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This is a company preview to give to give you a better insight of what Harris Marketing Group has to offer.

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HMG Portfolio

  1. 1. h harris marketing group advertising • marketing c o mpany previ ew • digital
  2. 2. introduction Harris Marketing Group, founded in 1976, is a fully integrated sales and marketing firm that delivers end-to-end sales generating platforms. Located in Birmingham, Mich, Harris is nationally recognized for award winning creative and global CRM strategies. Our solutions generate sustainable value propositions for both internal and external customers, as well as define the effects of your customers’ lifetime value. It is our focus on both strategic and tactical innovation that incites business growth. For more information, please call 248.723.6300 or visit our website at 1
  3. 3. janice rosenhaus – owner/CEO Janice Rosenhaus is the founder and driving force behind Harris Marketing Group. A true entrepreneur, she has served as president since the firm’s inception in 1976. By 1987, HMG was listed among the top 50 women-owned businesses in Michigan. Through her leadership, HMG has evolved over the years into a highly successful and sought after full-service, integrated sales and marketing, advertising and public relations company. With a specialization in the development and implementation of customized platforms for clients across all segments of the marketplace, including retail, fashion, beauty, entertainment, pizza, beverage, sports, healthcare, online businesses and automotive. For Janice, it’s all about targeting – that’s why HMG is nationally recognized and acclaimed for our niche marketing and communications strategies. tricia beecherl – EVP Tricia offers over 10 years of analytics in marketing, sales, and financial management expertise, as well as resourceful insight in strategic marketing methodologies. With a strong background in insights & analytics, multi-channel wholesale, return on investment analytics, problem solving, strategic thinking, project management, communication and leadership skills, Tricia’s experience serves to help create dramatic and profitable results for our clients. Through her experience and significant contributions in industries such as automotive, manufacturing and healthcare, she brings a unique perspective to all of the campaigns, strategies and metrics she develops. This makes her an important asset for Harris, and an equally important asset for our clients. 2
  4. 4. 3
  5. 5. our space It’s the hottest spot in the city. Located in the heart of the Birmingham Shopping District, our 150-year-old building is one of the most historic sites in town. Though you’d never know from the inside – our space is completely modern and ultra chic. Our all-white office screams trendy with exposed brick, sleek desks, high ceilings and touches of lime green accents. 4
  6. 6. overview Harris Marketing Group, founded in 1976, is a fully integrated sales and marketing firm that delivers end-to-end sales generating platforms. Located in Birmingham, Mich, Harris is nationally recognized for award winning creative and global CRM strategies. Our solutions generate sustainable value propositions for both internal and external customers, as well as define the effects of your customers’ lifetime value. It is our focus on both strategic and tactical innovation that incites business growth. On the front-end, Harris uses non-traditional tactics to develop and manage the customer relationship for you. We reach the right customer at the right place and at the right time. Through our strategic communications, we ignite interest and engage each customer with your brand. The marketing platforms and strategies that we execute on your behalf are fully accountable in generating leads and driving conversions to sales. How? We use our customer value centric planning tool, Watershed Connection, to create the perfect environment of “real-time, right-time, right-place”. This solution helps you drive out costs and inefficiencies and make it easier for you to communicate, sell and service your customers. Our approach to relationships is the focus for brand building, brand engagement, acquisition and loyalty, and lifecycle relationship management. 5
  7. 7. We leverage traditional marketing tactics to support non-traditional global CRM platforms. • Advertising • In-Home • Digital • Social Marketing • Public Relations • Sponsorships • Cause-Related Marketing • Sales & Marketing Partnerships • Branded Technology (i.e. Gaming, Mobile, Email, etc) Our turnkey approach allows us to integrate with your existing marketing initiatives. Our accountability accelerates the sales cycle. Harris’s four pillars of competency enable us to provide a single source of truth and ac- countability to you, your leadership and your distribution network. The result? We will provide solutions that allow you to optimize your spend and maximize your return. • Insights & Analytics • Strategy • Design & Experience • Technology 6
  8. 8. insights & analytics We understand data. We transform it into knowledge for you. Our focused consumer insights and modeling deliver proven results. We use this knowledge to build improved strategies to reach, engage, and increase sales. Our approach is to personally identify with each consumer in order to create the consumer connection. It is that connection that drives sales, both acquisition and loyalty, and improve business performance. Leading indicators include: • Organic Leads, reducing the dependency on purchased or 3rd party leads • Traffic • Engagement • Loyalty vs. Defection • Retention • Buy Rates • Improved Source of Sales Every platform that we build has built-in measurement mechanisms to ensure: • The platform is on-target and on-message • Optimization; adjustment throughout the implementation phase, with ongoing reporting and real-time analytical dashboards 7
