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  1. 1. First birthday cakes are often the most stressful part ofe diaper cakes
  2. 2. planning a babys first birthday Many new mothers want somethingspecial and memorable, yet easy to prepare The problem is theyre justnot sure where to start Should you choose a cartoon character or ananimal? Is a rectangle one better, or should you go round? Well, fear not Here are 7 easy first birthday cake tips that will help you make theperfect cake 1 Make It Kid Approved - The first thing to keep in mind isthat you need to make the cake with the kids e diaper cakes in mind
  3. 3. Ok, so this may seem like a no-brainer, but consider what a kid likes ina birthday cake Gooey and sticky are always winners Bright coloredicing is a must Also, keep in mind that your new baby will likely beeating it with their hands, so something spongy will help make itfinger-friendly 2 Make It Look Like It Can Move - Chances are your littleone will never remember this cake But you can make it one theyrecognize and enjoy
  4. 4. But one-year-olds are learning about shapes and movement Considerdecorating it with cars or trains Use big shapes 3 Go Easy On TheSugar - Your baby, as you know can have a sensitive stomach at timesBy making their cake with less sugar, you can make sure their littletummy plays along One easy way to do this is to use whipped creaminstead of icing
  5. 5. Its easier to spread, too 4 Two Is Better Than One - With a firstbirthday [], the mess is inevitable and frankly, your baby is more likely totreat their cake like modeling clay rather than food But you have theguests to consider too So, try making two cakes, a larger one for theguests, a small one for your baby to smash That way everyone getscake and a video-opp too 5
  6. 6. Use A Thin Layer Of Icing First - Icing the cake can make you want tocuss (bite your tongue, though) It never seems to fail that chunks ofcake get ripped off while spreading the knife Two things you can do: onelet the cake cool all the way And second, spread a real thin layer of icingfirst and let it sit This will make the second, real layer much easier tospread Plus its easier to camouflage places where the cake has peeledoff 6
  7. 7. Draw On It - When cutting your sheet cake into a shape, use icing todraw on it first This will ensure you have the shape you want beforecutting Plus the icing tastes better than an ink pen (that was bad, Iknow) 7 Make Your Cake Number 1 - And finally, heres an easy way tocut your cake into the shape of a one First, take your sheet cake and cutit down the middle long ways Use one of these halves to make the "foot"and "upper lip" of the 1
  8. 8. The other half will be the main body of the 1 To do that simply cut theselected half at the 1/3 mark Take the 2/3s piece and place it at thebottom of the first long piece Thats your foot Then take the 1/3 piece,cut it once from corner to corner, making a triangle, and use one ofthese as the "upper lip " Thats it
  9. 9. Oh, and snack on the leftover piece There you go First birthday cakesdont have to be the Booga Bears With some simple techniques, youcan pull off a winner very easily And if you want additional first birthdayparty ideas, visit my blog
  10. 10. e diaper cakes