A European nation might take over an area just to keep rival nations out.
      More Overload! Try limiting your slides to one idea or concept each
    • Try avoiding animated clipart and images
    • Tools for your Presentation
    • Use Streaming Video Activity 3 – hyperlink to a video How can I elevate student interest and engagement? Adding short streaming clips to your teacher toolbox can have a positive impact on your classroom and your presentation.
    • Using Streaming Video Clips Helpful hints on using streaming video in your PowerPoint presentations
      • Try it out first!
      • Make sure you have the correct “plug-in”
      • Download if the file is too large (if you can)
      • Have direct Ethernet connection to the Internet
      • Create hyperlink to video in your PowerPoint
      • presentation (Avoid live video searches in class)
      • Embed video clips into your blog, wiki, or website
      • PowerPoint
      • Use video often, but in small snippets (2 – 3 min)
    • Let freedom ring… Activity 4 - Incorporate Audio
    • Use Images If you want to publish your presentation on a wiki, blog, or website, use websites that offer free non-copyrighted pictures.
    • Need help with PowerPoint ideas and techniques, go online!
      • A few thoughts on technology integration:
      • Technology in the classroom should complement, rather than replace,
      • successful methods that teachers use in classroom instruction
      • The teaching of technology literacy skills should not be separate
      • from the curriculum
      • Integrating the appropriate use of technology into the curriculum should
      • enhance the learning of the content
    • Jason Harding [email_address] 719-499-8340 Mary Bowie [email_address] 719-499-9759 Doug Larkey [email_address] 719-499-8289 Thank You!