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  • PCTE

    1. 1. PCTE Group Of Institutes Baddowal, Ludhiana
    3. 3. History of the group Introduction about the Important persons( Chairman, Director General, Directors, Dean, Deputy Deans and Unit Heads) About the Institutes and courses run under these Institutes along with Intake.
    4. 4. Student after taking admission if remains absent for 7 consecutive working days in the first semester with out any prior information/leave will be debarred from the college.. University has fixed different fee structure for Undergraduate (BBA,BCA, BSc( ATH)) and postgraduate (MBA&MCA) classes. Fee for every course must be deposited in the accounts branch before getting the university Roll nos slips in both odd and even semesters. Failing which student has to pay a fine of Rs 25 per day over the due fees. Once admitted in the college students will not be refunded the fee in any circumstances. Only the Security amount will be given back.
    5. 5. INFRASTRUCTURE  About computer labs, libraries, front office, class rooms (abbreviations), pantry, canteen, photocopy room, washrooms etc.  Bus Facilities & their Routes  Hostel facility
    6. 6. Introduction of the class teacher and course Instructors Regarding the Time Table Importance of the degree Subjects to be taught in the class, Name/Codes and weight age Course Modules regarding the different subjects ( Refer to Instruction regarding the module in Instruction Manual) Internal Award Policy Attendance Policy & Leave Rules Discipline in the class
    7. 7. Importance of assignments, tests , Case studies, Games and projects in the subjects Mid Semester Examinations Presentation: Importance , information about the Schedule, Presentation Rules etc Placements Formals( On Wednesdays and other functions and events) Academic Calendar (Give Dates regarding the Important Events like MSE, Koshish, Final Exams, Saturday Off) Note:- Refer instruction manual for more details
    9. 9. Personality Development Activities Koshish, Lamhe (Cultural Evening) Tours ( National and International Trips), Sports and clubs
    10. 10. University Regulations As per the university regulations the academic year of the college comprises of two semesters of 6 months duration each. The odd semester starts in the month of August and even semester starts in the month of January. External examinations Students have to fill in university examination form in every semester to appear in the examinations. Regular forms for the odd semester will be filled in the second week of October and for even semester in the second week of March every year on Wednesday. In case of Re-appear and Re-evaluation students have to fill in separate university forms for appearing in exams. Students can apply for re-evaluation with in 21 days from the date of declaration of result by the university and for Re-appear with in 10 days from the date of declaration of result by the university.
    11. 11. University has fixed the following Examination fee structure: Examination Fee structure forms (Rs/ 50) Regular Rs 700/ form Re-appear Rs 700/ form Re-Evaluation Rs 700/ subject EXAMINATION FORMS WILL BE FILLED ONLINE As per the university regulations MBA student can complete the degree in four years and under graduate (BBA, BCA, BSc(ATH) and MCA student can complete the degree in Six years. As per the university norms student must have min of 75% attendance in each subject to appear in final examinations.
    12. 12. (The college timings are 8:55 A.M to 4:30 P.M. on all the days and classes may finish at 2:40PM /3:30PM depending upon the timetable. If required classes can be held in the Morning/ Evening/Holidays with prior notice to the students. At no time should a pair of a girl and boy be sitting in the college campus with out any academic purpose. Visitor’s Policy.
    13. 13. Please dont use mobiles in the college premises. As much as we understand your work outside is important - it disturbs the decorums. We work hard so that you may feel proud of PCTE - make sure inside or outside the college premises - you give reasons for us to feel the same way about you. You live in an E- era - please check your email, college website and noticeboards everyday to stay tuned to whats happening. Beyond a doubt - PCTE strictly rules out any Intoxication/ Smoking/Drinking in the college premises.
    14. 14. You want to be respected - the feeling is mutual. Earn it by staying on the right side of the book. Please reach your class five minutes before the start of lecture. If you are a PG student, you have to be in formal business casuals for the first four days (i.e. Mon – Thurs) and strict formals on Wed. UGs also have to be in formals on Wednesdays. Look your best - wear formals during college functions, guest lectures, industrial visits and presentations.
    15. 15. This is your college - Enjoy it and share it by treating the space as you would treat yours - with care :) Please wear you ID cards while you are in the college premises Park your vehicles only at the designated parking space adjacent to the college premises. Be responsible - wear helmets and seat belts while driving. Respect the classes by not blowing horns inside the campus.
    16. 16. We hope you have a great time here at PCTE !