WRITE a 100 Day Plan. New CEOs typically develop what is called a “100 d...
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Top 10 tips for leaders of growing companies


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Discover the Top 10 Tips for Leaders of Growing Companies

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Top 10 tips for leaders of growing companies

  1. 1. Top$10$Tips$for$Leaders$of$Growing$Companies$ 1 WRITE a 100 Day Plan. New CEOs typically develop what is called a “100 day plan.” In times of fast change perhaps this concept would be helpful for ANY leader. Whether you manage a department or the organization, consider making your 100-day plan. 2 HUDDLE Daily with your Team. Whether your team is newly formed or seasoned, you need to confer often and ask, “What questions should we be asking?” Consider that the real power of good information is in asking good questions. A wrong question leads to bad information. See tip #3. The huddle should provide focused, clear next actions. 3 Ask Better QUESTIONS. John Miller wrote a book getting at the Question behind the Question, Click here for QBQ — don’t settle for thinking your first question is the right question. Successful team members don’t settle, they probe until they find the real issues. 4 Don’t ASSUME ANYTHING. To get behind the assumptions, challenge yourselves to really understand the assumptions. When you’re growing fast, execs often don’t have time for strategic planning — at those times challenging your assumptions may save your hide from operating on faulty premises. 5 REFLECT on the Day’s Decisions. Take a minute to capture the relationships, the thoughts, your plans in something like an executive planner — the kind scientists keep, as well as relationships made. Note what you learned today. 6 Don’t BURN Bridges. Sometimes, in the heat of work, it is possible to say something you regret. If you have done this, pick up the phone and make it right with that person — you can count on that someday they will be sitting strategically across from you. 7 Have STRAIGHT Talk. The sooner you know what works for you and what does not work for you, say so. Say it all — say it in a way that will not offend, but say it all! Conversations you do not have are the ones that later bite you in the butt. 8 READ Great Books for Guidance. Some of the best books for leaders come in small packages — Click here for Transparency, a classic to be dog-eared, and read over and over. Authors are names you should know – Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, James O’Toole. 9 DON’T take “NO” for an Answer. The Japanese are great at saying, “Yes” and meaning “Maybe.” If you hear “No,” think “Maybe.” Who else can you ask? Where else can you garner support? What other probing questions would generate a more favorable response? 10 ASK for help when you Need it. I’ve saved the best for last — like dessert. Too many successful business leaders believe their own press, and close themselves off from “the masses,” thinking they are now above it all. They aren’t, and the fall is hard. Get a coach to keep you honest with yourself. Every great athlete has one, you should too. Click here to get the eBook, Senior Executive Team Conversation Starters. Would a Seasoned Advisor be helpful?