Get speed draw hitman volume 2 (close clients on auto pilot)

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Get speed draw hitman volume 2 (close clients on auto pilot)

Get speed draw hitman volume 2 (close clients on auto pilot)

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  • 1. GET Speed Draw Hitman Volume 2 (Close Clients On AutoPilot)
  • 2. GET Speed Draw Hitman Volume 2 (Close Clients OnAuto Pilot)If Youre a Mobile Offline Consultant Then These SpeedDraw Videos Are A "Must Have" In Your MarketingArsenal Today!Introducing Speed Draw Hitman Volume 2"Retail"
  • 3. Hey Fellow WarriorsBill & Chase Here Again!"Volume 1" our restaurant edition was a Mega huge success so thank you everyone who bought. In volume 2 weare targeting "Retail Shops"With industry stats from the retail industry like these:13.1 million consumers access retail content via mobile phones with 8.2 million of those visiting mobile commercewebsites (Source: comScore/Millennial Media Mobile Retail Study, 2011)44% of advanced device owners are looking for coupon opportunities on the devices and 17% have alreadypurchased a product via mobile platforms (Source: GfK,2012)85 percent of merchants say mobile commerce is a focus in 2013, up from 68 percent in 2012 (Source: theretailing group, 2012)
  • 4. 52% of adult cell phone owners use their devices while in a store to get help with purchasing decisions (Source:Pew American & Internet Life Project, 2012)67 percent of retailers see value of having customers use their smartphones within the store and 41 percent saidthey perceive a lot of value in mobile in-store (Source: RSR Research, 2011)Ok you get the idea, The retail market is begging for someone "in the know" ie: "YOU" to come along and sellthem on the benefits of mobile, bring their retail businesses into the 21st century! The power of mobile is HUGE for the retail industry. For the First Time in history a retail store owner can marketto their customer in "Real Time" getting their customers to take action resulting in a DIRECT ROI from theirmobile campaigns. Until now the retail industry has spent billions on "Brand Awareness" advertising.Retail Shop Owners are Completely Clueless When it Comes to KnowingHow to Effectively Market to Their Customers on Their Mobile Devices.Retail Shops are suffering, STUCK IN THE PAST trying to figure out why the old ways of marketing are no longerworking!Because:The world of marketing has yet again changed…just as it has throughout our entire history...Just as television…theinternet… social media…and NOW MOBILE!…And You Have the HIDDEN SECRET of Why the Old Ways of Marketing FlatOut Don’t Produce Like Before…The Money Is In The List!
  • 5. Without a list, a company relies on customers to decide to purchase on their own. I don’t know about you, butunless I’m reminded (and reminded often) of why to stick with a certain company, there’s a good chance I’ll heara better deal somewhere else. Today, building & engaging with a marketable list is by far the most effective of alladvertising.Armed with our professionally copy-written scripts, mesmerizing speed draw videos, Power Point presentations,email and phone scripts, YOU BETTER GET AN ANSWERING SERVICE, to handle the flood of calls of distressedretail shop owners begging for help and looking for the answer to their marketing woes.Video Demo Of All 3 Videos CombinedDemoRetailfinal - YouTube
  • 6. GET Speed Draw Hitman Volume 2 (Close Clients OnAuto Pilot)