  9. 9. strategy We believe customer relationship management requires: • Believers, not users • Enablers, not reactors • Integration, not silos • Communications with a single strategy, rather than individual launches and disjointed messages CRM goes beyond the customer database. We incorporate principles that lead the transition to a pull marketing strategy as customers migrate away from the push concept. Your customer influences the communication strategy. Our approach is finite segmentation and tailored messaging. It is our philosophy that every touch point is an opportunity for a branded experience and relationship development. We leverage traditional advertising, social media, call centers, sales channels, and partnerships to incite a positive branded experience. We believe social and viral marketing are an integral part of an effective CRM platform. We design and deliver social and viral strategies that move customers from interactions directly into the purchase cycle. Our goal is to directly impact sales and go beyond using social media for sentiment and tonality improvements alone. Our deep expertise in relationship management will ultimately help you achieve your goals, whether that’s growing your customer base, optimizing the value of your customer, or maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of you sales channels. 8
  10. 10. analysis marketing customer focus sales service 9
  11. 11. design & experience In order to establish a connection with new customers, as well as re-connect with current customers, brand revitalization is key. At Harris, we develop fully integrated creative strategies that can live across all mediums. They are designed with your customer in mind. The creative we develop for you will have purpose, optimizing the relevance of every interaction. We leverage our knowledge and experience to identify finite targets, as well as full communities, and deliver a meaningful value proposition to each of your consumers. The outcome is a relevant branded experience. 10
  12. 12. technology We view software as a service, growing at double-digit rates. Collectively, we offer a menu of managed solutions for sales and marketing that can be configured to your needs in the time it would take IT to write a business case. We look after everything, from initial business requirements and design specs to back-end support and maintenance. All for a pay-as-you-go monthly fee. Our solutions are also completely configurable, you only pay for the functionality you need. You can automate most components of your sales and marketing process in months, not years. You can free yourself from the reliance on IT and operate outside capital budget constraints. Plus, our modular solutions are designed to connect with back-office systems and databases and easily scale up to meet growing business needs. 11
  13. 13. In today’s environment, when every marketing dollar is precious, we deliver measureable magic. Our ultimate focus is return on your investment, while reducing the cost of acquisition for each customer. Our end-to-end approach will provide a value proposition both for your consumers, as well as your internal organizations. Your consumers will benefit by our two-way branded interactions, increasing engagement and consideration to shop your brand. Your internal organizations will benefit from portals and dashboards that report insight, not just data, to optimize your efforts and have the greatest return on every platform. This enables your sales force, and your internal decision makers, with business intelligence to make real- time, profit focused decisions. In our efforts to stay true to our non-traditional tactics, we operate in a non-traditional manner. Our focus on insights and analytics allow us to work with you on performance- based compensation contracts. We succeed when you succeed. We look forward to the opportunity to prove our capabilities and provide you with a detailed needs assessment proposal to show you how our work positively impacts your business. 12
  14. 14. ALTe llc – communication & strategic planning 13
  15. 15. chrysler – inner circle campaign 14
  16. 16. medtipster - branding social & viral marketing 15
  17. 17. tender – branding campaign 16
  18. 18. audi – wonders campaign 17
  19. 19. jeep – planet jeep campaign 18
  20. 20. AARP – branding campaign 19
  21. 21. pizza hut – branding campaign 20
  22. 22. starfruit – digital 21
  23. 23. Cadbury Schwepps – branding campaign 22
  24. 24. 7Up – branding campaign 23
  25. 25. branding 24
  26. 26. our experience Auto Healthcare ALTe LLC, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Cadillac, General Mo- Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tylenol Consulting, Medtipster. tors, Nissan, Ford, Mercedes Benz com, University of Michigan Hospital Launch, M-CARE, MedSport Fashion CFDA, 7th on 6th Fashion Week, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Hospitality BCBG, Vivienne Tam Auberge du Soleil, Solage Calistoga Beverage Sports Diet Rite, Diet A&W, Diet 7Up, Diet Sunkist WNBA, NFL, Olympics Beauty Cause-Related Marketing Revlon, L’Oreal Concept: Cure, NBCC, 7th on Sale, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Pizza Pizza Hut Non-Profit AARP Snacks Frito-Lay Packaged Goods Lifeway Kefir, Starfruit Financial/Credit Card Goldman Sachs, MasterCard Shopping District City of Birmingham, Mich. 25
  27. 27. 26
  28. 28. h harris marketing group 102 Pierce Street Birmingham, MI 48009 248.723.6300